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What are the different kinds of jobs I can land after getting an MBBS degree?

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RE: What are the different kinds of jobs I can land after getting an MBBS degree?

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In a world of cut-throat competition wherein lakhs of students dream to become successful doctors, students often find themselves wondering about the possibilities of the various career options different from a Maters in Medicine because regular post - graduation can be quite time-consuming. Following are some 

Once a candidate is through with her/ his MBBS under graduation, they can either pursue a post-graduation in the form of MD/ MS/Diploma or they can obtain employment in the world of medicine if they aren’t driven towards a specialization degree. Government Jobs post MBBS recruiting doctors or health companies in the private sector are the two preferences from which students can make their final pick.

Government Jobs: Many notifications are put out by the government and public sector undertakings displaying openings.  There is always a need for doctors and medical officers in government hospitals. Rookie recruits happen to be MBBS pass students. Some of the posts offered include  Staff nurse, medical administrator, assistant professor in government medical colleges, physician etc.

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Private sector employment:  Many pharmaceutical enterprises and medical healthcare firms are hiring those who have completed their MBBS degree. Another path that one can take up is founding a startup.

The various sectors wherein one can look for jobs are:

  • Public health and Administration

This is an up and coming field which is already established abroad. It entails the promotion of health of the general public.   The work profile involves containment of communicable hazards and formulation of ways to refine present health care services.   Indraprastha University has introduced a Masters in Public Health program which will induct about 50% MBBS Graduates. Management courses like MBA or MHA for administrative jobs in hospitals last for 2 years.

  • Medical transcription

This includes duplication of doctors’ records that are only present in the form of an audio into a transcript on paper. By medical records, we mean medical history, diagnosis, lab reports etc.  A graduate with a medical degree is suitable for this job profile as it necessitates an acquaintance with medical jargon.

  • Publishing industry

A job in medical publishing is quite apt for someone with a similar background. Writing in journals requires a certain amount of use of technical medical terms.  They can also make their foray into Journalism. A healthcare professional can freelance as a journalist as their experience makes them highly valued in this domain.

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  • Education

This involves a variety of activities such as providing supporting to medical trainees and educating the public, be it in India or abroad.


  • Social work

Medical professionals can make a huge difference in the lives of the less fortunate in developing countries.  They can even provide voluntary services in foreign countries. ‘Doctors without Borders’ is a humanitarian NGO that provides first aid to people stranded in remote areas of natural calamities, war etc.

  • Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical sales representative perform the role of convincing doctors to prescribe drugs the pharmaceutical company’s drug to their patients. They act as intermediaries who are required to have excellent sales skills.

  • Primary Health Centers

One can become a general practitioner in rural health centers in many states across the country.

  • Combined Medical Services (CMS)

This exam is conducted by UPSC to hire medical officers in various government departments such as municipal corporations.MBBS graduates are eligible for the same.  Clearing the test ensures that one would be hired as a medical administrator.

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However many of these positions require additional qualifications like diplomas, post-graduation or certificate courses. If one doesn’t want their medical career to remain stagnant, then they should go for further studies after graduation. Diplomate of National Board or DNB is a lucrative course for those who don’t wish to go for clichéd post-graduation choices.

Other than going for MS/MD which is the usual route one can walk a different track by pursuing courses such as a Masters in Medical Science and Technology. After completing post-graduation one is guaranteed to score a well –paid salary package than just simply after graduation as further studies not only broaden the mindscape but also provide a gainful experience especially in the medical domain where hands-on practical knowledge is a major bonus point.

Hope this article has been helpful!


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the different kinds of jobs I can land after getting an MBBS degree?

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