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The economy has gone through lots of ups and downs during the Covid 19 pandemics, and the after-effects will remain for a pretty long period. The Indian economy has endured a recession, and people became jobless. A lot of them even lost their homes. Companies had to terminate the employees because they did not have enough revenue to pay for all of them. People were hopeless as there was no sign of an alternative solution to whatever was happening. But with the onset of 2021, a new ray of hope has made its way into our lives. People are more optimistic for this year and are hoping to get their professional lives on track. So what are the jobs that are going to be essential in this decade?

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought up a drastic change in the employment sector. Today the imperative career options have become redundant.  Now, every business, office work, market, or whatnot is online. All the shops,  street marketers, and many more are switching to an e-commerce business. You know the world has become digital and will be the same for the rest of the decades. Especially during this covid19, relatively the online businesses were doing better as compared to others.

The career options that you should go for in 2021 are:

1. Hybrid Roles

Hybrid roles are not a job but a kind of freelancing thing that people are doing today. In this era, people want to hire a person specialized in various fields at the same time. The current demand and need is WORK FROM HOME. It is an excellent opportunity to learn several skills, and you can earn very easily by just sitting in your own comfortable space. For example – an administrative assistant helps with operations and HR duties, and the skills like writing, coding, social skills are something anyone and everyone can acquire, regardless of the background, you are from and in which field you are working.

Hybrid Roles: Freelancer: Freelancing

2.  Digital Marketer

As you already know since you are living in a digital environment. So, you can easily calculate the call of future jobs in the digital field. The universe is growing! Technically every business,  small or, huge will need a digital marketing specialist who can plan the strategies, campaigns, etc. Your digital marketer job description will include anything from SEO to social media to google ads. There are several companies, and each company needs a separate digital team to work within the specific field. To be growing, you need to experience working in the digital space with marketing expertise.

Digital Marketer: Top 5 Jobs In Demand 2021

3. Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers are going to be one of the most highly demanded jobs in 2021. As the demand for digital marketers in the industry is at a peak, at the same time, they need someone to actualize their creativity on the digital platforms through the creatives. They will help you to put your thoughts and imagination on the screen.  Graphics plays a lead role in all the areas, for a campaign, advertisement, etc. Some similar jobs are – creative directors, production artists, animators, etc. Most importantly, you should have experience with the tools – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe in-design, and others.

Graphic Designers: : Jobs in demand after Covid 19

4. Marketing strategists

After this pandemic, companies are in a mood to come back again, and this is the only reason why marketing strategists are going to be one of the most – demanded jobs in 2021, a career option you can totally opt. They would want to focus and deliberately work on their marketing strategies and uplift their growth to a certain level. This role is responsible for creating marketing strategies and executing the same, and getting efficient results. This profession gives you several opportunities like, you can work with an agency. Also, you can be a freelancer and get your clients. possibilities are endless!

Marketing strategists: Top 5 Jobs In Demand 2021: : Jobs in demand after Covid 19

5. Data Analysts

Companies are beginning to realize how important the data is. It is important to know the consumer’s habits, both offline and offline, and then use the information in marketing strategies for better results. The job of a Data Analyst is to gather information from different sources and then interpret it for use. The company will provide recommendations on how the company could improve with the help of this analysis. To succeed in this genre, you have to be familiar with Google Analytics, many CRM’s and other necessary reporting tools. 

Data Analysts: Top 5 Jobs In Demand 2021: Jobs in demand after Covid 19
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