Dear FriendThank you very much for approaching as your interest is quite holistic and trying to extract the practical aspect of Ayurveda profession. In fact we are in economical era where good and bad, least important and important, low or high profile and many more are being rated with the scale of economics that is reflected in your earning capacity. \Bachelor of Ayurbeda and Medical Surgery offers you national exposure as well as international up to the extent where one can join the best practices in the world. If you see the structure of BAMS course / program

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Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors at Ayurvedic physician is a very important career in todays scientific world. Lots of people are afraid of English medicines because of its side effects and therefore more people tend to take ayurvedic medicines to be safe from side effects. To become an ayurvedic physician, it is important to have studied maths and science including biology until 10th class. Added to this, students should also have studied maths, biology and chemistry in 11th and 12th class. AN over all minimum of first class pass is required to study a

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HelloThank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. Job opportunities for an ayurvedic physician are enormous both in India and abroad. To become an ayurvedic physician it is mandatory to hold a relevant medical degree in ayurveda like the BAMS degree. It is mandatory to have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology at 12th level and then to have passed the entrance exam conducted by either at national level like the AIIMS or by the individual college entrance test. With these results, students can apply for a BAMS degree and it takes 51/2 years to complete that alos includes a one

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Hello Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. A professional ayurvedic practitioner is a physician, who holds a minimum BAMS medicine practitioner degree. This degree is the basic qualification to become an ayurvedic practitioner or a physician. Ayurvedic practitioner is a lucrative position but that goes fail to spark eyes of many students at school level. Lots of students do not recognise the importance and scope of this degree and blindly flood to the main stream of English medicine, MBBS. As an ayurvedic physician you can pursue the following career:General pr

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Dear Student, Academic record is not the only criteria in getting a job as an Ayurvedic Physician. The candidate's aptitude for the profession, his willingness to listen & serve, attitude to work, empathy and sincerity are equally important . One may be great in academics but a poor doctor. Certainly good academic record is helpful in the selection process. Both Intelligence Quotient ( IQ ) and Emotional Quotient ( EQ ) are equally important in securing a job as an Ayurvedic Physician or any job for that matter. Your academic record is the IQ and your Attitude to work and lif

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Hi,Ayurveda is a medical practice developed thousand of years ago in India.This is an ancient form of medicine that originates from northern India.Ayu means life and veda is knowledge in sanskrit.Ayurveda means knowledge of life .Those who practice traditional Ayurveda use holistic techniques to balance the patients body,mind and spirit.Ayurvedic practitioners believe that by balancing these forces,optimum health may be achieved.In many cases,treatment techniques include the use of plants and herbal extracts.Practitioners also recommend special routines or regimens called dincharya and ritucha

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