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You have seen many times in the movie a hacker who easily hacks into a system and controls cameras, automated doors, etc., and finishes the mission. At that moment you wish to be a hacker.

Well, you can become a hacker professionally nor like a blackhat hacker who hacks illegally but as a white-hat hacker or ethical hacker who hacks into the system with permission and gets paid to do it. Let’s know in more detail:


Ethical hackers are hackers but they are the good guys. They find weak spots or loopholes in the system which can lead to unauthorized access and results in malicious activities like stealing sensitive information. Such people who hack into the system with permission are called ethical hackers, they do it for businesses and organizations to prevent a breach in the system.

If you’re a person who appreciates the joys of the world of computers and likes a challenge, then a career in ethical hacking can be an enormous possibility. You get the chance to use your mastery to break into computer networks, and in return, you get paid good money.

Ethical Hacker


  1. The candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree in B.tech/B.sc in cybersecurity or information technology or computer science or any related field.
  2. The candidate should have a good knowledge of programming languages like HTML, C++/C, PYTHON, JAVA, and others.
  3. Knowledge of technologies: Networking, web, telecommunications, cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), etc.
  4. Knowledge of  Firewalls, Cryptography, Encryption and Decryption, SSL, HTTP, HTTPS,  etc.
  5. The candidate should have a good knowledge of operating systems like WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX, IOS, etc.

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Being a certified ethical hacker makes you a professional hacker who has a better understanding of how to identify breaches, potential threats and eliminate them at once. It shows your knowledge, capability and it’s better for getting the job. Let’s know about some best ethical hacking certification courses:

  1. Certified Ethical hacking certifications(CEH): It is a certification exam for ethical hacking aspirants. It teaches how to break into a system and using various hacking tools to identify potential vulnerabilities. It qualified you as a skilled professional having knowledge and expertise to identify weaknesses and legally break into a system.
  2. Offensive Security certified professional( OSCP): It is practically based focused on hands-on knowledge. Best for those who want to have an understanding of penetration testing, networking protocols, system internals, software development, Linux, and Kali Linux.
  3. Global information assurance certifications( GIAC): Certification program issued by Sans institute. It testifies theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge based on real-world problems. It checks the candidate’s skill to defend any network and infrastructure against potential threats.

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  1. Information Security analyst
  2. Security analyst
  3. Certified ethical hacker
  4. Security consultant
  5. Network security administration
  6. chief information security officer
  7. Defense organization
  8. Law enforcement organizations
  9. Forensic organization
  10. Detective companies
  11. Investigative organization


As a hacker in the company, you have to do some basic duties

  • Identifying vulnerability in security systems, websites,s or software and report it.
  • Assessing the security of the networks and execute the measures that can prevent such unwanted intuition.
  • Examining patches by doing vulnerability analyses on them
  • Doing penetration testing and intrusion testing for any application and infrastructure.
  • As a hacker, you must keep the important documents or Assets of the company you are working for safe preventing them from being vulnerable.

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  • You always have to do scanning in your network and system after some time interval so that your network is always error-free and does not have any kind of weak points.
  • If there is any kind of security violation in your network then you will have to do research or investigation about the root cause.
  • As an Ethical Hacker, you have to analyze network packets and logs.
  • Bypassing and cracking wireless encryption, Hijacking web servers, and web application to find the vulnerability in the system.
  • Evade IDS( intrusion detection system), IPS( intrusion prevention system),honey pots and firewalls.

As you know we are living in an online world and day by day we can hear the news of cyber attacks, account hacks, malicious activities, etc. Many high profiles enterprises have been hacked and now the question arises of security. To prevent them many IT companies and major enterprises spending a large part of the amount on security protocols. So, to beat the hacker we need one, and here comes the role of an ethical hacker. Then why wait, grab your opportunity to be a hacker.

By: Sahil

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