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what skill req for Biotechnology & Is there any job opportunity for biotech students in India?

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RE: what skill req for Biotechnology & Is there any job opportunity for biotech students in India?

Preetha Ajit
Preetha Ajit
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Dear Smayra,

With its expanding prevalence and development, there are a lot of chances accessible in the field of biotechnology.

Biotechnology organizations require corporate administrators with business or administration degrees. A graduate in biotechnology can land a position in government areas, private sectors or research establishments. Diverse occupation profiles for biotechnologists incorporate lab experts, research partners, researchers, engineers, advertising administrators and business advancement directors.

Biotechnology understudies in India may look for some kind of employment in government based substance such as universities, research establishments or at private focuses as examination researchers/colleagues. On the other hand they may discover job in particular biotechnology organizations or biotech-related organizations, for example, pharmaceutical firms, nourishment makers, aquaculture and rural organizations that are occupied with business identified with life sciences going from hardware to chemicals to pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. The extent of work can run from exploration, deals, promoting, organization, quality control, rearing, specialized backing and so forth.

The skill sets required for biotechnology industry are:

Communication and relationship building

Teamwork skills and conflict resolution


Problem solving and strategic thinking

business skills and awareness of industry trends

understanding of legal and regulatory affairs.

In this some skills can be acquired and some are inbuilt.

Hope it helps

Happy career planning

Preetha Ajit

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RE: what skill req for Biotechnology & Is there any job opportunity for biotech students in India?

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
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Biotechnologists use their understanding of living organisms and create new animal/plant-based products like improved pharmaceuticals or pest-resistant crops. By continuous research and by performing experiments they discover and develop new and advanced materials in laboratories that are useful in improving the lives of people. Biotechnologists can also be engaged as biochemists/biophysicists or medical scientists and employment in this field can be found across several industries.

A Biotechnologist is expected to put to use their scientific and technical knowledge of plants, animals, microorganisms, chemistry and genetics to find solutions to the existing problems and develop new products that can ease the lives of people. Biotechnologists can work in different fields like agriculture, environment, food industry or medicine.

A Biotechnologistcould works in varied areas like environmental, industrial and medical biotechnology.

In environmental biotechnology you may ideally have to:

  • Grow micro-organisms and plants to un-contaminate polluted water/land
  • Create substitute renewable sources of energy, such as biodiesel
  • Produce raw materials that are environmentally friendly for industry - like producing biodegradable plastics from plant starches

In industrial biotechnology, you could:

  • Produce enzymes to manufacture and preserve food and beverages, such as bread, cheese and drinks
  • Help textile industry by creating biological detergents and dyes
  • Develop crops that are more pest-resistant
  • Genetically clone or modify crops to surge productivity

In medical biotechnology you might:

  • Study and research cancer-fighting drugs, perform research on proteins, human genetics, antibodies, viruses, fungi and bacteria
  • Develop and discover remedies, vaccines and hormones to treat the genetically caused diseases
  • Produce medicines using innovative and interesting techniques like cell culture and genetic modification

In all the mentioned areas of research and study, the usage of computers and latest technology is vital and this is when the knowledge of technology comes to help. The use of specialised technical instruments, preparing reports, presentation of research projects, and keeping administrative records all are done easily and effectively with the help of technology so the knowledge of technology can be put to use here.

Biotechnology professionals may specialize in one or more specialties like genomics (Study of gene structures) proteomics, (Study of protein structures) and bioinformatics, (Combination of biology and information technology). Some of the products developed by Biotechnologists include advanced seeds for high-yield crops, disease-tolerant domestic animals, gene therapy treatments, better-quality drugs and biofuels. They combine their knowledge of biology and information technology to create more environmentally sustainable farming practices. To begin withBiotechnologists can work as research technicians and they work with apparatuses and lab equipment like separators, and spectrophotometers, conduct experiments, record data and prepare reports for their senior scientists.Senior Biotechnologists design research reports, analyse data and develop new and improved procedures.

A few job duties of a Biotechnologist include:

  • Decreasing spread of infectious disease among children and thereby saving many lives, changing the chances of dangerous conditions distressing millions of people around the globe by developing advanced pharmaceuticals
  • Refining manufacturing processes to save on operational overheads
  • Finding ways to reduce the use of petrochemicals and encouraging the use of biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Controlling water wastage
  • Generating sophisticated crop yields with lesser efforts, limiting the usage of agricultural chemicals
  • Producing healthy crops with improved profiles that would resolve vitamin and deficiencies
  • Generating foods free of toxins

Skills/abilities to become aBiotechnologist are:

  • An interest and an aptitude for science especially in biology and chemistry and knowledge to combine them with technology
  • An attentive mind combined with good problem-solving skills
  • Exhaustiveawareness of the product and development processes.
  • Acquaintance and clear understanding of all forms of measurement equipment and their usage.
  • A methodical approach to work and a high level of accuracy with an eye for details
  • Strong computer skills combined with a capability to analyse statistical and technical data
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and an ability to work both within a team and also independently
  • Ability to identify flaws and correct them
  • Skills to motivate colleagues and self
  • Ability to apply the knowledge acquired in a professional manner and demonstrate the information through developing and defending arguments
  • Ability to collect data and to deduce relevant information from the data to support valid arguments with experimental representations
  • Ability to explain ideas, problems and solutions to both peers and lay audience
  • Ability and openness to pursue further studies and new ideas with a high level of independence

To work as a Biotechnologist, you will need a degree in an appropriate science subject. Biotechnology is still in its budding stages in India, so many students tend to get dissatisfied with the inadequate opportunities presently available. But since the past years, the Government has set up plentiful research institutions of high repute encouraging research scope in Cancer research, Stem Cells research, Genetic Engineering, and Biomedical Sciences etc. So Biotechnology is a rapidly improving field of study in India. 

So, if you have an interest in science and technology and research this career may provide you with several interesting choices you are looking for. All you need is an inquisitive mind and excellent problem-solving skills and research-oriented mind.  There are many biotechnology-based companies (like Ranbaxy, Dr.Reddys, Cipla, Biocon,) in various fields of study like drug designing, genetic engineering, biomedical engineering, Food technology etc., who all need Biotechnologists. Even technological companies Apple would need a Biotechnologist and there are great chances of you landing up there if you possess required research intellect. If you want to concentrate only on teaching and if that is your passion, you can become a lecturer and take up teaching your passion.If you are passionate about improving the quality of people’s lives through research, then this field of Biotechnology will fit you perfectly. 

RE: what skill req for Biotechnology & Is there any job opportunity for biotech students in India?

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