Hi There, As mentioned by the above two counselors, I wont repeat what they said. Only I would like to add that, since you wish to start a business, you definitely have some sort of plan and idea. Since business is ones own child and one cannot be guided as to which business to begin with, but once you decide, we or others can help you how to progress in that bhusiness. Moreover, would like to add that, before setting up your business, please do a survey, as to - the importance of the business to the people around you, - culture followed in your area, - is it friendly to them, - wh

Hello Thank you for choosing [Meracareerguide][1] and writing to us. It is certainly appreciating to see you have identified what interests you. Yes, you can very well choose to study a Business degree right after studying 12th Arts course. The ideal course choice for you will be obviously [a BBA degree - Bachelor of business administration][2]. This is a three year bachelors degree and will also let you specialise in one stream of business. So this requires you to choose what you want to specialise in, and you may start thinking right from now. So what kind of business you want to es

Hello My Dear, Powerful Businessman??? My Dear, instead aim for being a good businessman first. It appears that you are obsessed with business tycons or personalities you see on TV giving interviews, travel by expensive cars and jets, have many secretaries to serve and guards to salute them at every point or in movies. My Dear, this is just a glamour but the most difficult thing is the efforts they have taken to reach this level of glamour and richness. No businessman was rich before but became rich after sheer hardwork, making people happy and serving them endlessly. I am glad that you br

Dear Nilanshu, Congrats for thinking bold - [Entrepreneurship][1] is a very bold step, its about risking and living not only your own dreams but dreams of many others whom you end up employing. To be a good business person, yes you don't need an MBA , likes of Sunil Mittal never got a degree in MBA but still they have created huge businesses. It's passion, determination, right strategies and right contact which can [help in making business big.][2] An MBA from top notch B School definitely helps to get good contact and also some good theoretical knowledge, but it is never a licence to m

Dear Aspirant, Thanks for approaching us at [CareerGuide][1]. Please make sure your Resume / CV is in proper format, with complete necessary details and appealing to the employer. I definitely feel, that you can look out for jobs in the Quality section based on your previous experience. I suggest you to approach job consultants instead of relying on just job portals. Job consultants can give you personalised attention and help you. Getting into business, just because you are not getting a job is not correct thinking. No one in the business field also does not mean that you cant do busine

Hi There, It looks like you are running behind two things and much away from Reality. As said before,. One in olden times could become an entrepreneur because of the scope available. But these days unless one knows about a product and the market value for it, [settling as an entrepreneur gets difficult][1]. Firstly, my advise will be, to get a degree that will help you even if tomorrow you fail as an entrepreneur, hope it never happens. Secondly, if business is your further goal, why do you wish to [opt for a masters degree][2] and invest time , money and energy. Rest all routes for a mas

Hello Jashan.. You can join for MBA course in good institutes like Lovely Professional University, VIT university, Symbiosis Institute etc. It will surely help you to find a best option for building a career in Business or management. 

Hello Sandeep,  Great. I like the boldness and honesty you have shown. Hope you have completed your graduation.  Never the less, take a break. Spend some ME time. Understand yourself, what you want and your potentials. Pick up a hobby and rejuvinate yourself. Then get back to completion of your graduation or if completed graduation, get into a job or start on your own. Wish you good luck..

The LSAT is an integral part of the law school admission process in the India. other private university exam like LPUNEST (LPU), VITEEE(VIT)..etc  

Getting hired after BBA is not very tough when one candidate bags the basic knowledge of the corporate world. Bachelor of Business Administration is the basis of one’s management career and education. This course invites students from all streams be it science, humanities or commerce. The course gives a good and clear view of the corporate world with a basic idea of international business, finance, real estate, computer information, marketing and accounting. With such a dimension or an overview will not be much difficult for the candidate to match the corporate world and then secure a jo

Hello Shubham,   As such there is no degree or masters degree in Astrochemistry.   One can pursue either a degree in Physics or Astronomy and then further it with a masters degree in Astronomy and continue with a P.Hd degree.   Since mainly the focus of this topic is on research and most importantly knowledge related to space, geophysics and data analysis and meteoroids is important.   You could check with ISRO and DRDO, for courses related to Astronomy or Astrophysics.   Wish you good luck..

As we are discussing Entrepreneurship, it is better to know about the challenges and the rewards of this career before anyone choose this as a career path. These also make entrepreneurs aware of the situations they have to handle in the Entrepreneurship career. In entrepreneurship, an entrepreneur who meets the challenges happily gets the rewards in return. Also read: How does entrepreneurship serve as a career alternative for job seekers and professionals? Challenges of Entrepreneurship Managing funds to start the Business: The sourcing and management of the fund are the major concern

In recent times entrepreneurship has become a very popular career choice. It’s in limelight. It serves as a great career alternative for job seekers and professionals in the corporate world.One may be longing for being his/her own boss. Then there is a remarkable idea-Start your own business. In today’s rapid changing economy, the entrepreneurial mindset helps an individual to work with freedom and flexibility. An enthusiast person can easily opt for this as a career path. Nowadays various awareness programmes are conducted to communicate the career possibilities of entrepreneurshi

Entrepreneurship You have a plan and you want to start your own business. You want to challenge yourself instead of working for your boss. Then you are into entrepreneurship. It is gambling where you will win if you have the right card in your hand. Probably you know Bill gates for Microsoft, Steve Jobs for Macs, iPhones and Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook. Now the question is can anyone be the Bill gates or Mark Zuckerberg? No, that requires some basic skills. Assuming that an entrepreneur has the required sound knowledge to start their own venture, then the first and foremost quality needed is

Hi Debopriyo With your question I understand you may be a Btech.However to give you a specific Idea I should know what you specialize in?  There are certain streams like Aerospace engineering , Industrial Engineering and Automobile whereina an MTech Degree is highly desirable even to get a job as a fresh graduate. Now the second option is to pursue a job and going to the Management field as is done by most of the people.This gives your profile a diversity and increases chances of employment. If you are passionate about engineering or technology then Mtech will take you to further height i

To be an entrepreneur one needs to be determined, hard-working, disciplined, open-minded, confident, competitive, creative, having strong communication and interpersonal skills, self-starter, passionate, having strong work ethics. These are the most demanding qualities if you plan to build something on your own. There are a few things that one needs to keep in his/her mind before starting your business.   Identify:First recognize your skills, figure out what is it that you feel passionate about. Is there something that you could offer to the world? Find what that is. There might already

you can go for any stream...for the business stream is not mandatory your knowledge and your skill is required..

Hello Jennifar, Interesting question.  But please note, being a successful business requires good management skills, innovativeness and most importantly being alert of the market and the consumers demand. And these skills are self developed, and no qualifications can help you develop these strategies. Nevertheless, having management knowledge especially entrepreniual knowledge followed with marketing knowledge can be helpful in the beginning and in the long run. Hence pursuing an MBA in Business management or entrepreniual management could be helpful for you.  To pursue an MBA , mini