How to Pursue Molecular Engineering After Class 12th

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How To Pursue Molecular Engineering After Class 12th

Numerous ambitious 12th class science students do their strategic planning to get better career options in future.  It is true that many aspirants want to carve out an engineering career path but in reality, this field is broad and distinct. Engineering itself inculcates diverse discipline which an individual can follow according to his or her interest and passion. If we categorise the fields of engineering then molecular engineering career is one of them. So, in this article we will be covering nitty-gritty of molecular engineering as a career through which you will learn about this vocation. If you need more in-depth suggestions and recommendations then I would suggest having a career counselling from Because these specialists can analyse the future prospects and can tell you the best out of rest

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The first question and the foremost question which we all ask about this profession is that, what is molecular engineering? Well, this question is essential and here is the response. Molecular engineering working professionals are responsible to deal with modification and development of the atoms. The main agenda behind implementing this practice is to enhance materials for formulating new ones. In reality these atoms are unstable for creating material. So, the molecular engineers have to do work on it.  Numerous businesses rely on this profession for knowing and utilising technologically advanced gadgets. This implies that there is great scope in the molecular engineering field if you want to begin your journey in this career. 

This profession is pivotal for interpreting rational substances for computer systems and treatments. The simple reason behind this research is that it has the potential to generate particle mixtures. These mixtures can be incorporated in small devices that can stimulate itself in the human body to demolish life threatening cells and its spread. The molecular engineering experts select to work with PC models to know how distinct molecular setup will act. Last but not the least, they are responsible to depict the business applications of their creation in an advertorial, then in the next step they develop a chain of materials.



If you want to pursue B. Tech in molecular and cellular engineering then aspirants must follow and meet certain requirements to attain the B. Tech course. For B. Tech in molecular and cellular engineering the candidates must have finished 10th and 12th class with the expected percentile of 50% from the prominent board. The students must have opted for the science stream followed by the domain subjects like mathematics, physics and science.


In the procedure to get admission in B. Tech in molecular and cellular engineering, students have to crack numerous entrance examinations which are conducted to determine the aptitude of the candidates. So, here is the congruent list of the few entrance exams for students who are interested to pursue a B. Tech in molecular and cellular engineering in 2020.

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  • JEE MAIN: It is the most crucial examination for those who want to join awesome IIT’s, NIT’s or any other university all across India. Candidates who attend and crack the JEE main after attaining top 2,50,000 position as a merit. Then those individuals can pursue JEE advanced.
  • It is organised for the enthusiasts who want to take admission in different IIT’s in India. For attending JEE advanced you must crack JEE mains examination according to the eligibility criteria. With the support of entrance examinations candidates can select any of the famous IIT’s colleges established in India.


For molecular engineering students there are very high chances to get marvellous openings. Different international countries like the US, Japan and so on hire molecular engineering students. If you have B. Tech MCE as a specialised course then it can work as a boon for you. Here is the list of some different areas within the molecular engineering field which you can experience in future.

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  • CELLULAR BIOLOGIST– They are responsible for examining the cell samples and its functions accompanied with structures, systems. They perform experiments to know the components for operating cells and how they communicate with other cells.
  • LABORATORY ASSISTANT- These specialists help technologists, analysts etc. while doing lab tests. They create and implement laboratory tests on acquired samples of blood, cells, tissues etc.
  • MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST- Individuals from this profession conduct experiments on molecules. They further deal with aligning of DNA, cloning and RNA functioning.
  • PHARMACOGNOSIST- This profile deals with the study of drugs, its origin from natural sources. Secondly, they extract info about the drugs by assessing its physicochemical characteristics and handling media.
  • PROJECT ASSISTANT- Their role is to manage administrative purposes by planning meetings, tracking budgets and completing allocated tasks


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Molecular engineering is a multidisciplinary field that combines principles from chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering to design and create new materials and devices at the molecular level. It involves manipulating and controlling molecular structures to develop innovative solutions for various applications, such as medicine, energy, electronics, and materials science.

A: To pursue molecular engineering, it is beneficial to focus on subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology during your Class 12th studies. These subjects provide a strong foundation in the fundamental principles and concepts that underpin molecular engineering. Additionally, subjects like computer science and English can also be helpful as they develop analytical and communication skills, which are important in the field of engineering.

A: The specific entrance exams may vary depending on the country and the university you are applying to. Some universities may require you to take standardized entrance exams, such as the SAT or ACT, while others may have their own entrance exams or use national-level exams specific to engineering or technology fields. Research the admission requirements of the universities you are interested in to determine the necessary entrance exams.

A: Graduates in molecular engineering can explore various career paths. They can work in research and development in industries related to pharmaceuticals, materials science, nanotechnology, energy, biotechnology, and electronics. Career

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