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A moot court is an oral proceeding which is similar to the court proceeding which is practiced in universities by law students to make the student efficient in fighting an argument which is based on facts of law. In a moot court the participants are given a problem to analyze. They need to research the topic and find the relevant law. Then they are required to prepare it in written and present arguments orally. The scenario is set up similar to that of a court where the participants are the advocates who present their case based on evidence and argue to prove their side in front of a judge. The moot court participants are usually made in a group of three where two are plaintiff and defendant and one is the researcher.

Moot court competitions play a major role in making the student a good lawyer. Participating in these competitions helps a student get familiar with how the real courtrooms work.

Thus, the importance of moot court competitions are as follows:

Improves writing and researching skills

After getting a problem in the moot court competition you are required to research the problem and find everything relevant to it which will help you in representing your case. Finding everything relevant to your case enhances your research skills and also helps you framing an excellent memorial for the moot court. The research should be able to cover each and every aspect which might be asked in the moot court. This helps in adapting to the current situations and enhances your skills. Moot court competitions also enhance your writing skills as you have to frame a memorial on the basis of your research. You get to learn new legal words which help you in the field of law.

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Practical Knowledge

Moot court allows the law student to get a practical knowledge about the subject and how everything works in the court. The theoretical knowledge is only in the books and does not amount to the full understanding of the topic due to which knowing of the practical knowledge is must in law. To fully understand the subject, you need both theoretical as well as practical knowledge.


Participating in a moot court competition allows you to meet various people. It helps you to socialize and connect with people from many places. Many students join in moot court competitions from different universities and places with diverse cultures.  These competitions provide you new opportunities to get exposure to the world. It allows you to expand your circles and get to know many people.

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Builds Confidence

Moot court allows you to communicate and put up in front of people which helps in building up the student’s confidence. The competition is about speaking and fighting the argument based on the facts of law which helps an individual to speak in front of many people and overcome stage fear. This helps in the law career too as one is not feared to speak up and can fight cases.

Enhances knowledge of Particular Law

Moot court competition provides a problem to analyze and research on it. The problem given usually focuses on a particular law. The participant is required to research about it thoroughly to prepare the case which provides the individual with full knowledge about the said topic. The participant analyzes the situation in a very crystal-clear manner.


Boosts your CV

Many legal firms usually hire students who have participated in moot courts and are thorough with all the procedures. Having moot court competition certificates on your CV enhances your chances to get hired by the law firms. It is of the belief that these law firms mainly hire people who know the practical knowledge, analyzing, drafting and research skills so they don’t have to spend time training you.

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By: Debarati Pal

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