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What career scope is there for Web Developers in today's world?

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RE: What career scope is there for Web Developers in today's world?

Avadhut Desai
Avadhut Desai
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Since e-commerce had commenced dominating the present millennium, the need for websites has undergone an incremental tendency and clients have emphasized more on web designing and web development. Today’s world believes in systemization of each single activity and the demand for web developers have been sky high with lucrative compensation. For tech-savvy students who aspire to be a part in historic developments of user-friendly platforms, web development is the most rewarding career.

There are huge scopes of a web developer and designer in both India and abroad. The basics of web designing entail enthusiast to be concerned with front and back end programming while developers have more to do with an interface; both experts will require linking the program and getting error free results.  To deliver the appropriate quality they need to be equipped with the followings set of skills- graphic designing, interface designing, authoring usage of standard code and proprietary software and SEO (search engine optimization).

Scope for application developer: While most of the industries hire technology for their excellence there are some industries where web developers have made their permanent places.

  • Mobile application developer: The demand for mobile users has always seen an incremental tendency. Android application has seen a revolution with a more user-friendly interface. Companies like Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Google and many others who have always been in the limelight for latest innovation is in need of application developers. Linux is android based operating system and ideal for smartphones and tabs. In fact, the android platform has got cutting edge technology in application development which has been popular due to the lower cost. There are around 6 billion mobile phone users in the world and India itself has 1 billion. India has seen around 6 million subscribers a month according to a study done in 2016.
  • Entertainment industry: There is great scope for developers in the animation industry. The skills that one needs to master are-VFX, graphic and web designing, gaming, and media entertainment industry. Not to forget those classic movies produced in Bollywood like- Bahu Bali, Jungle book, Ra- one, Makkhi and others have got immense popularity and superstar ratings. Hollywood have seen great works in movies like- Avatar, Lord of the rings, Sky fall, Spiderman 3 and much more. These have immensely used application development technologies.
  • Medicine and healthcare industry: application developers have a huge demand in medical and healthcare industry. Sophisticated software has led to the following roles to play in the healthcare industry- health outcomes, quality of care, home care software, medical devices, EMR integration and HIPPAA compliance qualities. There are various considerations in case of healthcare application development – access control and information privacy are paramount, mobile medical application has to be functional on each of major device platforms, security risks of using mobile healthcare applications are to be taken care of, medical apps require integration of other systems to eliminate redundant tasks and lastly synchronization of data to ensure everyone is accessing same records. These considerations are truly important.
  • In manufacturing industry:  There is great scope in the manufacturing industry. Now manufacturing has been quite systematic and time oriented. Productivity level is measured in each step. ERP implementation in the case of manufacturing industry is a great level of perfection. It’s been easy for managers to measure the level of efficiency by simply giving input and measuring output.  Wastage percentage can be hugely controlled in this way.
  • Banking industry: The banking and finance sector has undergone a huge revolution with the introduction of mobile banking. For the banking software, Oracle has been the main skeleton of the system. Nowadays, there is basically no need to be physically present in the bank for any transactions. All you need to do is use your mobile for deposits, withdrawals, and even transfers. Fixed deposits can be done from your account by this application. The main challenges are the control of password theft and other activities criminal activities which the application developers and constantly expertise on.
  • Web application developers for the insurance industry: The insurance industry has great space for web developers. The core motto for web developers in this industry is to –development of client –server applications, ERP and CRM systems, web based management service, custom applications for business development, enhance mobile application system/mobile banking, increase the real-time market data service, development of vendor interface systems and much more. It’s been easier for customers to buy insurance policy directly from mobile and computer rather than being physically present near the agent.

Expertise in the field of PHP has seen great milestones. A survey shows that India has got greater scopes for PHP developers than Java programmers. The skills required to be experts in this field are having crisp knowledge in a scripting language like- MVC, CMS, JSON, XML, HTML, OOPS concept, word press, API integration and much more.  Experts could be hired for positions like-PHP trainee, PHP programmer, PHP web developer, web designer and software developer. JavaScript has been the backbone of software programming since 2000 but now it demands in being expert in scripting languages like-, Java, static files, cold fusion, ruby, perl, python, JavaScript, eland, javascript and many others. Content management system is the powerful developer tool on the internet. Websites developed have used the following CMS- word press, Joomla, drupal and v Bulletin.

In one word, web development has been the backbone of 90% industries. There is no alternate in being transparent to customers. Basically, web development technology has made it easier for customers to maintain transparency and avail better services than ever before.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What career scope is there for Web Developers in today's world?

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