5 Ways Digital And Technical Skills Boost Your Career Opportunities

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In this digital age, it’s crucial to possess the right digital and technical skills to open more doors of career opportunities. Many companies have embraced digital technology by adopting automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud transformation. Because digital transformation is the main focus of companies in the digital economy, people should leverage digital technology by including digital and technical skills into their curriculum vitae (CV) to achieve more progressive careers.

Learn the best ways digital and technical skills can boost your career opportunities below. 


1. New Skills Add More Value To Your Credentials

When you earn new digital and technical skills either through online courses or formal classroom training, you can add more value to your credentials. You can establish essential digital skills that companies are looking for when hiring new talents nowadays. 

For instance, if you know how to use different business systems, such as project management software or customer relationship management software, this skill can set you apart from other job candidates. With your certificates as a proof, you can add more value to your credentials and increase your chances of getting hired with a higher pay. 

Here are the trending digital and technical skills that can add value to your credentials and boost your career opportunities:

  • Digital Marketing: Do you know how digital marketing works?  You should have knowledge of different digital marketing strategies, such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and influencer marketing. This way, you can share your valuable inputs in creating sales and marketing plans for your company.
  • Data Analytics: What do you know about data science?  Can you interpret data using different tools?  It’s a must to have the essential skills in extracting and interpreting data using analytics tools to make the best business decisions. 
  • Digital Business Analysis: This skill helps organizations make smart choices by providing an objective and independent mindset. It also involves the application of proven analysis techniques to land an excellent business case for digital solution investment.  
  • Digital Project Management: This skill is important in developing products and services. You should have a good understanding of digital methodologies, such as agile, highlighted on your CV. Having a holistic understanding of developing digital projects from ideation, to prototyping, to full development is a must.

2. Become More Versatile And Agile

Versatility and agility come hand in hand. These qualities show how flexible, open, and holistic your approaches are in resolving issues by leveraging digital technology to avoid guesswork. For instance, you can apply agility not just in software development, but also in marketing, people management, and other key business areas.

Having the right digital and technical skills will enable you to handle different tasks, accelerating your productivity and quality of work. Your manager will notice your advanced skills, and would likely recommend you to a higher position or promotion.

When you possess versatility and agility, you’ll likely impress your superiors. Your manager can assign you to various departments because you can multitask. In addition, you can help your colleagues develop the digital and technical skills they need to become more valuable assets to the company. Along with these extra tasks, you can demand higher pay and apply for a higher company position.

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3. Transform Your Career Through Digital Innovation

Applying for a job requires digital and technical skills that mold the future of work.  Because online job portals are now available, companies hire and assess top talents via these platforms. Job candidates answer online forms for initial testing of skills and knowledge, allowing companies to easily sort deserving applicants and take them to the next level. 

The onboarding process also include online learning or electronic learning. Human resource (HR) introduces company policies and train new hires using e-learning platforms. That’s why recruiters want to ensure that new hires are at least technically-savvy to keep up with these onboarding activities. So, if you possess digital and technical skills, your chance of getting hired is higher.

Once you’re hired, you can be part of the frontline team that’ll drive the company to the greater heights of digital transformation. You have an edge over other employees when you possess digital and technical skills, eliminating the learning curve that can take so much time for some people.

4 .Broaden Your Professional Connections

When you have advanced digital and technical skills, you get to work with different professionals across various departments of the company. It means you can broaden your professional connections, which can also help boost your career. Your connections can recommend you for a higher position or even hire you right away because they already know your skills and work ethics. 

Having a vast network of connections extend beyond your current company. People might even refer you to their previous companies or other companies that offer higher pay or better career opportunities. Hence, you have more career options as you now possess more digital and technical skills. 

5 .More Management Exposure

If you’re eyeing to land a higher job position, you have to possess the right digital and technical skills to impress the upper management of your company. If your superiors see you handling key digital or technical tasks, they’d see your leadership skills. 

Company C-level suites recognize the important role of key employees in their company. Hence, if you highlight your digital and technical skills from the very start, you’re setting yourself above your colleagues, giving you a better chance of filling in a higher position that requires those skills.

So, don’t hesitate to show your digital and technical skills as necessary. Feel free to share your suggestions and opinions to help the management drive the business into digital transformation. In addition, continue to improve yourself to earn the credentials that can make your CV more appealing to the upper management. 


IDigital and technical skills are important in establishing your career. Being computer-savvy and technically-inclined with various business systems can help set you apart from other job candidates or your colleagues, giving you more career opportunities. Therefore, you should always strive hard to hone your digital and technical skills to attain your career goals.

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