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The current culinary world embodies a myriad of chef-related vocations in both the private and commercial industries. To promote proper balance and smooth functioning in fine dining establishments, restaurants follow the principle of a hierarchy system that encapsulates distinct positions. Different positions of professional chefs comprise several roles and responsibilities which they are required to perform in a well-organized manner to maintain quality standards of food.

The positions like executive chef, sous chef, line chef are denoted to an individual on the basis of expertise and knowledge in the vocation. The individual has to start from the most basic position and later the progression happens to promote the essence of professional growth. Besides this talented, professional chefs can also work in small bakeries or they can pursue a job as a personalized chef to serve a specialized customer base. To make things more cohesive and clear we have provided an eloquent list of different job roles for professional chefs.

Executive Chefs or Head Cooks

To lead a troop we need a leader who has the skills to command, lead and empower its army and people. In a similar way, executive chefs and head cooks are those professionals who lead a team of chefs and supervise different operations of a kitchen for delivering satisfactory food with exceptional services. They also offer full-fledged training to enthusiasts and other employees who are engaged in other food preparation tasks. On the other hand, executive and head cooks are responsible for crafting unique and sophisticated menus. They have to keep track of food supplies and drinks. Last but not the least, these working professionals emphasize more on the administrative sector in comparison to the kitchen functioning.

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Sous Chefs

In the hierarchy of chefs, sous chefs are perceived as second-in-command after the executive or head chef. They are just like the right hand of the head chef. As a sous chef profile, they have to deal with the arrangement of lip-smacking delicacy to fulfill the desire of their customer base. Secondly, to ensure an exceptional standard of the food they have to keep an eye on the chefs who are preparing different meals. After analyzing the situations, they have to update head chefs.

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Private Chefs

These experienced chefs specifically serve one specialized client all day. A private chef can select to work for household, corporate groups, president, diplomat, or many more as per their interest. Besides these chef-related profile roles, an individual can explore or opt for other distinct fields after gaining valuable expertise in the culinary spectrum.

Private Chefs

Cookbook Writer

Nowadays, youngsters, newly married couples, homemakers, etc. are bored of those common dishes which they consume every day. To add some spice in their lives they might refer to some cookbooks to unfold different delicious dishes to tickle their taste palates. Through following popular recipes they might prepare food for which people die for. Well, these popular and easy-to-make recipes are published by cookbook writers. As cookbook writers, they are responsible for adding valuable dishes with tricks and proper assistance to make the cooking process flexible for amateurs. To become a cookbook writer, the subject should encompass relevant knowledge about different culinary techniques.

Cookery Show Host

It is evident, that we all have watched several culinary TV shows like MasterChef, Khanna Khazana, Aapki Rasoi, etc. These shows were so, phenomenal that people love them. Several people give auditions every year to be a part of the MasterChef competition. This madness and love for cooking TV shows and programs simply implies that people enjoy it and celebrity chefs can also start their journey by being a judge on the cooking show or by being the host of the show. Through this chef can gain tremendous exposure and it also offers fame.

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Event Caterer

This is another vocation where you are free to work on diverse events like weddings, parties, industry-based functions, cocktails, receptions, and many more. Especially, in India during wedding season because families organize exceptional and captivating events for the wedding. So, the demand for food caterers increases in wedding seasons. As an event caterer, your role will be to prepare dishes as per the preferences of the client and arrange them in the proper manner for the buffet. Further, caterers have to pay close attention to the services.

Cuisine Ship Caterer/ Railways/ Aviation Caterer

These professionals have to duty to offer services to passengers onboard.

Restaurant or Pub Manager 

Instead of working in the kitchen only, the chef can start with their own business venture by becoming a restaurant or pub manager. After expansion, your duty is to look after the everyday functioning of restaurant and hotel chains.

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Food Critic/Author/Journalist

For performing these roles, the candidate should possess the required amount of expertise. These culinary professionals write and publish their articles or features in well-renowned magazines to inform target audiences by grabbing their attention. They provide authentic information about different food joints and the list of recipes which one should try in that specific restaurant.

By- Hruditya Kumar

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