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A human body is made up of five elements – earth, air, water, fire and sky. Human body is an individual that undergoes several changes socially, financially, politically, mentally as well as psychologically. Psychology is a division of science and basically deals with human behavior and the various mental processes. It is a very in depth study of animal and human behavior, thoughts and mind. It basically deals with the study of various human emotions, motives, feelings and reactions. Psychology is a study to overall analyze the mental status of a human being.

This article briefly presents the various in demand career options with psychology. 

Counseling Psychologists

Counseling Psychologists basically counsel a person who is exhausted mentally or emotionally. They focus on teaching patients of all ages how to cope with mental stress, improve their sense of well being, alleviate their feelings and help the clients with a range of difficult life problems.

  • The minimum eligibility is to complete a 3 year accredited Doctorate.
  • The average salary is around 4 lakhs PA.

Child/Developmental Psychologists

Child Psychologists basically observe one’s child progression towards the milestones of development. These are originally concerned with infants and children. A child psychologists job description is basically a person who helps the children deal with their emotional and mental problems.

  • The minimum eligibility is a master’s degree with a major in child development or clinical psychology.
  • The average salary is around 4 lakhs.

Sports Psychologists

Sports Psychologists basically are trainers, consultants or therapists who assist the players or athletes. They help the athlete to maintain peak performance. They help the players in enhancing performance, in developing various mental strategies like visualization and relaxation techniques.

  • The minimum eligibility is a master’s or doctoral degree in clinical counseling or sports psychology.
  • The average salary is around 24 lakhs PA.

Industrial and Organisational Psychologist

Industrial and Organisational Psychologist basically study the behavior of employees in workplace. They basically focus on how business works and how employees function. These psychologists use psychological principles and research methods to solve problems in the workplace and observe, analyze and interpret human behavior.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology.
  • The average salary is around 7 lakhs.

School Psychologist

The School Psychologists basically help the students to increase their ability to learn and the teacher’s ability to teach. They assist students at all levels from school to college. They have expertise in mental health, emotional health, learning and behavior so that they could understand the student’s behavior.

  • The minimum eligibility is to complete a graduate degree in psychology.
  • The average salary is around 3 lakhs.

Career Counsellor

Career Counselors work with people who have various confusions regarding their careers in life. They basically help the people with their career choice. They help the students to make the decisions regarding their career based on their interests. They are usually employed in academic settings who aid the students in building their future plans.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree. After that, a master’s degree in Counseling with an emphasis on Career Counselling.
  • The average salary is around 2 lakhs.

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Psychologists are also known as Criminal profilers. Forensic Psychologists provide psychotherapy to the crime victims as well as shed light on the mental functioning of the defendants. They have an  important role to play in the criminal justice system. They basically apply the principles of psychology to the judicial system.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in Forensic.
  • The average salary is around 5 lakhs.

Consumer Psychologist

Consumer Psychologists basically get inside the mind of a consumer. They basically deal with analyzing and understanding consumer behavior. They use sophisticated research methods, simulations, modeling etc. to make observations. Consumer Psychologists basically look out at the mentality, decision making process as well as the social persuasion as to what makes the consumers buy any product or thing.

  • The minimum eligibility is a doctorate in psychology.
  • The average salary is around 3 lakhs.

Family Marriage Counselor

The Family Marriage Counselors help the individuals deal with the various problems related to the family, relationships, education, marriage etc. They majorly work within the health care or social welfare systems. These help families reconcile the differences and overcome the difficulties and problems.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree.
  • The average salary is around 5 lakhs per year.

Engineering Psychologists

Engineering Psychologists are the one who use their knowledge to study the human mind and examine how different individuals interact with machines and technology.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s in Psychology.
  • The average salary is around 5 lakhs.

This article has provided a list of career options in psychology. Hope it helped you to clear your doubts regarding a career in psychology.

Dream big and Work hard.

All the best !!!

By – Anshima Shrivastava 

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