Shri Shikayatan College

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In the grand pursuit of knowledge and eminence, the significance of top-tier education stands as an immeasurable entity. Its role as a catalyst extends beyond mere learning, propelling the course of national advancement, societal progression, and individual maturation. One institution, namely Shri Shikayatan College, has undertaken the noble task of enriching the scholastic milieu, thereby illuminating the paths of multitudes.

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Across numerous years, the renowned educational establishment, Shri Shikayatan College, has consistently occupied the vanguard in bestowing students with access to premium instruction and comprehensive enrichment. An institution founded upon forward-looking principles, it has consistently striven to nurture prodigious intellects and impart principles transcending those typical of customary higher learning. Nestled within the bustling heart of a metropolitan hub, the college’s expansive campus offers avant-garde amenities and infrastructure, fostering an environment conducive to a vibrant educational odyssey. Each facet of the college, from well-appointed laboratories to an expansive repository of knowledge and state-of-the-art classrooms, is meticulously designed to facilitate both the scholastic and personal progression of its scholars.


Infrastructure and Facilities

1. Campus Layout:

Amidst sprawling verdant expanses, the collegiate campus unfurls, presenting an ambiance of tranquility and serenity that envelops the pursuit of erudition. Every contour of the layout is meticulously sculpted, catering to the seamless navigation and unfettered accessibility. The diverse edifices dedicated to academia, administrative operations, the repository of knowledge, and other indispensable amenities are judiciously situated, orchestrating a harmonious choreography of endeavors that optimally augments the scholastic odyssey.

2. Laboratories and Research Facilities:

Shri Shikayatan College proudly showcases state-of-the-art, meticulously outfitted laboratories that serve as veritable nuclei for the pursuit of scientific inquiry and investigation. These hallowed spaces encompass a spectrum of disciplines, encompassing Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and a plethora of others. The college’s unwavering commitment is evident in its continuous investment in maintaining these laboratories at the cutting edge, replete with contemporary apparatus, thereby affording scholars the opportunity to glean pragmatic wisdom and immersive exposure within their chosen domains.

3. Library and Learning Resources:

The college’s library stands as a veritable repository of erudition, harboring an expansive assortment of tomes, periodicals, scholarly journals, and electronic reservoirs. Encompassing a vast panorama of disciplines, this bibliophilic haven emerges as an invaluable font of wisdom, catering indiscriminately to both erudite scholars and the academic custodians. Augmented by cozy reading alcoves, unfettered access to digital databases, and erudite guidance from the custodians of knowledge, the library metamorphoses into an idyllic haven, nurturing scholarly quests and autonomous exploration with unparalleled finesse.

4. Computer Labs and Technology Support:

Cognizant of technology’s omnipresence in the contemporary epoch, Shri Shikayatan College upholds meticulously curated computer laboratories, bedecked with cutting-edge hardware and software confluences. Rapid-paced cyberspace connectivity ensures unfettered access to virtual reservoirs, empowering scholars to tap into online founts of wisdom and remain abreast of the vanguard strides within their chosen domains. Beyond the tangible, the college extends its benevolence by affording technological assistance, catering to any conundrums students may encounter while navigating the intricacies of digital implements for their academic quests.

5. Sports and Recreational Facilities:

At Shri Shikayatan College, the narrative extends beyond academic prowess, encompassing the cultivation of a robust and dynamic way of life. The institution orchestrates a multifaceted panorama wherein students are embraced by copious prospects to partake in sports and recreational pursuits. A sprawling canvas of options unfurls, encompassing cricket, football, basketball, badminton, and a plethora of other endeavors, each meticulously designed to not only accentuate physical well-being but also to instill the virtues of camaraderie and collaborative spirit.

6. Auditorium and Event Spaces:

In a bid to nurture cultural opulence and ignite the flames of creative articulation, the college takes pride in its meticulously crafted auditorium, replete with state-of-the-art audio-visual accouterments. This opulent haven assumes the mantle of hosting an eclectic array of gatherings, from erudite seminars to symposiums, vibrant cultural extravaganzas, and enlightening guest discourses. These gatherings serve as gateways, ushering scholars into realms of myriad experiences and perspectives, fostering a holistic and enriching metamorphosis.

7. Canteen and Cafeteria:

The college’s canteen burgeons into a nexus of convivial interplay, unfolding as a haven for students to unwind and rejuvenate amidst their interludes. This gastronomic haven unfolds an eclectic tapestry, proffering an expansive repertoire of delectable victuals that are both savory and pristinely sanitized. This culinary spectrum, crafted with meticulous attention, seamlessly caters to an array of discerning palates and unique predilections.

