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What are the Job prospects for a Physical Therapist?

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RE: What are the Job prospects for a Physical Therapist?

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A physical therapist or a physiotherapist is very closely associated with the medical field. In India, one can pursue different courses to become a physical therapist. The best course is the professional BPT or Bachelor of Physiotherapy course. This 4 ½ years course has a 6-month internship and one can expect good job offers on completion of this professional course. The job prospects for a qualified physical therapist are many. Here are few places where a physical therapist can expect good job openings.

  1. In rehabilitation centers:

There are a number of private clinics and rehabilitation centers where physiotherapists are required. These people work closely with patients who are suffering from immobility and disability. The physical therapists need to work out a treatment program for such patients so that their complete or at least partial mobility is restored.

  1. Hospitals:

Whether it is government hospitals or big private hospitals, the demand for a physical therapist is very high. A physiotherapist can expect a job in different departments like orthopedic, cardiac, elderly patients ward etc. The remuneration paid by big hospitals is very good.

  1. Job offers in big companies:

These days a number of big companies have healthcare units for the well-being of their employees. Here too physiotherapists are appointed. If the company has departments which involve lots of physical labor and physical stress for long hours then physiotherapists can be very useful.

  1. As a teacher:

Those physical therapists who like being with children can apply for the post of physiotherapists in schools for the disabled. Along with good career prospects, this will also give you a sense of satisfaction.

  1. Athletic trainers:

Physical therapists can also look forward to working with athletic trainers. All sportspersons need a physiotherapist in order to recover from injuries and also to learn ways and means of avoiding injuries. Athletic trainers are responsible for the overall physical fitness of the sportsperson. With a good experience, they can become personal trainers of prolific sports personalities. Obviously, the remuneration is going to be really good.

  1. Establishing your own clinics:

Those physical therapists that yearn to practice on their own can have their own clinics. After gaining experience in a good hospital or institute they can start their own physiotherapy clinic. It should be noted that there is plenty of scope for private practice.

These are just a few places where a physiotherapist can expect job openings. In addition to these avenues, a physiotherapist can also work in foreign countries and in Non-Government organizations. With more and more people leading a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle, the prospects of good physiotherapists are getting better. Today, people of all ages and of all professions are suffering from problems related to physical fitness and physiotherapists can help them in this regards.

Worried about the package? Don’t be!

One thing which will surely bother a budding physiotherapist is the pay package. Well if you are good in your work then there is nothing to worry. At the beginning of the career, a good physiotherapist can expect a package of around Rs 25000/- in big hospitals. Even private companies and clinics give anywhere between Rs 10,000/- to 15,000/- to a fresher. As you grow in experience naturally your package will also increase. In the case of those physiotherapists who have their own private practice can earn really well as they will get fees per session of physiotherapy. If they happen to give home visits then the, per session charges will be higher.

One of the biggest advantages that new physiotherapists in India have is the fact that there is still not much competition. The demand for good physiotherapists is high but the supply ratio is not all that good. So naturally, the prospects for growth in India are very good for physiotherapists. Especially those candidates who have passed out from reputed institutes and have completed the professional BPT course can expect some of the best career prospects.


Physical therapy is one field of medicine which will always have a huge demand. This occupation which helps in improving the motor skills and the mobility of a disabled person naturally has a lot of scopes. Where there are pain and injury, there is scope for physiotherapy. So, one need not be worried about the job and growth prospects in physiotherapy. All they need to do is opt for a good course and have the right attitude and observation skills. There is no dearth of growth, money and bright career for the right candidate.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the Job prospects for a Physical Therapist?

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