Entrepreneurship You have a plan and you want to start your own business. You want to challenge yourself instead of working for your boss. Then you are into entrepreneurship. It is gambling where you will win if you have the right card in your hand. Probably you know Bill gates for Microsoft, Steve Jobs for Macs, iPhones and Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook. Now the question is can anyone be the Bill gates or Mark Zuckerberg? No, that requires some basic skills. Assuming that an entrepreneur has the required sound knowledge to start their own venture, then the first and foremost quality needed is

Hi There, As mentioned by the above two counselors, I wont repeat what they said. Only I would like to add that, since you wish to start a business, you definitely have some sort of plan and idea. Since business is ones own child and one cannot be guided as to which business to begin with, but once you decide, we or others can help you how to progress in that bhusiness. Moreover, would like to add that, before setting up your business, please do a survey, as to - the importance of the business to the people around you, - culture followed in your area, - is it friendly to them, - wh

Hello Thank you for choosing [Meracareerguide][1] and writing to us. It is certainly appreciating to see you have identified what interests you. Yes, you can very well choose to study a Business degree right after studying 12th Arts course. The ideal course choice for you will be obviously [a BBA degree - Bachelor of business administration][2]. This is a three year bachelors degree and will also let you specialise in one stream of business. So this requires you to choose what you want to specialise in, and you may start thinking right from now. So what kind of business you want to es

Hello My Dear, Powerful Businessman??? My Dear, instead aim for being a good businessman first. It appears that you are obsessed with business tycons or personalities you see on TV giving interviews, travel by expensive cars and jets, have many secretaries to serve and guards to salute them at every point or in movies. My Dear, this is just a glamour but the most difficult thing is the efforts they have taken to reach this level of glamour and richness. No businessman was rich before but became rich after sheer hardwork, making people happy and serving them endlessly. I am glad that you br

As we are discussing Entrepreneurship, it is better to know about the challenges and the rewards of this career before anyone choose this as a career path. These also make entrepreneurs aware of the situations they have to handle in the Entrepreneurship career. In entrepreneurship, an entrepreneur who meets the challenges happily gets the rewards in return. Also read: How does entrepreneurship serve as a career alternative for job seekers and professionals? Challenges of Entrepreneurship Managing funds to start the Business: The sourcing and management of the fund are the major concern

Dear Nilanshu, Congrats for thinking bold - [Entrepreneurship][1] is a very bold step, its about risking and living not only your own dreams but dreams of many others whom you end up employing. To be a good business person, yes you don't need an MBA , likes of Sunil Mittal never got a degree in MBA but still they have created huge businesses. It's passion, determination, right strategies and right contact which can [help in making business big.][2] An MBA from top notch B School definitely helps to get good contact and also some good theoretical knowledge, but it is never a licence to m