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Who is a social media marketer and how to become one?

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RE: Who is a social media marketer and how to become one?

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The 21st century has seen a varied type of marketing and sales strategies, which has not only carved a permanent niche in the minds of the consumers but also created a sustainable effect. The launch of social media website has changed the entire concept of marketing. Traditional marketing is expensive and has a lower reach. But, social media marketing has a long term effect, and the purpose of the advertisement is to reach the maximum number of target audience at the lowest possible cost. Social media marketer is the most coveted profession of the age. There should be certain traits in the person who aspires to be a social media marketer. These traits or qualities are inevitable to drive the success of a person as a social media marketer. Let us now discover some of the significant qualities necessary to be a successful social media marketer.


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To be a successful social media manager and marketer, an aspirant requires possessing certain qualities:

  • Having online social grace: A social media marketer should be proficient with the skills of social media posting and should have good familiarity and network in online platforms like- Facebook, stumble upon, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linked in, Mail Chimp, Google +, hi5, house party, meerkat, my life, Flickr, Google, Howcast , Itunes etc. He should know the art of getting connected with familiar faces, friends, and post interesting topics for a wide range of audience.

  • Having editorial and journalism skills: the social media marketer should be a proficient writer, editor and have excellent journalism skills. He should foresee a brand and be acquainted with the target audience. He is the image creator and a path breaker for a particular brand. He shows the gateway to success and handles the brand like his baby. He should handle brand advertisements in such a way that it should seem to be a natural flow.

  • Having a humorous attitude: Social media is all about connecting and people. So the content should be interesting as well as engaging; it is expected to bring about a wave of fresh thought. There is nothing like launching a brand with a bit of hilarity, might be that the person reading the post will have a lasting image for the rest of the day. Humour is essential in life as well as holding on to a target audience.

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  • Having the flexibility of culture awareness: Having an idea of the current affairs is mandatory. Relating the brand with current affairs is an engaging style to keep the target audience hooked upon.

    Statistical and factual awareness: A social media marketer should have facts and statistics at the tip of his fingers. Any product or brand requires data and statistics to be more authentic. It’s always easier to convince the target audience based on the credibility of the brand.

  • Multitasking: A social marketer has to handle multiple platforms. The same post is required to circulate in multiple platforms, although the angle remains the same.

  • Having a customer-centric view: A social media marketer focuses on the target audience 24/7. His posts ad his marketing communication is directed towards a customer’s benefit. He should let the customers know about the various schemes thereby promoting the economy of purchase.

  • Maintaining Authenticity: Each post on the social media website should be authentic. Since it deals with the customer’s belief, there should be no exaggeration of facts. That post will serve as the image building exercise.

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A social media marketer has to be an extrovert person. He should know how to maintain relation with a person. Traditional marketing does not promote any one- to- one relation with the end user, but a social media marketing policy ensures that. The sole target of the social media manager is to attract followers and increase them in number. The more the followers, greater will be the share of posts. It is the inexpensive and effective method.

An aspirant social media marketer should combine the various skills – analytic, calculative, statistical, creative, speculative and innovative qualities in him. It’s like mastering various skills and delivering a great strategy which will slowly increase the brand viewership and thereby consumerism.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: Who is a social media marketer and how to become one?

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