7 Reasons Why Class 10 Students Need Counseling

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career counselling after 10th refers to providing proper guidance to people who are in need to understand what are they good at and what is the best career opportunity for them. So, we have 7 Reasons Why Class 10 Students Need Counseling Career counseling for class 10 students has always been ignored by society as it is assumed to be useless. However, in recent times there are so many opportunities ahead of a person that it is normal for a person to get confused. You will read about “7 reasons why class 10 students need counselling” in this blog.

School is the best place to start giving career counselling after 10th for class 10 students because it is the base for every person’s mind-set. One of the problems that students face in schools is to opt for streams. It is very difficult for a sixteen-year-old to decide what subjects to choose and what are their interests and weaknesses. There are various reasons which will prove that counseling is very important for students in Class 10.

Help them to decide their stream

There are so many cases when students opt for a particular stream for their 11th and 12th just because their parents ask them to. They don’t give it a second thought because they are too confused. In these cases, the students end up opting for a stream selection they don’t have any interest in and are not satisfied with. They end up changing their streams which leads to a lot of misuse of time. Thus, it is very important to guide the students in their career counselling after 10th standards about various opportunities they can go for and help them to figure out what they like

Knowing about their interests and skills

In their teenage, it is very hard for students to recognize what they are good at and what they should make a career counselling after 10th in. Thus, career guidance at this age makes sure that students’ interests and talents are being taken into consideration and proper career counseling is given to make them realize their strengths.

Avoid peer pressure

One of the major reasons why students opt for a certain stream is because their friends are taking it. career counselling after 10th. In the end, they end up being a victim of peer pressure and suffer in their career ahead. To avoid such cases of peer pressure it is very important to make sure that students are guided properly before they take any further decisions.

Base year

10th standard is the base year for every student as it is here that he has to start making big decisions for himself. A student’s whole career and in which profession he will go in is based on his decision in this class. Thus, it is important to realize that it is a really crucial part of every student’s life and the proper decision has to be made.

Getting to know about new opportunities:

In this rapidly growing world, there are so many new career counselling after 10th and professions coming up. It is really difficult to know about every one of them and to choose clearly. career counselling after 10th helps to get information about upcoming professions in the market and their scope.

Knowing their weakness

Proper career guidance helps a student to get to know about their weaknesses and what are the things they need to work at. Example: If a person is good at drawing and he decides to go for architecture. He may not do good at it because there are so many other things which are needed. He might not be good at subjects like maths and then it will make it difficult for him to survive in this profession.
Thus, career counseling helps to get to know our weaknesses as they tell us about all the important aspects of every profession.

Job satisfaction

career counselling after 10th at an earlier stage is very important as if a person decides his profession properly and chooses what he/she actually wants to do them in the future it will lead to professional success. He will be satisfied with his job. Thus, career guidance is like a one-time investment that helps us in our future too.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has made it compulsory for every school under them to have career counselors in their schools. It should be made compulsory for every school to conduct career counselling after 10th programs for their students.

If they don’t get an opportunity from their school administrators then students can get proper career counselling after 10th from outside sources. There are various organizations and institutions which are working to provide such services to the kids of class 10th

As it is said that precaution is better than cure, it is important to realize the importance of proper career counseling at the early stages than to regret later. career counselling after 10th can help a child sail through all his turbulent and difficult times. It gives direction to a student’s capabilities and channelizes their skills into something productive.
So do not waste more time and get yourself a good career counselor and start preparing for a bright future ahead of you.


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