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Graphic designing comes under art. As much a degree can be obtained in this, it is the work experience, your skills, and your effort is the thing that counts. You can become a self-taught Graphic Designer. Yet, there is no harm in learning it from experts. After 10+2, apply for a bachelor’s in Graphic designing or related courses. Make sure to practice designing and apply for internships.

Creative thinking

Basic designing is simple. What makes you different is your critical thinking. When you are given a topic, you must give it a good thought. Think of an idea that is not common. It should be something out of the box. Your critical thinking can soon become your identity.



As mentioned before, giving the idea thought is necessary. Plan before executing. Take a piece of paper and rough draw what you have in mind, write down the size, font, color shapes, etc. you prefer. Brainstorming need not always be at a work desk, hence, writing these aspects down will help you remembering and experimenting with them.

Art skill

Art skills are known to enhance your work. You can work with computer fonts, shapes, etc., but if you have an artistic view and can draw well, it will improve the quality of your work. It will help you give a personal touch. If you can’t draw, don’t be discouraged. Drawing isn’t a compulsion for graphic designers.

Art Director

Clients and demands

You are in a field where your clients may not know an inch of designing yet expect you to submit golden drafts. Remember to take this as a challenge and not get demotivated. If some designs seem impossible, take help, or come up with alternatives and communicate with your clients.

Keep up technology

With time passing by and technology growing at a quick rate new software launches every year. There are massive updates too. Make sure to know these updates even if you don’t use them. They may get handy if the company you apply for has updated versions. Currently, Adobe is an industrial software.

Trends In Graphic Design Technology


If you work for a company that takes up big projects, you will likely be working with a team. You will work as or have sub-designers. Communicating plans play an important role to avoid the clashing of desyncing ideas. Besides the design team, you will also have a team of other departments. Communicate with them to make the best of your experience. Positive criticism is the key if you don’t find others’ ideas appealing.

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You are always allowed to work as an independent designer (Freelancing) if you don’t enjoy teamwork. Make sure to take up good quality and quantity of projects.


Overtime and deadline

You will always have a deadline. And meeting deadlines doesn’t mean not providing quality work. Start early to meet those deadlines. Negotiate the date. Give them a date you will be sure of your work done and submit a day before, creating a good impression. They might prepone the date, yet it will be in your favor. If not, be ready for overtime.


On average, a Graphic designer will earn around 15,000/- per month which will rise to 25,000/- or more with rising experience or an increase in the number of clients. Freelancers may get international clients and can look for higher negotiable rates.

: By- Neha Pandey 

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