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English is a subject which is widely famous among not only the Humanities students but also students with a Science or Commerce background. English itself is a very liberating subject, and hence, it has a lot of careers opportunities. Pursuing a BA English Honours degree can be life-changing for many. This subject will help you not only learn about literature but also a wide variety of topics which might even include philosophy, history, sociology, and even psychology. English Honours deal a lot less with Grammar or vocabulary in general. 

Let’s look into some career opportunities one has after pursuing the BA English Honours degree: – 

PROFESSIONAL WRITING– Though professional writing does not always require an English degree, yet if you have a degree in English, you can easily take up writing as a career. Studying English gives us a lot to think about in general. Hence, to pen down your creativity or the wide range of ideas you have in your mind, writing can be a good career. This is among the most high-paying jobs after English Honours.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISEMENT– Another great career opportunity after BA English Honours in Marketing and Advertisement. English is all about creativity, communication, and liberating yourself from the rest of the world. So, as an English graduate, if you possess good communication skills, creativity, and a good business mindset, Marketing and Advertisement is the best profession for you. This is also one of the most high-paying professions after English Honours.

PUBLIC RELATIONSPublic relations is yet another great career opportunity for English graduates. A PR represents the best face of the client/company to the audience. Hence, you need to write articles, organize press releases, arrange press campaigns, etc. An English graduate can choose PR as a career. 

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TRANSLATOR– A very high-paying and reputed job after pursuing BA English Honours is the job of a Translator. Having an English degree as well as learning a foreign language will help you in taking up this profession.  

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DIGITAL MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING– Some profession which has gained massive recognition during Covid-19 is Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Now, most people cannot imagine making a profession out of social media. However, this is very much possible.

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With companies looking for ways to reach out to their customers through digital mediums, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing is a great career choice for English graduates. You can use your creativity and communication skills to write engaging posts, articles and build campaigns, to promote the company or client you are working for. 


 TEACHING– The most common career option for an English graduate is Teaching. There are thousands of students out there, looking for teachers to teach them English. English is a very in-demand subject in general, and hence the demand for teachers who have a degree in English is also high. You can also choose to become an English Professor or a Tutor if you are an English graduate.

Hence, a degree in English is valuable and can be very useful in building up a career. With the growing demand for English on a global scale, career opportunities keep increasing with leaps and bounds. 

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By: Srija Dutta

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So this is the end of the post CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AFTER ENGLISH HONOURS. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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