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What are the most trending ‘new age careers’ of today?

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RE: What are the most trending ‘new age careers’ of today?

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The World has been changing rapidly; new technologies, lifestyles, demands and needs are bringing in the call for providing new services, facilities and away of getting things done in a less time consuming and effective way which has opened doors to new career paths. Young people are always trying to bring in new ideas to make this world a better place. Today I am going to discuss some new age career paths that are more interesting, different and unique from the traditional ones.

Application Developer

Do you feel fascinated by technology and tend to keep yourself updated with all the application that are competing with each other in smartphone and tablet world? Do you have an idea of creating one on your own? Then this might be your dream career path.

Application Developer or in short known as app developer is the person who create software for smartphones and tablets. These professionals use source code and programming language to create software that meets expected requirements from their clients. They work for multiple operating systems and programming languages. One needs to have knowledge of computer programming and bachelor’s degree in computer to jump into this profession. The process of application development includes creation and life cycle of the software which is aimed at helping user complete program or a computer task.Developers works closely with computer engineers and analysts in using language such C++, Java or oracle to develop the necessary specifications for software. Developers may also debug, test and improve generally faulty applications for client.



  • Working in a team to develop ideas and concept for general public.
  • To design creative prototype according to the specifications.
  • Conduct non-functional and functional testing.
  • Evaluating existing applications for the purpose to update, reprogram and add new features.
  • Writing high-quality source to program whole applications within deadlines.
  • Debug and troubleshoot applications.
  • Developing handbooks and technical documents.


Bio Informaticians

Bioinformatics uses many areas of mathematics, computer science and engineering to process biological data. Complex machines are used to read in biological data at a much faster rate than before. They combine research in medicine, biology, and health-related studies with information technology so as to collect and interpret data covering a wide range of fields such as pharmaceutics and genetics. They may also study DNA or characteristics and properties of cells.These professionals are also known as biochemist, biostatistician, biophysicist and computational biologists. All of these professions require a degree in Ph.D. and in a few cases, a medical degree is also mandatory.



  • Using data collection and modeling to examine biological data.
  • Developing dynamic simulations, creating mathematical models and performing pattern analysis of biological systems.
  • Working within different health fields and medical science, including genetics, proteomics, biology, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Develop databases and data models.
  • Prepare technical and scientific presentations or reports.
  • Develop applications or software for technical and scientific use.
  • Modify or create web-based bioinformatics tools.
  • Test updated and new bioinformatics tools and software.



A blog is an online journal in which a blogger can share his ideas, expertise, thoughts and interests. Blogging is all about expressing yourself. There is no education required to be a blogger, you just need to have flair for writing keeping your audience in mind. A blogger write about their passion, experience, lives, expertise and opinions. They express how they feel and think about a specific issue and situation. Writing periodically on a specific area of interest and publishing it as a blog online is called blogging. Bloggers research and write for news, websites, public and private corporations, government offices and many other organizations. Blogs are supposed to be updated very frequently and are maintained in a chronological order. They work in two ways, either they work for other’s websites and get paid for them or they make their website and run them themselves. A good blogger could earn a good amount of money as there is no limit to online consumers who read regularly.



  • Frequently writing content
  • Choose content according to reader’s interest.
  • Managing blog community by responding and moderating to comments.
  • Responding to emails in behalf of the blog.
  • Manage syndication, subscriptions and email newsletters.
  • Analyze analytics data from web to enhance content performance.
  • Manage social media marketing activities such as sharing posts on facebook and twitter.


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For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the most trending ‘new age careers’ of today?

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