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Everyone is trying to get a better lifestyle. It is a dream of every individual to spend their life in new world countries. But deciding to apply for citizenship in any country is not an easy decision. Let’s talk about Canada, which is the dream country of many individuals who want to pursue their careers and want to be a Canadian national. They must have to pass the Canadian citizenship test. While preparing for the citizenship test, if you face any difficulty, you can check out these practice tests, through which you can easily grasp the citizenship test.

Nowadays, when the whole world is facing Coronavirus, the entire world system is ruined. This also affects the immigration system. There are multiple centers that guide you about Canadian citizenship tests, but due to Coronavirus, this sector also gets affected.

But don’t worry because you can also prepare yourself for the Canadian citizenship test from home. It just requires you to be determined and dedicated.

How can you prepare for the Canadian Citizenship test from home?

1. First of all, you have to clear your mind regarding the citizenship tests objective. You must first go through all guidelines regarding tests on the Canadian immigration website.

2. While preparing from home, you should first calm yourself and make a timetable. Creating a timetable helps to organize your time and schedule your breaks to rest. Making a timetable makes you study effectively when you are dealing with multiple subjects. You should write down your plan and place it near your study area so you can remember to follow it accordingly.

citizenship test, time table

3. One of the most important factors is the right time for study. Some people like to study in the early morning because they think early morning their mind will be fresh so they can study more efficiently. Some people think they can learn in the afternoon or some think they can study at night. People who also do a job for their living have to manage both studies and working hours. Make sure to always study at that time when you feel most productive and do not put a strain on your brain when it is not at its peak power. Learning when you are more alert makes you retain and process information in less time.

4. Make sure while you prepare for your citizenship test, you should take proper sleep. Some people who are unable to calm their nerves do not get adequate sleep. Which overall affects their efficiency to study. On a scientific basis, an average man should sleep about 8 hours daily to make their bodywork efficiently. Proper sleep aids in refreshing your memory and enhancing your subconscious level. The night before the test, it is indispensable that you take at least 8 hours of sleep. 

sleep schedule, good night,

5. You should have a designated study area in your house. You can also go to the library to study regularly, but it will not be a suitable option. You should not mess up if you are studying at home, whether it is your kitchen table, dining table, drawing room, or a specific study table. Your study site should be neat and clean and only those things you should place there that you have to study. People usually during study forget to place all necessary stuff such as stationery near their study zone due to which their concentration dangle. Some people have a habit of studying by lying down on the bed, which is not the right way to study because on bed people usually become lazy, which ultimately affects learning effectiveness.

6. During the study, you have to keep your body’s energy level maintained. Therefore do not forget to eat. When you are hungry, it also affects your concentration level because it will be difficult for you to focus when your stomach is growling. Make sure you should avoid junk food because it will make people lazy and also it is harmful to health. Healthy snacks aid in keeping you alert which increases your learning capacity.

Canadian citizenship test, canada

7. Obviously, everyone has different work on a daily basis but, you have to take care of chores in advance to avoid any type of interference or being distracted in your study time, by dealing with chores before your study time makes it easier for you to focus. When your exam date is near, make sure you stay away from chores and rest the remaining time after studying. It makes you feel better and aids in calming your nerves.

8. While studying for the Canadian citizenship test, you should remember that you also have to clear your interview. To prepare for the interview from home, there is a guide available on the Canadian immigration website. You can also find multiple videos on youtube etc, and multiple lectures are also available on different sites through which you can prepare for your interview.


Studying at home has multiple benefits and detriments. The home provides you with a comfortable, low-pressure environment, and also your family members at home provide you with moral support. The ultimate disadvantages of studying at home are distraction, chores, and scrolling through social media, etc. By managing these factors, you can easily prepare for the Canadian citizenship test from home. 

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