8. Safety Measures:

Elevated to a zenith of significance, the safety and holistic welfare of students stand as nonpareil imperatives. The college orchestrates a symphony of meticulous safety protocols, encompassing vigilant round-the-clock sentinels, a comprehensive network of CCTV surveillance, and finely-tuned contingency strategies. This concerted orchestration culminates in a sanctuary of tranquility, fostering an environment that is both safeguarded and cocooned, nurturing every denizen of the campus with an aura of security and assurance.

9. Hostel Accommodation (if available):

Catering to scholars hailing from far-flung corners, the college extends the embrace of hostel accommodations, replete with cozy dwelling abodes and indispensable requisites. These sanctuaries offer a haven akin to home, enveloping their occupants in an ambiance of serenity while ensuring a tapestry of essential amenities. This collegiate domicile unfurls as a familial cocoon away from home, fostering a symphony of companionship and camaraderie amongst the sojourners that grace its precincts.

Courses and Programs

Course Tuition Fees (per annum)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 27,750.00
BSC GENERAL 18,750.00


All students who have appeared in Semester-III & Semester-V (2022-23) Examination are required to pay their Semester-IV &
Semester-VI Fees as per details

Student Life

Shri Shikayatan College’s educational ethos transcends the confines of mere textbooks and didactic discourse. Here, the college propels its focus beyond the lecture halls, investing profoundly in co-curricular and extracurricular domains, poised to cultivate a holistic metamorphosis. An acknowledgment resounds that erudition, in its quintessence, encompasses dimensions that extend to the peripheries of comprehensive progression. Students, the nascent architects of their destinies, are galvanized to embark upon odysseys encompassing sports, cultural soirees, intellectual debates, and benevolent initiatives that extend to the canvas of community service. This collective tapestry weaves together threads of fellowship and societal stewardship, nourishing not just the intellect but also fostering the ethos of social responsibility.

Within this intricate tapestry, diverse student clubs and societies emerge as crucibles of empowerment, chiseling platforms wherein passions are unearthed, leadership acumen is honed, and bonds of camaraderie are etched. The college’s tapestry resonates with the vibrancy of campus life, wherein each individual’s voyage is painted with hues of memorable encounters and enriching experiences, an ode to a journey that is nothing short of transformative.

Global Exposure

In an epoch marked by escalating interconnectivity, the crucible of global exposure emerges as an indispensable facet of erudition. Shri Shikayatan College, attuned to the evolving cadence of the world, apperceives the gravity of enfolding its scholars within the embrace of global interactions. A symphony of initiatives and synergies unfurls, each orchestrated to endow students with firsthand forays into the tapestry of the global stage. This overture transcends geographical boundaries, encompassing a panorama where erudition collides with international spheres.

Through these dynamic pursuits, the college endeavors to not just educate but to emancipate, equipping students with an expanded vista, an astute cross-cultural cognizance, and an arsenal of skills imperative for navigating the labyrinthine passages of a globally woven terrain. Each initiative, each alliance, is an overture towards fashioning an erudite citizenry poised to not merely survive, but to flourish, within a sphere that is at once interconnected and kaleidoscopically diverse.

Benefits of Global Exposure:

Global exposure offers a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the academic realm. Some of the key advantages of international experiences include:

Cross-cultural Communication Skills: Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds hones students’ communication and interpersonal skills, enabling them to work effectively in multicultural settings.

Adaptability and Resilience: Navigating a new environment fosters adaptability and resilience, qualities that are highly valued in today’s rapidly changing world.

Global Perspective: Exposure to different cultures broadens students’ perspectives, allowing them to approach problems and challenges from multiple angles.

Networking Opportunities: Building international networks opens doors to new opportunities and collaborations in the global job market.

Personal Growth: Living and studying abroad fosters independence and self-confidence, promoting personal growth and self-discovery.

Alumni Careers

The synergy of erudition and experiences garnered within the precincts of Shri Shikayatan College stands resolute as an architect of paramount import, masterfully sculpting the trajectories of its alumni’s vocations. The college’s unwavering commitment to the mosaic of academic excellence, comprehensive maturation, and character fortification has proven instrumental in forging a cohort of graduates poised to confront the veritable crucibles of reality with a demeanor suffused with certitude and adeptness. The impression left by Shri Shikayatan College upon the career trajectories of its alumni may be encapsulated in the ensuing explication:

Strong Foundation of Knowledge: Bolstered by an academic tapestry steeped in rigor, the venerable faculty imparts the acumen of erudition upon alumni, kindling within them a robust edifice of comprehension in their chosen domains. This reservoir of erudition stands as the cornerstone, galvanizing graduates with a bedrock of wisdom that is tantamount to their respective realms. This bedrock serves as the quintessential enabler, propelling alumni towards pinnacles of eminence in their vocations while also providing an unperturbed traverse towards the echelons of advanced scholarship.

