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Which engineering is good out of given below in detail?

The engineering I preferred are mechanical, aerospace, chemical and Electrical.

by Sahil Gulati
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3 answers

RE: Which engineering is good out of given below in detail?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at!!!. Engineering is a vast science and it is good to see you have already short listed four branches from the variety of options available. Before i advice you on which engineering is good, it is necessary to find which engineering is suitable for your type of personality. There is no engineering branch that is bad and all are good basically. It is upto ones individual interest and development they shape up all their career with the chosen engineering branch. So it is necessary to find what actually you like and what also suits you, and then select the engineering group accordingly. For this i advice you to take the psychometric assessment that is available on this mera career website. Taking the psychometric test will help you to understand what sort of personality type you hold and what careers will suit you accordingly. This way you can know what engineering degree you want to study out of the four options. Apart from this I will give you a glimpse on what kind of profession and job will each engineering branch will give you.

Mechanical engineering: A degree in this field will give you jobs in manufacturing vehicles or equipments. With this degree you can work at industries that manufactures cars, autos, vans or any other transportation. You can also work at oil companies like Bharath petroleum, Indian oil corporation.

Aerospace engineering: This degree will give you jobs in airline manufacturing companies or airline engine manufacturing companies like Boeing air bus and General electric. You will be involved in manufacturing the air crafts or studying and developing important technicalities.

Chemical engineering: This degree will give you jobs in chemical manufacturing sectors. You can also get jobs in pharmaceutical industries if you study this degree. You can also get jobs in consumer goods manufacturing companies like detergents, soaps and also beauty product manufacturing companies.

Electrical engineering: Finally the electrical engineering degree will give you jobs in electrical board of India, and you have good chances of getting government jobs in this engineering branch. This degree will give you jobs in electrical sector like engine manufacturing companies, car manufacturers, electrical appliances that involves home appliances as well.

You are advised to know more about each engineering branch in depth and choose that you like the most. More importantly you should choose maths upto 12th level to be eligible for studying engineering. All the best.

Know Your Right Engineering Branch - Take Engineering Branch Selector Test

RE: Which engineering is good out of given below in detail?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Dear Student
Thank you very much for approaching!!!. You have not mentioned your current education in this query which could have been more clarity to discuss the prospective of engineering career. I would like to discuss the pre-requisites of engineering study which is more important then discussing the good and best subject of engineering. It is you who will understand the subject irrespective of various departments and it potential to afford you a job what you are trying to understand as of now. In general people make huge mistake at foundation level by opting a career in a stream without rating or screening the internal ingredients available within you which use to be ignored for the blind race in education system where our academic system is also not making clear or not implementing screening criteria where your actual interest based subject is filtered naturally. This parameter will check your emotion based ad local reference based or placement based approach and accordingly you will be destined for your perfect future what you deserve. In a developed country aspirants seem to be calm and cool and well destined, mature with their decision as their way of upbringing, academic nurturing and job security code (social security code) is provided by their govt and make them a perfect person before being a professional in any field.

Let us discuss the prospectives of your future study based on the above discussed facts, There are emerging subjects being introduced to the aspirants each year as technology and engineering being evolved at multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary level where academicians at international level are designing the course in such a way where the interest of global society is in priority, never say it is to facilitate you a job option. Try to understand the technology whether it is mechanical Engineering, aerospace Engineering, chemical Engineering or electrical Engineering these are unique and identical in terms of speciality and implementation dynamics. So an intellectual can not recommend a subject like a panacea for your career so you are advised to re-mediate your concept with a visionary approach where you are willing to define or re-define a subject by giving the sustainable solution so that society will be benefited. This approach will give you a long way to go interms of earning the name and fame that will be added with monitory benefit in millions.

I have concluded my discussion without giving any copycat response in terms say ---of do this do that and get the list of institutions ----

Know Your Right Engineering Branch - Take Engineering Branch Selector Test

RE: Which engineering is good out of given below in detail?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing!!! and writing to us. I appreciate your interest in Engineering programs. To be eligible for the engineering programs that you have mentioned in your query, Physics, Chemistry and Maths are compulsory subjects at 12th level and please ensure if you have studied these subjects. Chemistry may be an exemption but Physics and maths are with no exemption. Only these subjects will qualify you for a basic Bachelors degree in Engineering.

You have filtered good branches of Engineering. To be honest, no branch is relatively weighed good or bad. Each branch has its own speculations and growth opportunities. Therefore it depends on the individual how they get developed along with the subject in the process. To find what branch is suitable to ONLY YOU is more important than understanding what branch is good in general. Like we say, not all can become mechanical engineers or electrical engineers. It depends on the person, their dedication, effort, subject knowledge, practical knowledge and hands on experience with hands on work demonstration are deemed to career success. This says you should understand what you are particularly good at. To identify this you should understand the right career that will suit only you. For this it is necessary to go through a Online Psychometric Career Assessment from!!!. The psychometric test will evaluate your strengths and abilities and prescribe suitable careers for your type of personality.

Apart from this, you should understand where do you want to work after your graduation, your aim of pay scale, your work environment, job status and work life balance. Do you like working for industries or only corporate sectors? Do you like research and development? You need to think of each of these speculations and the more your thought process gets developed, the better refined will be your outcome.

As said, choosing to work in industries will require you to choose mechanical and Aeronautical. Your work will be most often placed in the manufacturing sections of these companies. You can also get part in design and development of machines. If you aspire for a career in corporate, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering may be good for you. These subjects involve both technical as well as management aspects of work.

Finally, only the Online Psychometric Career Assessment can help you in filtering the right career for you. Once you identify the right engineering stream, please write to us and we will be happy to give you more advice on how to get developed in that stream. Good luck.

Know Your Right Engineering Branch - Take Engineering Branch Selector Test

RE: Which engineering is good out of given below in detail?

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