8 fantastic study tips for class 10th students

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Class 10th students are considered as the first step of the success ladder, as well as the first and the most important examination of life. It isn’t easy to prepare for an exam that is touted as “the biggest exam of your life”. With old lessons sitting heavy in the head, new ones piling up, well-wishers clocking your study hours and finally, the study hours decreasing by the day, the countdown to your first board exams for class 10th can be a scary affair. Everything can become easy if you have a smart little study plan for class 10th board exams in place. You will see about “8 Fantastic study tips for class 10th students” in this blog.

Get Familiar with the Exam pattern & Syllabus

It is important that students must know the exam pattern. CBSE class 10 Exam pattern includes details about the type of questions, the number of questions, duration of the exam, marking scheme, and sections covered among others. Students are suggested to go through CBSE 10th class students syllabus. Knowing your syllabus and scheme is mandatory before studying so you can know how much time you have for studying all the subjects so you can make a schedule and divide it subject wise. You can also check stream selector.

The CBSE class 10th exam consists of a total of 100 marks which is subdivided as

  • Annual Board Exam: 80 Marks (Passing marks is 33% out of 80 in each subject).
  • Internal Assessment: 20 Marks (Periodic Tests* – 10 marks each, Notebook submission- 5 marks, Subject Activities – 5 marks)

Make Study Schedule

Without proper planning, it’s almost impossible to reach your target. So, to prepare for CBSE class 10th board exams effectively students must make a proper study timetable and then follow the same. Making schedules will help boost confidence and students can study at a constant pace. While following the study schedule make sure you have assigned more time to difficult subjects in 10th class students. Complete the hard topic first so that if you get less time for the rest topics you can complete it easily without stress.

Solve Previous Year Questions and Sample Papers

Students are suggested to practice previous year class 10th question papers to analyze their preparation level. Students must keep an eye on the clock because solving the question paper of 10th class students within the actual time limit will help you to keep track of your problem-solving speed. You can set an alarm of the exact time duration as same as the examination’s time it will make your practice and will allow you to perform well in board examinations.

Take Breaks While Studying

It makes learning difficult for the student if he/she sits in one place trying to remain focused. So it is suggested students must take short breaks while studying. Doing 10-15 minutes of exercise in between your studies will help you to stay fit, active and mentally prepared for future sciences.10th class students can take a snack break while studying. I prefer eating with studying because that always helps me learn faster and easier.

Group Study for CBSE class 10 exams

Studying with a group of friends is always fun. Listening and speaking always help in better learning. Group study helps in understanding the concepts faster use under 10th class students. Alongside, boring topics they will become interested in group study sessions and help students to extend their study schedule longer. Try the question-answer round in your group study this will clear everyone’s doubt and improve learning.

Avoid using slangs

Always remember that spoken and written English are not the same. Using slang words or SMS language will be considered as a spelling mistake and you will be penalized for the same leading to loss of marks. Don’t prefer shortcuts while writing exams because it will surely deduct your marks in exams.

Take Proper Rest

Stress, fear, and anxiety will hamper the preparation and affect the performance in 10th class students board exams. So it is suggested to start preparing and relax the mind. Get a proper night sleep especially before the exam day. Try studying smartly by 2 hours nonstop and then take rest and eat well. Eating nuts while studying will make your study and learning chill and easy to grab. Rest is very important because continuous study can mix up the things and make you very stressful and can make you forget what you have studied. 

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