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Psychologist is a professional who studies the mental process and behavior of human beings and treats the various mental problems by counseling and clinical processes.

Hello Dear Friend, Welcome to career Thanks for approaching us and writing us with your career query. Its good to hear you have been giving a deep thought for pursuing your future career right from your 11th std. The good part is you have been able to identify your area of interest. Its always good to gather the proper information about the career in which we wish to make our career. Psychology is the study of Humans mind,its formation,Human behaviour and the minds processes. Psychology is a branch of Philosophy. Psychology is one of the interesting career. In India their is a wide

Hello Dear Aspirant, Welcome to career Thanks for writing us your career query. This is an very interesting question you have brought here. Very few students think to shift their career track after doing the specialisation and gaining the work experience. Psychology is one of the interesting field to study and practise it as a career. Psychology means study of Human Behaviour and Mind,its structure and process. Many a times the problems are related to the mind of a person and if it is treated well the person gets cured. Many a times people who wish to make their career in the fie

MA Psychology degree is the qualification to join as Councillor anywhere. SO you can check for the details on the course structure, fee, scholarships etc in websites of the leading institutes for Psychology like Delhi University, Ranchi University, Lovely Professional University, SRM University etc. Basic qualification here is to get pass mark in graduation. You can find that some of the universities are providing scholarships too.

Hello Thank you very much for choosing and writing to us. I appreciate your interest in Psychology and I am indeed happy to offer you some guidance over this matter because I am from a Psychology background too. First of all I would like to tell you one important mantra. Do what you like and never give your ears to others. Your interest will drive hard work from you and that will ultimately pay you off. If you give importance to what others think of you or the subject you have chosen to study, it is never going to help you at any cost. Psychology has a very good impre

Hello I am very glad to advice you on this question as I am a PhD in Organisational behavior. This subject is an extremely new stream not more than a decade old. The functions of graduates with an Organisational behavior degree is a little similar to the HR role in any corporate but far different from the actual HR role. It is upto the indicidual to select the type of role he/she would like to do at work. However I will brief you in here on the most common roles that are available in India for this degree. 1. Typical HR role:You can be a part of the HR department at any company. As a

Good question but very difficult to answer.To be succesful in a career grades are not important. Most important is the knowldge and most important is the application of the knowledge that one has got during their course of study.Also let me make a point clear that the average lots are the ones who put in a little bit of extra efforts to succeed and that whats helpful in the long run.Apart from being average, what one needs is the interests in a particuklar subkect. Not just selecting a course becauyse as the society says average students must do a BA we opt for it.Rather having an interets in