Varieties Of Psychometric Tests Available For School Kids

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Psychometric Test is a test that does not necessarily assess academic excellence, but rather psychological characteristics known as psychometrics. Skills, general knowledge, personality characteristics, capacity to perform, attitude, approach, and academic and job portals are all examples of psychometrics. Because psychometric tests do not have a specific age or group of examinees, they are available to anybody and everyone who wants to know themselves a bit better, a little more than simply their academic potential.

Then there’s the diversity of psychometric tests accessible based on various levels of schooling and how they actually analyze your psychometrics. This article will mostly focus on the various psychometric examinations that are available for school-aged children, such as Starting with class 9 and progressing to the highest class, i.e. 12th grade To gain a feel for psychometric testing for schoolchildren, read the following.

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Skill-based test for class 9 students

Class 9 is widely regarded as one of the most difficult academic years in all of schooling, and kids who do not know themselves well will undoubtedly have difficulties. Many students in class 9 perform poorly academically, which adds to their stress and causes them to lose self-confidence. To avoid these issues and move in the right route, one must gain a deeper understanding of oneself, including one’s interests, potentials, strengths, and shortcomings. This is where Psychometric Tests enters the picture as a hero, rescuing pupils from their predicament. The “Skill-based Career Test” is the name of the psychometric test for class 9.

Right Skill Bright Future

The Psychometric Test is based on psychologist John L. Holland’s RIASEC theory, in which R stands for realistic performer, I for investigative thinking, A for artistic talent, S for social behavior, and E for enterprising viz. C stands for Conventional, i.e. persuaders. organizers. The test assesses students’ skills and areas of interest, based on which the concerned career adviser offers what is best and what should be avoided in order to obtain a successful career. The interests that are discovered through the exam may lead to a variety of new-age career alternatives that one may not have heard of before, as well as the greatest profession that will provide the most job satisfaction later in life.

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Stream selector test for class 10 students

Class 10 is a more important year than most people realize, and it is considered a foundation year for beginning to make career decisions that will have a life-long influence, so the necessity of making the proper selection is justified. Many doubts may arise, such as “I am good at mathematics and music; should I pursue a PhD in Economics through commerce or science?”, “I want to pursue a PhD in Economics; should I pursue it through commerce or science?”, and so on. Because stream selection is such a big deal for class 10 kids, the psychometric test for them is called the Stream Selector Test, and it’s based on the RIASEC principle.

The test is designed to measure students’ ability and interests by splitting them into four sections: mathematics, biology, commerce, and humanities, with rankings ranging from 1 to 4, with 1 being the most favorable and 4 being the least favorable. The aptitude test is designed in such a way that it does not test any subject matter, but rather the basic logical reasoning, verbal ability, and other skills that are required for any of the four streams, and it aids in determining an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. The interest test, on the other hand, assesses the passion required to choose one of the four streams. The interest section usually has no wrong answers, and it is entirely based on perceptions, which aids in determining the best stream for you.

Psychometric test for class 11 and 12 students

Class 11 and 12 are the years when students begin to consider a professional path based on their stream. As the number of new-age work choices grows every day, deciding on the best one might be difficult, which is where the value of a Psychometric Test comes into play. The Ideal Career Test is a psychometric test with four segments: Motivation, which assesses what motivates you to work harder, Aptitude, which assesses verbal, logical reasoning, numerical, and other skills that are required in a variety of careers, Interest, which identifies your areas of interest and is based on the RIASEC theory, and Personality, which identifies your personality type. The combined report from all of these areas will assist your career counsellor in recommending the best career option from all of the stream-based possibilities available.

By: Sananda Kumari

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