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Which institutes offer digital marketing courses in India? What are the job opportunities for a digital marketing expert?

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RE: Which institutes offer digital marketing courses in India? What are the job opportunities for a digital marketing expert?

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Digital marketing deals with marketing of the content or product on digital platforms. Recently there is a gold rush going on in the digital marketing sector. The exponential rise of various social media sites, media websites, digital websites and digital magazines have created a great market for content consumption. Same time, more than 60% of the companies think that the traditional marketing is not sufficient.

The rise of online stores such as eBay, Amazon, flip kart, Alibaba and the online marketing war going between them has pushed digital marketing to a new level. Even many small-time startups spend a substantial part of their budget to digital media marketing. The opportunity provided by Google Ad words for pay per click PPC campaign has certainly changed the dynamics of the market. Similarly, the rise of face book’s sponsored content has shadowed other ways of traditional marketing.

India offers a huge market for all the multinationals. Internet penetration in India is increasing at tremendous rates. According to the report by Internet and Mobile association of India, currently, internet penetration stands at 31%. By June 2017, there will be around 470 million internet users in India. Such a huge market offers a vast opportunity to tap into new customers and consolidate the existing ones.

Digital marketing consists of following subsets.

1) Social Media Marketing

It involves managing and scaling the online social presence of the brand or company. Here, Marketers concentrates on building the brand, creating relevant content and spreading awareness about any particular product. It involves advance knowledge as of how social media market functions and how it scales particular product. Creative attitude is the key to success in this field.

2) PPC based marketing.

This kind of marketing requires a deep knowledge about keywords and its importance. This kind of marketing is done mainly through Google’s Ad Word program and requires knowledge about Google analytics to analyze the data and design the relevant strategy.  

3) Email Marketing

Email marketing requires a firm to design a strategy to collect emails and then providing relevant information about the product or the service. Email marketing can also be helpful in generating leads provided it is done without hampering user experience.

4) Video marketing

The video platforms such as you tube have created a good opportunity to reach to the audience in quickest possible time. It can be seen that the genuine creativity in video marketing has reached its peak. The knowledge of video editing, sound recording, and cinematography art is essential for this field.

 5) Affiliate marketing.

For generating leads for the e-commerce product requires a deep knowledge of affiliate marketing. Here a marketer and the platform provider will generate a commission for selling the product of e-commerce. The e-commerce war provides a great opportunity and is here to stay for a decade.

Top institutes in India which offer digital marketing course.

1) Delhi school of internet marketing

The institute is headquartered in New Delhi and has branches spread over throughout the India. It is Google partner firm so offers a quality digital marketing tutorials.                                     

2) Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya has created a reputation and authority for its digital marketing courses. The institution is headquartered in New Delhi. One can check for its branches in all the leading metro cities of India.  It’s a Google certificate partner institution and offers a variety of courses.                                     

3) Digital academy India

Digital academy India provides a certificate program. The program offered by the institution is comprehensive one having knowledge about all the attributes of digital marketing.

4) Manipalglobal Education Service program.

The institute offers online as well as offline classroom based digital program. So those who have time constraints can opt for its online certification program. The online program will consist of video lectures being delivered on your personal computer.


The simplilearn institution provides a detailed digital marketing program. It is headquartered in Bangalore and is one of the prominent institutions of South India providing digital marketing solutions.

6) Upgrads digital marketing program.

Upgrads digital marketing program offers a strong curriculum with eminent faculty members. The course offered is well structured having Case study driven approach.

7) All India management association

This program is well suitable for the engineers who are currently working in a company. It is also suitable sales marketers who want to shift their career. The institute offers a weekend online 4-hour program that makes it very special and comfortable.

8) EduKart

EduKart provides a three month long online digital marketing course. Edukart has created an authority in providing various online courses so its online marketing course becomes a must watched after.

9) Institute of Digital marketing

Institute of digital marketing offers a comprehensive program in digital marketing. The institute has its presence in Mumbai and Pune. Its offers a classroom-based program in Pune so can be very useful for IT students.

10) NIIT

NIIT has recently started to offer its digital program. The institute has scaled its program in small time and has created a decent authority for the digital marketing program.

Scope for Digital Marketing in India

India offers a huge opportunity to digital marketing experts. Many multinationals are offering packages from 3 lakh to 20 lakh per annum to its employee based upon skills and seniority. Following are the career choice or Job opportunity for the digital marketing professional

  • Digital Marketing manager
  • SEO expert
  • Content strategist
  • PPC strategist
  • Adverb expert
  • Ad sense expert
  • Video editing expert
  • Search Engine Manager
  • Webpage optimizer


Digital marketing is vastly and speedily developing the field. The next two decades offers a huge opportunity in digital Marketing. Same time it becomes important to remain relevant in the field by constantly upgrading knowledge and expertise. Often Jobs related to digital marketing are target based jobs. One has to generate leads in a limited budget. So it requires a great deal of hard work, knowledge orientation and ability to give results in limited time frame. With proper approach and constantly upgraded knowledge one can succeed in digital marketing field with flying colors.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Which institutes offer digital marketing courses in India? What are the job opportunities for a digital marketing expert?

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