What should i do after completing Chartred accountancy?

what should i do after completing Chartred accountancy?

by radz
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2 answers

RE: What should i do after completing Chartred accountancy?

Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Consulting Psychologist
  • Delhi

Thanks for putting up your query at www.careerguide.com

Well, congratulations for clarifying CA exam! Now you are in the world of opportunities. Conventionally, CA professionals take up a job. From your question, I guess you don't want to do a job and want to first explore opportunities and then decide your career.

I really appreciate your step to take career guidance services of www.careerguide.com to take informed decisions to shape your career. Following are steps you may consider to follow:

Decide your interest: I have few reflective questions for you to ponder. This may help you arrive at appropriate career options.

What is your interest?
Do you want to do a job? If yes then which industry (educational, financial, manufacturing, consulting and development sector) do you prefer to work?
Do you want to teach?
Do you want to be self-employed?
Do you want to join family business?

Following are options after CA:

If you are interested in playing with numbers and enjoy accounting, taxation related work, service can be right choice. You may work with CA firm or any of the industry you are interested in. There are many CA professionals who work in development sector (work with non-for-profit organizations). Following are the areas where you can find job:
Banks (Both private and public)
Public Limited Companies (mandatory for the purpose of law)
Auditing Firms (such as Price Waterhouse, and so.)
Finance Companies, Portfolio Management Companies, Investment Houses, Stock Broking Firms
Legal firms, Legal houses, and Patent Firms

If you like teaching then you may pursue, masters course in subject relevant to CA. Courses may be M.Com, MBA etc. Then you need to clarify NET and join University or a college as assistant professor. You may choose to pursue PhD. PhD widens your scope to be Professor in Academics.

You can start consulting work. For this you may need to have strong network that may help you find assignments. You can work as taxation consultant, financial consultant to individuals and companies. Many CAs start their own firm that provide taxation, accounting and financial services. Or you may start your own CA coaching institute.

You need to decide what services you would like to provide and how would you provide those services.
If you plan on opening your own firm I suggest you to work in a CA firm and get at-least 2 years of experience and practical knowledge. After 2 years you may establish your own consulting company.

Higher studies:
Based on your interest, you can choose higher studies such as MBA in financial management, banking and insurance etc. A list of trending courses for CAs post qualification are as follows:

Law degree (LLB, LLM)

Management accounting courses (MBA from a top notch institution).

Commerce and accounting courses (M.Com)

Banking and insurances courses (MSc in Actuarian Science)

Industry specific courses to make professionals aware of the industry dynamics.for example persons interested in making themselves proficient in the Information technology industry could do courses in systems management, Intellectual property rights, information security etc.

Post qualification courses that the institute offers to it's own members. For example in India the ICAI offers post qualification courses in taxation, risk management etc.

I am sharing link for the list of recognized institutions for further study after CA.

I reccomend to talk with me or any preferred counselor from www.careerguide.com. Talking with counselor will help you identify area of interest, career pathways (which career is the best for you) and action plan. This will definitely clarify your confusion and enable you to take most appropriate career decision.

Hope this is helpful. If you have a query, feel free to write back. I will be happy answer your questions.

Best Wishe for your Bright Career!:+1:

Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD

RE: What should i do after completing Chartred accountancy?

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

Hello Dear Friend,
Welcome to CareerGuide.com
Thanks for writing us and approaching us with your career query.

A Heartiest Congratulations smiley for completing your CA course.

CA is one of the prestigious profession having a wide career avenues. Students who loves to deal with accounts and like to handle and maintain the accounts prefer to study CA and make a career in this field. Every year around 50,000 CA's are required in India.

My friend from your question i am quite amazed because the students with whom i interact who are pursuing CA or have completed CA they are quite focused that they either want to do a Job or start their own CA practice.

But it seems from your career query that you wish to go for further career guidance and that's really good to hear you have been thinking to get a proper career guideline.

Well much of the topics are covered by my colleague @apurvabpandya and discussed very well.

While i would like to suugest you can also go for Certified Financial Analyst i.e CFA course that is very useful for the students who have completed CA.While you You can get the further details about the course on the following that i am sharing for you :-

While the other course that i would like to recommend you is Certified Financial Planner i.e CFP. This is also one of the good course for the CA's.

Hereby is the link :- http://www.fpsbindia.org/Scripts/Home.aspx
Please visit the link for further details about the course structure etc.

I would also recommend you to connect with the counselor on www.careerguide.com for further explorations about the career opportunities available for you.

I hope you find this information relevant to your career query.

Feel free to get in touch again.

Wish you Good Luck for further Great Career Life thumbsup

Thank you

Warm Reagrds,
Prathamesh K.

RE: What should i do after completing Chartred accountancy?

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