Careers in Demand in 2021: Education and changes in the Job trends

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To earn good money you need a good career. But with time there are lots of career options available for students. And investing time and money in any career is not a good idea. Instead, search and go in trend and demanding options is a valuable option in terms of money as well as time. Read-out about careers in demand in 2021 and more:

Personality and Job Fit

Some jobs fit some people and some people are more attracted to a certain organization. If you are young and looking for career options or you are planning to switch your career then choose a career that will not be invalid in the future.

Jobs range from simple to complex a simple job is one that you can learn and then repeat. A complex job is one where the requirements change on an ongoing basis. There are certain ways you can match your personality to a good job like based on knowledge, skills, interest, and requirement of the job. 

good career

Options after Lockdown

There are some of the job options which are increased because of remote work trend and availability of easily learning options. Because now we are more online than ever, therefore, the skills in the fields are must to learn. Start to learn and earn here are post-pandemic job fields that are on the top:

  • Mobile developers, 
  • UI/ UX designers
  • Digital Marketing Specialists help local businesses to become online. Helping people who are shifting careers and helping doctors too.
  • Data is everywhere. Therefore data scientists are more in demand after pandemics. Machine learning, SQL programming, data visualization, and statistical analysis.
  • Educational content writers make difficult concepts easy to learn and understand.

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Best 2021 Emerging Career

Some careers which are around now not necessarily going to be around after you graduate. So try not to pick a career from all the careers that you have heard of instead do some research and take the help of your mentor. Some of the options that are updated but are old are listed here:

  1. Nutrition, fitness trainer
  2. Teaching
  3. Environmentalist; Eco-friendly solutions
  4. MBA
  5. Engineering, machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, ethical hacking, gaming.
  6. Lawyer; Criminal lawyer, international lawyer, etc. With an increase in technology and complexity in the world. We will need more people to keep organized things with rules.
  7. Charted accounted
  8. Hotel management
  9. Healthcare options, MBBS, Nursing, etc; Tough and Fulfilling job
  10. Agriculture 
  11. NDA/ NA exams
  12. Psychologist, Therapist, life coaches. counselor, professional mentor, guide, etc.

how  to choose the right career, emerging careers, Psychologist, Therapist, life coaches. counselor

Jobs and Student Personalities and Jobs

Some career personality types help students to know more about themselves and their best-fit career paths. It is similar to career counseling. Career counseling and quizzes ask you questions and then your interests and actually show you the top three personality types you can go for. Readout personality types to know more about which job can suit you the best.

Artistic (The Creator)

If your personality is the artistic type you can become a creator or go into some creative fields. The creator thinks out of the box and has new ideas and projects like , artists, filmmakers, etc.

Artistic, graphic designer

Enterprising (The Persuader)

Like enterprising, and public speaking is the main personality traits. if you can sell anything or an idea then there are a lot of job areas where you can do great work like sell department and marketing, agents, manager, etc.

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The People Person (Social Person)

If you specifically like helping people and have patience and interest in helping people in solving their problems then jobs like teacher, therapist, customer service, etc.

Teacher, People Person

The Organizer (Conventional)

The personality includes persons who like structure, processing, doing tasks with accuracy, and works on time and budget. Then jobs like a wedding planner, accountant, etc are the best fit for you.

The Problem Solver (Social)

The problem solvers are like somebody who likes to solve complex problems, somebody who is very analytical. Like, software engineers, software professionals, etc.

Careers in Demand, software engineers, coding

Realistic (The Builder)

A person who is good with tools and machines, and likes to work with their hands. Like architects, athletes, etc.

Extra Suggestions and Tips

  • Being creative is an important personality and creative people having more job options compare to others.
  • All personality people succeed in their life. You can have a natural personality or you can learn and cultivate personalities with experience and time.
  • To figure out a career path you can take a Psychometric Ideal Career Test.
  • The more you know about yourself, the more you can make better decisions, and you are gone save money and time with the right decisions and choices.

By: Priya Panwar

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