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Why study the Arts and Humanities?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: Why study the Arts and Humanities?

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Whenever one thinks about further studies after scoring high marks in class 12th, the first thought that comes up in everyone's mind is whether to choose science or commerce stream. Usually, parents seem unaware of the fact about their child that he might be interested in pursuing the stream of humanity. It is possible that their child wants to do something creative. He might be ambitious about his dreams rather than their expectations. It is possible that the dreams in their child's eyes might have lucrative career options as compared to what they think.

In today's changing scenario, it is seen that students are showing their interests in humanities to explore themselves as per their dreams. Humanity is the stream which encompasses numerous options to follow as their best career fit. It is the stream which directly connects with one's soul. It involves subjects such as history, philosophy, economics, political science, performing arts, visual arts, literature and much more. Humanity is a platform which helps students to discover themselves and offers various career options in the field of their own choice.

After reading biographies of famous personalities, One can get to know that most of them studied in the humanity stream during their educational period.  Mahatma Gandhi was a law graduate, Carl Marx had his career in law and philosophy, Kiran Bedi is an IPS Officer, all these fields belong to a humanity stream. It's a stream about skills related to self-analysis, self-discipline, creativity, effective communication, practical knowledge and problem-solving tactics.

One who aims at THINK   BIG and DREAM BIG is capable of achieving the edge of success in this stream. Humanities is the stream which offers various job prospects to the students after completing their graduate, post graduate or a doctoral degree such as Journalism, Mass Media, Civil services, Literature, Teaching, Writer, Event organizer, Counsellor, HR Manager, Lawyer, editor, Translator, FBI agent, research scientist and many more. If we talk about various subjects related to this field, one may get astounded after knowing about its vast areas of interests.


Anthropology is all about 'Science of humans'. It involves deep knowledge about subjects such as social science, archaeology, human biology, physical, linguistic and cultural anthropology. It involves a complete guide to various aspects of human culture. Along with this, the knowledge of Ancient Greek classic culture, the history of all our ancestors and early human life and study of expected global effects related to all geographic information levels and system, everything is the part of humanities stream. It makes us aware of all the historical, scientific and geographical aspects of the human nature.

Language and Literature:

Humanities is the stream which is well known for its scientific study of languages, also known as linguistics. It helps in the development of creative thinking and writing capabilities of students. One can get the complete guidance in writing novels, poetry, drama, scripts, fiction, non-fiction, children's comics and more. Foreign language is also an important part of this stream. One can get a detailed study of language and literature for getting into the writing world in the country itself or abroad. It also helps the students who want to opt for the journalism as their career option.

Law and Philosophy:

Law is such a wide field in itself. It includes all the norms of the patent law and the cyber law related to businesses, companies, property, contract, labor and all other concerned issues. Choosing Law as the career option is one of the best things in humanities. One can kickstart his career as CA/CS/ICWA. Study about Philosophy and Religion is another lucrative part of humanities. Philosophy is the subject which indulges skills such as analytical thinking, in-depth knowledge, and problem-solving related to mankind. We in the country of various religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hindu, Muslim, Jainism etc, a study of religion will give detailed perspectives of each and every religion. One can start his career as a community worker, charity officer, archivist and more after having a degree in religion. 

Performing and visual arts:

Those who are born with special talents such as music, dance, drama, theater, paintings, drawing and creativity, visual arts or performing arts is the best fit career option for them. One who is completely devoted and dedicated and worship arts as his livelihood, humanities give them the opportunity to build their career as a professional according to the interests of their own. The uniqueness, creativity, and excellence required in this field should be at par one's imagination for raising as a star in no time. One who has the capability to touch the soul of an individual will surely live in the hearts of their fans forever. 

Hence, humanities offer all the 50 shades of Grey to build up one's career from a mediocre artist towards stardom.  The only requirement is to identify one's self-interests and raise his potential to make his dreams successful.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Why study the Arts and Humanities?

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