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What can I do after MA in psychology with orgniisational behaviour as my specialisation?

I live in delhi. and would want to be an organizational psychologist. people say do corporate training but I just want to be trained in psychology only that too in delhi only. please suggest me something.

by Riya Sharma
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2 answers

RE: What can I do after MA in psychology with orgniisational behaviour as my specialisation?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Interesting career option.

Psychology involves working with individuals and you wish to extend it to the corporate level, quite a good job.

As an Industrial Psychologists, you would be very well trained at your course to deal with the nitty gritty of the organization and the ways you could handle issues pertaining to the organization.

Your role in the organization would be similar to the HR of the company. You actually work hand-in-hand with them.
Only difference being, you could work in empathy towards your employees as well as conduct training programs for them. Also your specialty is in terms of psychometric testing, that you could you in terms of employee selection or during stress or anxiety of the employees.

It would be good if you could get certain certifications in Psychology done like,
  • Guidance and counseling, which will help you to guide the employee towards careers they could look for in the future or guide their children with the help of Aptitude testing and oversees education.
  • NLP, neuro linguistic programming, which will help you to teach the employees positive thinking at the subconscious level, to deal with their stress or anxiety issues.
Other than that EMDR program is also essential, a short course on handwriting analysis and body language could also help to give counseling guidance.

Apart from this a crash course on HR, could be beneficial, as you could be the one man show in any organization, i.e, an HR cum counselor in your organization.

Wish you all the very best....

RE: What can I do after MA in psychology with orgniisational behaviour as my specialisation?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


I am very glad to advice you on this question as I am a PhD in Organisational behavior. This subject is an extremely new stream not more than a decade old. The functions of graduates with an Organisational behavior degree is a little similar to the HR role in any corporate but far different from the actual HR role. It is upto the indicidual to select the type of role he/she would like to do at work. However I will brief you in here on the most common roles that are available in India for this degree.

1. Typical HR role:
You can be a part of the HR department at any company. As a HR you will be rotating around every HR functions like sourcing, recruiting, employee engagement, training and development and so on. Students with English, Sociology, Psychology, MBA/ PGDM- HR are well suitable for this HR rotational role.

2. Recruitment:
You can prefer to join only the recruitment division of a company, which is part of the Human resources itself. As a part of recruitment, you will using some of the psychology tests in selecting candidates coming in for an interview. You will use certain psychology assessment exercises like the role play exercise, psychometric testing as one of the rounds of the interview. There are some international companies who widely perform personality testing in one of their interviews using the Myer Briggs test. Those who have a degree in psychology or organisational behavior can only conduct these exercises or write protocols for the interview and graduates from other degrees cannot be able to work on these areas.

3. Employee engagement:
Employee engagement is a new team exercise introduced in India since a decade. Psychology or Organisational behavior graduates can only be part of these roles and they write/ invent ideas to engage employees in a team or in an organisation. If there is a team giving out poor performance or does not have good team working skills, the HR of the company will identify the team's problems and refer it to you. So you will conduct employee engagement classes that involves some fun exercises like team games, group building, time management, collective working and so on. Your job is to measure the team's performance all together and see if their team working skills are improved at the end of the training. This is more of a fun and enjoyable role.
4. Diversity training:
Diversity training is very common in foreign companies unlike India. However there are very few, say probably 5% of Indian companies use diversity training programs. This means, getting every people with different color, race, sex and religious background to work together without any differences between them. As abroad companies usually have people working from many countries, this section is an important ingredient for the company. However in India, companies are using to help both men and women work together without any issues. Usually it is a separate department known as the 'diversity' and they do conduct events, programs, fun exercises to engage its employees. The only difference between employee engagement and diversity training is, in the former only the low performing teams are put into training where in in the later almost every employee of the organistaion goes into the training.

5. Training and development:
This is also known as learning and development in a company where your role will be involved in writing technical learning materials or soft skills learning materials. Employees with low ranked skills will be refered to you and you may be involved in training them to develop. Again psychologists and organisational behaviour graduates can only do these roles. As you are writing soft skill training materials you will use most of the psychometric methods.

6. Employee counselling:
This is also known as guidance and counselling or employee counselling in a company. Employees facing issues with mental health will come to you to seek guidance. This varies from personal one on one, face to face counselling, stress management, health management and so on. You will conduct exercises as the soft ball exercises for people facing stress.

7. Employee motivation training:
This is seen more as a soft skill trainer's job in India. As a part of this role, you will be involved in more motivational speaks in organisations. You can either do this as a freelancer or work with a company itself however you need to be trained under an expert motivational speaker to work in this role.

8. Leadership training:
This is something that involves at high corporate levels. You will work at this section when you have gained considerable experience in the above mentioned roles. So by the time you get into this role, you should have already gained some ten years work experience in the industry. You will only work with leaders of the company and train them on their leadership skills. You will conduct specific leadership training programs only for them to monitor their leadership skills and improve them.

9. Research in academia:
All the above mentioned roles are of the corporate roles and if you wish to work in a non-corporate role, doing a PhD in Organistaional behavior and staying in the academia- menaing universities is also a very good choice. After a PhD, you will be involved in research side so you can do all the 8 points mentioned above in this research job. You can become an expert in all the above fields within two-three years time if you have a PhD. I am into this role, and I research about men and women in teams, women's career development, leadership training across and together with gender, employee motivation, team working, diversity training and everything. This is the most interesting role as you can get to work in any of the field that interests you.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: What can I do after MA in psychology with orgniisational behaviour as my specialisation?

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