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What should I do to become a strong businessman

I want to be a powerful businessman. I have strong passion for it. I love this profession from my heart. What should I do to become as such. What type of business I should prefer to achieve that dream height. And how to go about it What should I do

by Ankit Jain
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3 answers

RE: What should I do to become a strong businessman

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

It is very exciting and each of us (more then ninety percent) think and try to join such a path which can lead us to the gallery of multimillionaire. Just other side of coin, less then ten percentage those are realizing their dream in real life so success rate reflects the reasons behind reach and poor dad a famous story.

It is truth that dreaming a big thing is always inspirational towards hard work, dedication, competence, commitment which make you a successful businessman like TATA, BIRLA, DHIRUBHAI AMBANI and many more in India those have not only realized their live dream rather helped others in million to realize their dreams. This is called business which goes beyond the self-profit, mushrooms growth (parasitic) etc.

Must read the autobiography of learned business tycoons those have written their own success story, and must think the thumb rule of true business which defines the set parameters for wholesome establishment. Try to understand that any holistic work-like sports, commercial deal, scientific, technical, amusement, academics, research, anything could be counted as a business where you play a role of leader with your own terms and conditions, never follow others footstep to claim something noble so look at the operational part processing part accordingly you will reach to the product which will be you and yourself. All products, all materials in any form will belong to you in a copyright or patentable version.

Eventually entire global society will be proud of you like MICROSOFT BY BILL GATES who has mesmerized the entire world, read his written book and get inspired.

I will recommend you to develop your own thought and then do the self analysis whether it suits your profile or not if you can not judge yourself then how come you will judge the mass which is the first sign of a successful businessman. A businessman commits the mistake to learn the lesson not to be regretted or demoralized then further implement it to improve the style of taking decision accordingly set the milestones.

Go for the course work which is also mandatory, text book knowledge helps you to do the mental exercise but your own life style and statement will make a real acumen in any business.

God bless you !

RE: What should I do to become a strong businessman

Rohit Gala
Rohit Gala
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director & Counselor at Svastrino
  • Mumbai

Hey How are you?

Seems you are quite determined to be a good business man, which is good.

To be the best businessman all you need is a good idea to start of with. If you have a good idea, a product, a catagory or a service that is were your vision is refelcted to any of the the areas you would like to progress.
Once you have that vision and the determination you start to evaluate your ideas about their practical accpetance by doing a good research. If the product is quite flourished in the market then go on and do a good research on the market leaders and their progress till date, the way they started and the way they sided their issues.
Once you are quite sure about the plan you want to run to make your product available get in to invest money and a good hand of employees as they are th only people who will help you earn income.
Managing the staff, taking daily meets, framing targets, reolving issues with coool mind will be your daily boost up.

The most importantquality that a businessman requires is to be a good leader. A leader will support its team, encourage them, motivate them, and most important take responsibility fo the loss or mistake happening by the team. A good leader never picks mistake he always picks good ideas.

so to be a good businessman be a good leader.

Once you are through with this stage you can start developing by joining short term entrepreneur courses available in all leading institutes near you

RE: What should I do to become a strong businessman

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear,

Powerful Businessman??? My Dear, instead aim for being a good businessman first. It appears that you are obsessed with business tycons or personalities you see on TV giving interviews, travel by expensive cars and jets, have many secretaries to serve and guards to salute them at every point or in movies.

My Dear, this is just a glamour but the most difficult thing is the efforts they have taken to reach this level of glamour and richness.

No businessman was rich before but became rich after sheer hardwork, making people happy and serving them endlessly.

I am glad that you brought this question to us on CareerGuide and we will be very happy to share the reality with you.

To become a successful businessman there are some mandatory qualities one needs. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Business Idea
  2. Knowledge of the Target Audience
  3. Business Plan
  4. Contingency Plan
  5. Faithful and expert advisors
  6. Strong marketing
  7. Strong customer orientation
  8. Communication skills
  9. Honest and Loyal People to work
  10. Market survey
  11. Adaptability to economic conditions
  12. Business and International awareness

All the above are the starting point for a business and businessman. The above things are just indicative however there are n number of other things which need to be kept in mind.

I am however happy to see your passion towards having your own business.

I would like to suggest you to undergo a psychometric assessment also available from which will exactly tell you whether you really have the attitude and aptitude to become a good businessman or no. Since always remember the career option you choose should always be based on your strengths, passion, liking, interests, skills and competencies.

Best Luck

RE: What should I do to become a strong businessman

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