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With what educational qualifications can I become an Ayurvedic physician?

educational qualification required to become an ayurvedic physician

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3 answers

RE: With what educational qualifications can I become an Ayurvedic physician?

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
Verified Career Expert
Head Guidance & Counselling at Project Wisdom, CSR initiative of Canam Consultants Limited, Chandigarh
  • Chandigarh

Ayurvedicmedicine encompasses a wide range of treatment and lifestyle measures including dietary recommendations, massages, medicinal herbs and meditation and breathing techniques of yoga.Ayurvedic treatments are person specific rather than disorder specific. The age of patient, the climate in which he lives, his cultural and social surroundings and his bodilyconstitution are taken into account before prognosis,. Touch,. inspection and interrogation are the main tools of diagnosis

. Then the physician emphasizes a regimen of diet with the use of herbal medicines. Herbs are used to eliminate excesses and strengthen deficiencies. Their primary action is to stimulate particular organic function. To be a successfulayurvedic practionerone must have strong power of concentration, self confidence , responsibility , caring nature , good communication and counseling skills, the ability to make important decisions after weighing relevant details that the patient offers. Practioners can find employment as medical doctors/ doctor at government and private ayurvedichospitals, charitable institutions, medical colleges and training institutes. many take up private practice ,open their own retail shop of ayurveda medicines. They can also find employment as supervisors in panch karma / health centers. They can work in industries engaged in ayurvedic preparations. He /she can also work as professor in ayurvediccolleges or do research. After 12thwith Physics, chemistry and biology one can do bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and surgery. The duration of course is 5.5 years including internship.

RE: With what educational qualifications can I become an Ayurvedic physician?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
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PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. An ayurvedic physician requires to have followed the following educational criteria to become one,
  • Compulsorily studied Maths and Science upto 10th level.
  • Compulsorily studied Science subjects at 12th level and this includes Physics, chemistry and Biology (Or at least Chemistry and biology, physics can be an excuse)
  • Compulsorily studied maths at 12th level.
  • Preferably studied Sanskrit language at 12th level. (As your course contains more Sanskrit terms it is preferred to have some basic knowledge in Sanskrit).
Ayurvedic Physician
With these basic school qualifications, one can be eligible to apply for Ayurvedic medicine course at college level. To become an ayurvedic physician, one needs to take up the medicine route and this is known as BAMS Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery. It is normally a five and a half year degree course similar to the MBBS general medicine study and this also includes a year internship post BAMS graduation. To be able to apply for BAMS at colleges, a student needs to attend the entrance exam conducted by the college that runs the BAMS course. If you have an aggregate of 60% and above in 12th class plus if you score more than 60% in the entrance test, you can be admitted for the BAMS.
Completing the degree you will get the prefix as 'Vr' before your name meaning Vaidyar.

Apart from private colleges, if you aim for admission at government colleges, you are required to pass the entrance test conducted by:
1. AIPMT All India pre medical/ pre dental entrance exam conducted by CBSE board of India.
2. Or AIIMS - All India Institute of medical sciences New Delhi.
3. Or PGIMER - Post graduate Institute of medical education and research.

Some of the colleges that offer you BAMS in India are:
1. Gujarat Ayurvedic University Jamnagar - International centre for ayurvedic studies. 
2. Sri Dhanvanthri ayurvedic college Chandigarh
3. Govt ayurvedic college Gwalior
4. Indian Institute of ayurvedic medicine and research Bangalore
5. Dayanand ayurvedic college Jalandhar
6. Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune
7. Ayurvedic medical college and hospital, SVVK Trust Raichur Karnataka
8. Madras medical college Tamil nadu
9. Vinayaka missions college Tamilnadu
10. Arupadai veedu medical college and hospital Pondicherry

Jobs for BAMS graduates:
Clinical trials, education, teaching and research, professors, private consultant, spa consultant, ayurvedic consultant, general practitioner, ayurvedic surgeon, health researcher, ayurvedic pharmacist, beauty consultant, medical representatives, sales representatives, product consultant, research and development at ayurvedic companies.

RE: With what educational qualifications can I become an Ayurvedic physician?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at Ayurvedic physician is a very important career in todays scientific world. Lots of people are afraid of English medicines because of its side effects and therefore more people tend to take ayurvedic medicines to be safe from side effects. To become an ayurvedic physician, it is important to have studied maths and science including biology until 10th class. Added to this, students should also have studied maths, biology and chemistry in 11th and 12th class. AN over all minimum of first class pass is required to study a bachelors course in ayurvedam.

1. Diploma in ayurveda - This is only a diploma course and usually doesnt qualify you as an ayurvedic physician but it will allow you to work in ayurvedic industry in various roles. Students who later want to be a doctor in ayurved can also study BAMS after this diploma course. This diploma is usually run for three years although very few colleges offer one year diploma. A one year diploma will give you lab technician roles in ayurvedic pharmacy and clinics and even in ayurvedic hospitals.

2. BAMS Bachelor in ayurvedic medicine and surgery - This is a professional course like that of the BHMS or the MBBS, BDS. and this is the only course that will qualify you to work as a physician. Completing this course, you will also be required to do a one year internship similar to that of an MBBS degree and after which you can perform your own ayurvedic surgery and treatment for patients. As MBBS students get license upon their conferral of degree these ayurvedic graduates with a BAMS degree too get their license.
These two are basic undergraduate qualifications in ayurvedic practice but there are many post graduate qualifications in ayurvedic practice.
1. PG Diploma in ayurveda - Students who completed either diploma or BAMS degree are qualified to do this PG Diploma in ayurveda. While most often diploma pass outs only choose to do this PG DIPLOMA program. This could be either a one year or two year diploma depending on the college and course you study. Completing this diploma you can be qualified to work in pharmacy, college, labs and clinics.

2. MD Ayurveda - This is the next option you can do. Students completing a BAMS degree ofetn choose to do this course only. This is again a professional qualification and completing this you can work as a senior ayurvedic physician in hospitals or private clinics.

RE: With what educational qualifications can I become an Ayurvedic physician?

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