Scope and Career Options in Biotechnology

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What is Biotechnology ?

Biotechnology is a branch of science where students can learn to produce living cells and materials which are used for environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural and diagnostic industries.
Biotechnology is not confined as a single discipline but involves many interdisciplinary branches of science which is quickly attaining significance and openings for students who want to discover new frontiers of science and build a career in it.

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Industrial Fields Which Requires The Profile Of Biotechnologist Are:

There are many different career paths to pursue for students with a biotechnology degree. As biotechnology has applications in several industries, people have the option to work with a variety of organizations including government agencies, private companies, regulatory bodies, or clinical laboratories. These fields include:
  • Agriculture
  • Animal technician
  • Animal husbandry
  • Bioinformatics Specialist
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Documentation Coordinator
  • Environment Conservation
  • Forensic DNA Analyst
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Greenhouse And Field Technician
  • Health Care
  • Industrial Research And Development Medicine
  • Instrumentation/ Calibration Technician
  • Laboratory Automation Specialist
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Manufacturing Assistant
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Research Associate
  • Sales Representative

JEE Main Previous Year Paper

JEE Main Previous Year CutOff PDFs

JEE Main and Advanced syllabus

Top 5 Career Options In Biotechnology

1. Biomedical Engineer

The demand for Biomedical Engineers is increasing rapidly due to a general shift towards the everyday use of technology and machinery in all facets of life. A Biomedical Engineer has biological knowledge combined with engineering principals which fill the gap between engineering and medicine.

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The work of Biomedical Engineer is to analyse and find remedies to the problems in biology and medicine helping mankind having a healthy life.
A biomedical engineer designs and innovative biomedical equipment, devices and medical software such as artificial organs, diagnostic machines, prosthesis etc. which enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care facilities for the effective treatment of patients.

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2. Biochemist

Biochemist has expertise in the study of chemical and physical properties of living things and biological processes such as cell growth, cell development, heredity and disease.

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Biochemist is mainly associated with basic and applied research. A biochemist involved with basic research may study genetic mutation in the organism and the evolution of plants and animals.
Applied research includes developing genetically produced crops that are more resistant to drought, disease, insects, and other afflictions. A biochemist also does research on the effects of drugs, hormones, and nutrients on tissues and biological processes to design products that may improve human health.

JEE Main Previous Year Paper

JEE Main Previous Year CutOff PDFs

JEE Main and Advanced syllabus

3. Medical Scientist

A Medical Scientist conducts clinical research which aims at improving overall human health by investigating diseases and methods to prevent and treat them. A medical scientist usually works in office and laboratories and spend maximum time in studying data and making reports.

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The duties of a medical scientist also involve analyzing medical samples and data to investigate the causes and treatment of the disease. They also help standardize drug potency, doses and ways to mass manufacturing and distribution of drugs.
A medical scientist study causes of disease and other health problems and research to develop new treatments and try to prevent health problems.

4. Microbiologist

A microbiologist is a scientist who makes a thorough study of microscopic life forms and processes. Microbiologist examines the characteristics of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, fungi, and some types of parasites and their vectors. Their work is to investigate and understand the behaviour of microbes and their impact on human lives.

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The research fields which require a microbiologist are Bacteriology, Parasitology, Virology, and Mycology. During their research, they make many vitamins, enzymes and hormones and develop new methods to combat the diseases.
The place of work for a microbiologist include labs in universities, research institutes, industrial companies and sometimes investigating microbes in fieldwork

5. Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager helps biotechnology companies develop and execute growth and investment strategies by providing thorough market analysis and competitive intelligence.

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They assist in evaluating and pursuing expansion, acquisition, and collaborative research and partnering opportunities with other biotechnology institutions to achieve business growth and complete the goal and objectives of the company.
Other responsibilities of a business development manager are to collect, evaluate and transmit information regarding market evolution, competitors and technology trends.


With many stirring discoveries to make and many new problems to solve, now is a great opportunity for a biotechnology professional that can make a change in the lives of other people in several ways. Nowadays, many industries are engaged in processing and developing agricultural and biological products, bio-processing industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Hence, there are ample opportunities for biotechnology students to make a career in this field. As this field evolves, there’s an increasing need for skilled biotech professionals to innovate, discover and bring new technologies to market.

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