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Scope for Humanities studies in India and abroad and the career prospects therein?

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RE: Scope for Humanities studies in India and abroad and the career prospects therein?

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In India, Humanities is a traditional stream which helps in digging out creativity and livelihood in the students. Students need to set right ambitions and identify their hidden talents to break stereotypes for getting success. Humanities is a stream which offers massive core and sub-disciplines including arts, humanities, liberal arts, fine arts, social science, performing arts, cultural and ethnic studies. All the varying names point to different personalities such as humanities point towards a relationship between human culture and thinking. Fine arts is about painting, sculpture, and music. Performing arts is devoted towards theater, dance and other cultural performances. Social science is the subject matter of all the disciplines related to society and individuals. Each and every discipline has its own differences in functionality and growth. It's well said about humanities by someone:


 “It's not about the scope in arts; it's about the scope in you.”


In the present scenario, trends are changing fast, students are taking interests in humanities just like in science and commerce subjects. Most of the students and parents seem unaware of the wide disciplines of humanities and future scope because of the conventional aspects of science and commerce stream. But, the fact is, humanities is such a wide field which astounded many others after knowing about it.  Due to the emerging standards of market and business scenario, there seems a rise in demand of Charted Accountants and Company Secretaries, professionals in law, journalism, media and advertising, management, culinary studies and more. Along with the employment, high earnings are also becoming an important part of this field.

Skills required:

Students who want to pursue humanities as their career option should identify their interests. A perfect strategy is required for their academic growth even at an initial stage towards their future development.  One should develop written and verbal communication skills, mathematical abilities, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, ability to do research and enhance creativity for getting great achievements in this field. One can go for aptitude tests for identifying his skills and gaining self-knowledge. Streams like performing arts and fine arts require intrinsic talents related to paintings, dance, drama etc. for having a bright artistic career. Students who love to do calculations can follow their career as a CA, CS, Business Studies and more. Those who are voracious readers and live literature as a living presence may follow up the fields such as narrators, writers, journalism, mass communication, literature and more.

Academic steps towards future success:


It's a prominent part of student's life after completing class 10th to get proper guidance and support from parents for choosing their best career path. One can also opt for combination subjects at the intermediate levels and +2 levels to gear up their future studies in Humanities. CBSE and ICSE boards are offering interdisciplinary learning at +2 level by including subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Business Studies etc as options.

After completing intermediate or senior secondary exams, students' can opt their career as three main categories:

  • Law and management: Law is the bright option for the students of humanities stream. One has to clear CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) exams for getting admissions to affiliated law colleges at different state and central levels. Students who want to choose his career in management can go with a 5-year MBA degree programs from affiliated colleges or universities. Admissions will be based on entrance tests and personal interviews. 
  • CA/CS/CWA: For entering into corporate companies, one can opt for CA (Charted Accountant)/CS (Company Secretary)/CWA (Cost and Work Accountant) as their career option. 


  • Graduation: Graduation in Humanities open various doors to enter into various fields such as Anthropology, Classics, History, Geography, Linguistics and languages, Law and politics, Literature, Performing arts, Philosophy, Religion and Visual arts.

Along with the above-mentioned degrees, one can opt for a certificate or short-term course for being a professional in the related field. For example, B.Com students can opt for tally and e-commerce courses, Law students for patent law and cyber law, Literature students for media and publishing house and more.

Post graduation in Humanities or Master of arts (M.A.), a 2-year degree program, acquires specializations in various fields such as Teaching, Educational Administration, Sociology, Psychology, Religious Studies, Historical Studies, Arabic Language, Geography, English Language and Public Education.

In today's era, the scope of research is getting wide with time. Huge funds and fellowships are also offered by various institutes such as UGC, ICSSR, NCERT, HRD and ICMR to the students for research in post PG or Ph.D. Programs. Literature, History, Music, languages and Anthropology all are the fields which students can opt for their innovation and excellence in the desired field of study.

The scope of Humanities in Abroad:

Studying Humanities in abroad is about gaining new viewpoints and better opportunities in the field of your study. Along with the perspectives of your own country, one will get a chance to explore global platform for the same. It will give you a new eye to expand your own academic considerations and experiences all over the world. There are plenty of ways for art students to study abroad for specialization such as music lovers can opt France or Italy, native language such as Spanish is best taught in Mexico. Many schools may also organize trips or excursions to the students to host their authentic and regional experiences. Bill Gates expresses his love for the Humanities stream saying,


“The goal should be that everybody gets a chance to read great books and participate in the richness that humanities brings us.”


Career prospects:

Job prospects for humanity students depend upon the field of study, creativity, visibility and talent. One who has a unique vision and an extraordinary talent lead towards acme of success in no time. The most popular fields in Humanity are as follows:

  • Journalism or Mass Communication for news channels on TV and the internet, advertising agencies and movie studios.
  • Content Writing for newspapers, magazines, social media website, marketing for various companies on full-time/part-time basis or as a freelancer
  • Civil Services such as IRS/IPS/IAS/IFS officers after cracking civil service exams
  • NDA Army Wing after clearing CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam
  • Human Resource Manager(HR Manager) in various companies and enterprises
  • Various Government Sectors

Except these, one can also have numerous fields to pursue as their career choice. One can get job in the fields such as librarian, teaching, research, public relations, policy research and analysis, administration, social work, management, information, archaeology, anthropology, agriculture, geography, NGO, industrial relation, library science, liberal arts, philosophy, research assistance, psychology, and many more.


One can earn as low as 10k- 15k per month at an initial level of job profile after graduation. After following further academic qualifications and experiences, one may earn up to one lakh per month after putting sincere efforts in their struggling period.

Due to rise in market trends, mushrooming media, and the internet research, Humanities is becoming the most sought stream among students. Experts and professional related to this field are also getting high pay scale and respectful position in the job market.

One can also work as an entrepreneur for getting immense success in their businesses.  One can offer his own services to various designing firms, publishing houses, online teaching, advertising agencies, music or dance sessions and more. It requires years of devotion and dedication towards work for getting beneficial results to build up a career in the field of humanity.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: Scope for Humanities studies in India and abroad and the career prospects therein?

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