How Art Aspirants Can Select Artist Profession as Career Path

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Becoming an artist can be a fulfilling and rewarding career path for those who are passionate about expressing themselves creatively. However, it can also be a challenging career choice that requires dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to take risks. Here are some key points to consider when thinking about pursuing a career as an artist:

Artistic Skill and Talent: To succeed as an artist, you will need to have a certain level of artistic skill and talent. This may include proficiency in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, or another art form. Here are all about the How Art Aspirants Can Select Artist Profession As Career Path

Education and Training: While it is possible to be self-taught, many successful artists have received formal education and training in their chosen field. This may include attending art school, taking workshops or classes, or working as an apprentice or assistant to a more experienced artist.

Developing Your Style and Voice: As an artist, it is important to develop a unique style and voice that sets you apart from other artists. This may take time and experimentation, but ultimately, it is what will make your work stand out and attract a following.

Brief About The Artist (Fine Arts And Commercial Arts)

Taking Risks (44)

Artists are recognized as creative and passionate people who express their feelings, ideas, and emotions with the support of their artwork. They evoke the emotions of the viewer after fabricating lore that resonates or communicates with us. Their marvelous and exceptional unique artwork can be a treat for the eyes of many viewers. Artists have the attribute to conceptualize the ideas and execute them on the canvas as per their imagination. So, it simply implies that to be a perfectionist in this field you have to be creative.

To be an artist, enthusiasts can seek different specialized courses to gain some expertise. Artists have a wide range of professional options because they can be self-employed or they can work in collaboration. In reality, to create or design a full-fledged product and projects, artists are required to work in teams. If you are looking forward to exploring such a vibrant career then you can kick off your professional journey as an illustrator, graphic designer, virtual artist, sculptor, multimedia artist, and many more as per your area of interest.

Term Artist itself is a broad terminology but it can be categorized into two distinct classified groups like Fine Artists and Commercial Artist. Commercial Artists are responsible for creating eye-catchy, vibrant, and bold art pieces for different advertising, brand awareness, campaigns, logos, e-books, book illustrations, and many more projects. To implement such practices, the commercial artist has to meet the clients to get the crux about their requirements, they look at the type of product which they are looking forward to. After an in-depth discussion, the artist showcase different samples and proposed concepts to recommend to the clients. Commercial Artist follows the aim and objective of the client throughout the project to offer top-notch services. Further, they try their level best to utilize an effective methodology to highlight the client’s vision in the best way possible.

On the other hand, Fine artists are indulged in painting, sculpture molding, and illustration-based work. They are the major creative minds behind the creation of aesthetic and mind-boggling art pieces. These working professionals have to deal with the development of the plans, creative concepts, and new tactics for making an artwork stand apart from the competition. They try to recall and practice different techniques like weaving, knitting, glass blowing, painting, sketching, coloring, etc.


  1. The aspirant needs to complete the 10th class followed by entry to 5-degree courses in art. Some well-reputed schools also provide eloquent and specialized art courses to their students after 10th class.
  2. Students must have completed 12th class from any board or stream but still, Art subject as a discipline will be favored.
  3. Enthusiasts who have attained their graduation degree or specialized diploma in Art are eligible to become a commercial artist in the industry.
  4. Candidates or school leavers have now the option to attend an entrance examination called BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) to receive well-crafted degree courses.

Certified Courses

Candidates are eligible to apply or enroll in different certified courses as there are no bars or eligibility criteria. Students who want to refine their art skills can directly apply for the certificate courses which are available online on different platforms. But some esteemed universities prefer those aspirants who have completed their 10th class from a reputed board before the enrolment in the certified courses.

Diploma And Bachelor’s Degree Courses Criteria

  1. After completing the 12th class successfully from any board or stream, the candidates can apply for the art courses as per his or her interest.
  2. Admission of the students is based on the percentage of the marks scored by the candidate in the 12th class. Secondly, the candidate is also eligible to take admission based on the merit list announced or created by the specific university.
  3. To determine or examine the creative attribute of the students, some of the organizations might conduct a full-fledged entrance examination. Through this procedure, extraordinary students get an opportunity to learn the art from India’s best art colleges.

PG Diploma And Master Degree Courses Eligibility Criteria

  1. For enrolling in the postgraduate degree program, the student needs to get Bachelor’s degree first in Fine arts or a BA degree in a specific subject with a minimum percentile of 50% marks. 
  2. For taking admission in a postgraduate program, students have to attain at least 50% marks or in some cases, they are required to give written tests. Besides this, at certain times, aspirants have to attend group discussions and personal interviews organized by various departments to check the abilities of the

Career Path For Artist

This profession needs lots of hard work, determination, and fire within the soul to produce masterpieces. Candidates must embody creative attributes and interest in art to become professional artists. To start your art journey in the current scenario, the young artist must achieve the minimum academic standard.

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