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What prospects does animation industry offer

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RE: What prospects does animation industry offer

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Animation Industry- A part of Entertainment industry

The animation industry is that branch of entertainment industry that work in order to create more innovative and creative content by the depiction of unreal and successive images or positions of models to create an illusion of movement in sequence to make it look like a motion and moving film. The animation is very much famous among people of all the age groups and almost each and every person likes the animated movies, cartoons and even the characters that had been created with these animations. In that making animation as a famous category among people is not a bigger deal. The work of an animator is fun going and highly creative that requires a pretty much dedication with out of the box thinking to work on new and more innovative ideas and design in order to make the content more interesting.

How to become an animator?

The path to become an animator is very easy, and there is no such high end qualification required in order to pursue a career in full time animation. In order to become a professional animator one need to study animation, multimedia and digital editing and designing of the content. These all can be pursued in so many different ways, consisting of part times studies, diplomas, certificate course and degree based courses as well. There are a number of training institutes and programs available in the field of animation and multimedia fields and can be pursued openly too. Almost each and every big city or state in India has a number of institutes that provide quality knowledge in animation. This all made the proper arrangement for placing the animators to best parts of the industry with a promising growth rate as well as the providing them all the quality exposure that is mandatory in the field in order to make their future good.

Growth analysis in this secto

As per the new statistics, the animation industry is growing at a very high pace in India and has been moved on to better creator facilities with the creation of its own intellectual property to work on in the cartoons and low level animation movies. By the time, there are more than 300 animation studios in India that does all the CGI and VFX work for all the high budget movies. By the time there are more than 17000 animators in India who are working on all the high end animations, cartoon films, motion films, animation movies etc. All these works in animation industry involves work in VFX, Post production and animation services.

In reports from FCCI, the rate of growth in these fields has been increased and on average, the VFX and post production services has been increased to a number of 22 percent. On the other hand, the animation services has faced a slight increase and number is yet low, but in terms of sector growth it is a high amount. The total increase in the animation services is almost around 1 percent which is a acceptable number depending on the interested in pursuing this field. Apart from all that, the career option in this sector revolves around working on various technologies and fields.


Areas touched by animation

The main work opportunities in the industry are in the fields of graphic designer, multimedia developer, game developer, character designer, Key frame animators, 3D modelers, Layout artists etc. Also all these mentioned skills are mostly used in the number of fields and with various applications that mostly includes the following type of industries:

  1. Cartoon productions
  2. Video Game Development
  3. Movies and Entertainment
  4. Animated movies
  5. VFX and post production of Films and Television
  6. E-learning
  7. Advertising
  8. Online content releases and info graphics
  9. Mascots for web designs

The above are the some of the industries that are touched by the animation and designing fields. There are number of opportunities that are available for an animator in almost each and every field. There are certain requirements that need to be taken care off with proper design and structural explanation, in those demands an animators role come in to play, and there value is necessary for the organization they have been part of.

Opportunities in India

In terms of the salary, the number is comparatively good in comparison to others, with a very less competition in order to get a good job. Sometimes, the in house training for animators provide them a remuneration of almost 5000 to 7000. After finishing their study, an animator can land to a job of 12000 to 18000 easily and with such a high need, the salary of an experienced animator is almost about 40,000 based on his or her experience. These all makes the sector as one of the vital and attractive sectors and this sector can be taken in context while choosing a career in the multimedia industry.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What prospects does animation industry offer

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