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What are the top ‘Air Hostess’ training institutes in Delhi?

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RE: What are the top ‘Air Hostess’ training institutes in Delhi?

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The job of an air hostess is not only to serve. This is a very wrong idea people have in their minds. Air hostess is a highly paid and reputed job. Not everyone gets selected. It has very tough selection procedure. It teaches them many new things and makes them meet thousands of new people daily. They meet people from all around the world and culture, observe them, help them and make their flight comfortable. They always walk with charm and carry with them a positive aura.

Also, there are promotions in this field. If you work hard with zeal and dedication you can even get promoted. Air hostess can get promoted to Senior Flight Attendant. The job of senior flight attendant is to make sure that all air hostesses are working with patience and are dealing with the passengers nicely.

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To get the job of an air hostess, one should have a good and smart personality. They should be soft spoken. One should know English and Hindi. Knowing any Foreign Language adds on to your CV and your prospects of being an air hostess on international flights increases. This increases your salary and you earn more. Plus in addition to the salary, you will be preferred before those who don’t have control over any other foreign language.  

Below is the list of some of the Air Hostess Training Institute in Delhi:- 

  • Cabin Crew and Hospitality Training.

Cabin crew refers to the backup of the aircraft. They make the journey of the passengers comfortable and provide them all kind of help they require. It is very important to have a calm and good attitude to keep the passengers happy. This is a highly paid profession even for the starters. They believe that the most important duty of the Air hostess is the way they conduct themselves because they act as the airlines Public Relation Officer. Many people are so impressed by the hospitality that they choose certain airlines just for the type of hospitality they are provided with. This adds on to their business and the company earns a good name.


Basic qualification requirement is as follows:-

-  Passed 10+2
- Good communication skills
- Fluent English speaking
- Bachelor women
- Good moral conduct
- Patient and calm in nature
- Preferably control over one foreign language
The Institute for the past many years has 95% campus placement with big airlines and huge salary packages.





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  • Frankfinn Institute

    Frankfinn claims itself to be India’s number 1 hostess training institute. It gives amazing experience by doing more of practical work and less of theory. This makes the students confident and they can handle on the spot situations quite well.
    The qualification required is as follows:-
    The applicant must have passed 12th to attain a diploma.
    Graduate/Final year to attain Post graduate courses.
    Also, those who have the following courses are not eligible to apply for the institute:-
    - B.Tech
    - Engineering
    - Medical
    - CA
    - LLB
    - B Pharma
    - ICWA
    The institute also won an award from Limca Book of Records for being recognized as the best institute. It has a huge amount of campus placement with amazing packages. You can fill up their online registration form and be a part of best training institute.
  • Cabin Crew Training Institute

    Cabin Crew Training Institute is situated in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.  Below is mentioned the basic eligibility criteria for the Institute. Also, there are a number of things that the Institute


They are mentioned below:-
- The basic mannerism
- Personality development classes
- Grooming sessions
- Responsibilities of cabin crew
- Exposure to on the spot handling situations
- Safety demonstrations
- video presentation
This helps them have a wider look at what their job is actually going to be.


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  • Airborne Air Hostess Academy

    The only institute that guarantees 100% employment to its students, is a highly recognized Institute. The focus completely on the employment skills and hence this is an employment oriented Institute. Highly qualified staff adds on to their achievement. They provide every basic need for the welfare and betterment of their students.
    The applicant must have passed 12th to attain a diploma.
    Graduate/Final year to attain Post graduate courses.
    The Air sector is growing at a great pace hence demanding for more and more Air hostess and pilots. Without cabin crew, there is no passenger satisfaction and hence the airline cannot function thereafter.

It offers the following courses:-

- One year Diploma in Aviation
- Hospitality
- Cabin Crew Training
-Airport Management
- Computer Management.

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According to one of the studies, India is likely to become 3rd largest aviation market with around 336 million domestic passengers. Business in Airlines has faced a sudden boost and the requirement for Air Hostess has shown a certain rise. Air Hostess are very much in demand these days and are highly paid. They lead a fashionable life are also role models for many people. The kind of decent and calm aura they carry around themselves is commendable.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the top ‘Air Hostess’ training institutes in Delhi?

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