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Understanding the world around us takes time. One of the joys of learning the scientific process with your children is that you can have lots of conversations about the natural world as you observe things together.

Why Science Matters in Daily Life

Science offers the chance to build cumulative skills. The ability to observe a bird building a nest requires the ability to be still and develop observational skills. Waiting for those birds to hatch eggs next month will take even more observation and patience.

For children who look to you for all the answers, showing that there are things you do not know but are willing to try to learn can be a remarkable growth point for your child

Too often, it is easy for a child to despair when they cannot figure something out. If you can study up the scientific process, you can learn as a team.

children learn science

Even better, once your child understands something, you can encourage them to explain it to someone else. 

The ability to present their findings can start pretty simple, but the choice to turn off all the distractions, settle in and listen to the connections they have forged is remarkably healthy.

Tips to Help Children Learn Science

Do not expect your child to study the world around you on a schedule. If your toddler is stacking things that consistently tip over, let them. Spatial abilities take time. Stacking a set of nesting bowls fifty times in a row is healthy if it shows a child what does not work.

Additionally, make sure that you allow for lots of mess. If you want to do some yard work and your child is coming with you to make a bit of mud, dress them in old clothes and let the mud pies commence! 

Consider giving them an ice cube tray, some potting soil, and a packet of radish seeds. Mix the seeds and the potting soil in the trays, then give your child a teaspoon and a bowl of water so they can add a teaspoon of water to each cell every day. When things sprout, take a look at the roots together.

Child Sowing Seeds 696x465

How Parents Could Help Their Children Learn Science

If your child thrills to the “let’s figure it out!” mindset, look for ways to connect curiosity with cause. For example, there are many 4th-grade science projects from Adobe Education Exchange that combine

  • global climate change
  • water risks
  • endangered species
  • habitat loss

to show the connections between endangered elephants, drought severity, and habitat loss. Once your child can see connections far away, they may also develop an interest in local hazards caused by drought and climate change.

Learning from nothing but lectures or reading is quite difficult, particularly for children. The ability to move their feet and combine ideas with physical actions is a terrific way to boost brain connections in children. If your child asks a million questions, make it a project so you can work together to find the answers.

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