Top Career Options After Class 12 PCM In India

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top career options after class 12 PCM in India

The completion of class 12 is a crucial step in the process of reaching numerous impending milestones. Students now have access to a wealth of booming options that can help them succeed in the future. After completing their 12th PCM, it is advised that aspirants go into a variety of courses to learn more about their unique interests and applicable disciplines.


After high school, pursuing the courses that the aspirant is interested in would help them excel in their growth. For class 12 kids with a foundation in science and PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) disciplines, there are a plethora of courses ready to be explored. Students can choose any subject that suits their interests and earns a lot of money, whether it’s becoming an engineer, a CA, or a social worker.

The infamous combination of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or collectively known as PCM or Pure Science. Most of the students tend to choose science due to the variety of options available after 12 in science is wide and uncountable. Most of the students usually takes up science thinking that the major career option post PCM in class 12 is engineering but the reality is something opposite.

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There are variety of options after taking pure science in class 12 other than engineering which are gaining popularity and also promise to have a stable future when looked 5 years ahead. This article will highlight the key top career options after class 12 PCM in India and what are the eligibilities to get admission and the available job opportunities in it.

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How can I select the best course after my PCM 12th grade?

  • Consider your interests and look at possible job paths in that direction.
  • Determine whether a professional path gives a wonderful package and position by doing research on numerous courses that interest you after completing your 12th PCM.
  • Focus on the leading colleges and discover the range of programmes they provide, together with the costs and their standing on a national or international scale.
  • Examine the course’s complete curriculum to determine whether anything there applies to you.
  • Do thorough research on the course’s potential future application and the possible compensation you might receive if you enroll in it.

Top career options after class 12 PCM in India

The top courses after 12 PCM in India are listed here, along with information on basic eligibility requirements, admission requirements, top job prospects, and predicted salaries. This course overview will assist students in choosing the best course after weighing their interests and potential future outcomes.

Overview of top career options After Class 12 PCM in India

Bachelor Of Technology (BTech)

One of the most popular top career options after class 12 PCM in India is B.Tech. or engineering. It provides booming opportunities to those who wish to pursue careers in technology. The sources indicate that there are more employment opportunities in the mechanical and computer science fields than in any other. In addition to choosing to become engineers, students have the option of becoming digital analysts, marketeers, data analysts, etc. To achieve the pinnacles of achievement, students are encouraged to continue their studies in MBA, M.Tech, or M.E.

The legendary degree which is a sort of dream of almost every middle-class parent is their children opting for engineering and the fact is justified enough as India is the country having one of the largest number of engineers. India has around 5000 engineering colleges comprising both private as well government institutes.

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Bachelors of Technology is a professional degree whose curriculum is spread of over four years. There are over hundred of branches in engineering that offers different field of interests to be explored but a few of major branches of engineering are; computer science, information technology, mechanical, civil, chemical and many others. Presently, a computer science engineer (also known as software engineer) has the highest value out of all the branches and is also expected to grow in terms of employment in upcoming years along with good financial stability.

Bachelor Of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of computer applications is one of the top career options after class 12 PCM in India. BCA is an easy going three years degree who wishes to have career in the field of technology and coding. BCA usually comes with mathematics, mostly aptitude along with computer science as core papers. BCA is offered by many colleges in India and many students also prefer to do a master of computer applications which offers a higher job designation and hence better growth and financial stability. People usually gets a job designation of a web developer or get into other technical field after a BCA degree.

Bachelor Of Science

Bachelor of Science is one of the top career options after class 12 PCM in India. Bachelor of science is the basic graduation degree in the core subjects. People who wish to become a teacher, professor or a lecturer usually opt for it. But as time has changed a lot, people usually try to enter into the corporate world by a BSc degree. Subjects like computer science, information technology and statistics have made BSc students easier to get into any service-based company. There are three type of BSc degrees available in India, Bachelor of Science (general), Bachelor of Science (Honours), Bachelor of Science (Triple Major). The general BSc comprises of three subjects and languages, the honours degree tends to specialize in one particular subject whereas the triple major degree tends to specialise in all the three core subjects and thus seeking job becomes easier to them due to their varied specialisations. Aspiring teachers usually opt for a master degree in a particular subject whereas corporate people usually like to have certain certifications for their skill upgradation.


Bachelor Of Architecture (B.Arch)

Bachelor of Architecture is considered as one of the top career options after class 12 PCM in India. Bachelor of Architecture is an undergraduate degree program that is usually completed in 5 years. It is a quite non-cliched and fancy degree program that one can undertake is he or she has interest in various architectural aspects like Interior design, rural & urban planning, building architecture, construction management, transportation planning, landscape architecture, etc. Students who have completed their Class 12 in PCM stream and are interested In architecture can apply for this course different colleges which offers this course. Most of the prestigious and high ranked institutes takes admission based on scores of National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) and Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). Post successful completion of the course, interested candidates may pursue a diploma in a specialisation like Diploma in interior design or a Diploma in landscape design for further career growth.

National Defence Academy

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National Defence academy is considered as one of the top career options after class 12 PCM in India. National Defence Academy (NDA) is a joint services academy which includes Indian Army, Indian navy and Indian Air force. NDA trains aspirants before they go to their respective service academy for further specialized training. Students who have completed their Class 12 in Physics Chemistry and Mathematics but are interested in joining the Indian army, Indian Air force or Indian Navy may appear in NDA entrance exam followed by the SSB interview (one of the toughest interviews in India). NDA entrances exams happens twice every year. Students apart from clearing the academics assessing rounds, they need to pass the physical test to get a seat in the National Defence Academy. It is one of the most prestigious jobs along with being one of the highest paying designations in India

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Merchant Navy

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Merchant Navy is considered as one of the top career options after class 12 PCM in India. The merchant navy is the backbone of global trade, transporting goods everywhere. To transport and supply goods from one country to another, merchant ships employ a sizable workforce. There are numerous employment options in this industry. The Merchant Navy provides a variety of professions and ranks, from chief engineering officer to radio officer, in order to hire deserving candidates. It’s a reputable industry that pays well as well.


Pilot is considered as one of the top career options after class 12 PCM in India. For an airline with a set schedule, airline pilots fly planned flights carrying passengers and cargo. It’s one of the best professional paths one can take after completing a 12th PCM course. To become a pilot in India, candidates must possess a certification course. A pilot can work for the air force, an airline, a company, a private company, etc. According to their preferences and eligibility for the desired exam, candidates can select any of these varieties. In accordance with their training, they receive a licence. This line of work offers excellent pay and the chance to travel the globe. Although the training to become a pilot can be costly, it is ultimately worthwhile.



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BBA is considered as one of the top career options after class 12 PCM in India. Business and marketing courses are included in the bachelor of business administration programme. Numerous marketing-related career options are available after completing this course. BBA graduates have the option of pursuing an MBA or another master’s degree, such as an MA or M.Com, depending on their interests and preferences. After earning a BBA, one might choose from positions like marketing director, business manager, and digital marketer. To succeed in these fields, students are urged to develop their communication abilities.

Arts and humanities

Students can pursue courses after 12th arts which will add feathers to their creativity along with a booming career. Arts and Humanities offer courses like – Journalism, Copywriting, Designing, etc. Students can also opt for government jobs by preparing for Civil Services ahead after pursuing B.A. There are innumerable career opportunities and masters programs that can be taken up after completing graduation.

These are the few top career options after class 12 PCM in India. 

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