Practical Exposure and Skill Development: Shri Shikayatan College orchestrates an academic symphony that resonates with pragmatic erudition, seamlessly fusing theory with corporeal experience via immersive sojourns, internships, and interludes with the industry cognoscenti. This dynamic interplay augments alumni with the arsenal of tangible dexterity, rendering them not just employable but adaptable chameleons within the ever-evolving professional milieu.

Personal Growth and Confidence Building: The college’s sanctified focus on comprehensive maturation is an effulgent forge wherein the crucible of leadership prowess, incisive ratiocination, and eloquent discourse is stoked. Within this crucible, alumni are sculpted into individuals whose professional voyage is galvanized by personal expansion. This augmentation becomes the crucible for their prosperous odyssey, birthing the confidence to helm leadership roles with aplomb.

Networking Opportunities: The college resonates as a crucible wherein networking is ceaselessly nurtured, where alumni, faculty, and industry luminaries coalesce into a tapestry of mutualistic connections. This web of connections, meticulously woven, often metamorphoses into bridges to career vistas and the beacon of mentorship.

Global Perspective: Shri Shikayatan College, through alliances with global institutions and cross-border sojourns, widens the vista of alumni, endowing them with a cosmopolitan perspective. This vista is nothing short of a treasure trove, furnishing insight into diverse cultures, insights into global currents, and the forging of an erudite lens that is as broad as it is discerning.

Instilled Values of Integrity and Social Responsibility: The college’s hymn is one that extols the values of rectitude and communal stewardship. This hymn shapes alumni into paragons of integrity, who, armed with ethical tenets, step forth as torchbearers, enhancing the ethos of the community and the greater society at large.

Admission Process

At Shri Shikayatan College, the portal to admission unfurls as a tapestry of seamlessness and inclusivity, extending an open-armed welcome to aspirants emerging from an intricate weave of backgrounds and passions. Whether one stands at the threshold as a recent graduate of high school or as a tenacious professional yearning to embroider their skillset, the college unveils an architectural scaffold for admission, meticulously designed to orchestrate impartiality and structure. The subsequent tableau delineates the dance of steps within the admission waltz.

Before starting the application process, it is essential to research the courses offered at Shri Shikayatan College and choose the one that aligns with your academic and career goals. Explore the college’s official website, prospectus, and other informational materials to gain insights into the programs, faculty, facilities, and campus life.

Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the course you wish to pursue. Different courses may have specific requirements regarding educational qualifications, minimum marks, and age limits. Verify the eligibility criteria on the college website or admission brochure.

Once you have identified the desired course and confirmed your eligibility, obtain the application form from the college’s admission office or download it from the official website. The application form typically includes personal details, educational history, and a section to indicate the preferred course.

Carefully fill out the application form, providing accurate and up-to-date information. Pay attention to any additional documents or essays required as part of the application process. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents ready to support your application, such as academic transcripts, certificates, and identification proofs.

Submit the completed application form along with the required documents to the college’s admission office within the specified deadline. Some colleges may also offer the option of online application submission. Be mindful of the deadline to avoid missing out on the admission process.

For certain courses, Shri Shikayatan College may conduct entrance examinations to assess the aptitude and subject knowledge of the applicants. If your chosen course requires an entrance test, be prepared to appear for it on the scheduled date.

Based on the academic performance, entrance examination (if applicable), and other relevant factors, the college will prepare a merit list of eligible candidates. Shortlisted candidates may be called for a personal interview to further evaluate their suitability for the course.

Congratulations! If you receive an admission offer from Shri Shikayatan College, carefully review the terms and conditions mentioned in the offer letter. If you are satisfied with the terms, accept the offer by paying the admission fee within the stipulated timeframe. This confirms your seat in the course.

Once you have accepted the admission offer and paid the necessary fees, you will receive further instructions regarding the joining date, orientation program, and other essential details. Prepare for an exciting journey of learning and growth at Shri Shikayatan College! In conclusion, the admission process at Shri Shikayatan College is designed to ensure a smooth transition for prospective students and to identify individuals who are eager to excel in their chosen fields. By following these steps diligently, you can embark on a transformative educational experience that will shape your future positively.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Shri Shikayatan College extends an avenue adorned with scholarships and financial succor, extending its benevolent hand to those whose mettle merits recognition. Emanating from the edifice of merit, scholarships illuminate the path of academic luminance, while the tapestry of need-based assistance serves as a refuge for those grappling with fiscal rigors. Government grants and bursaries lay further avenues for seekers of erudition. The institution’s ethos extols talents in both athletic and cultural domains, weaving bespoke scholarships that exalt these dimensions. A harmonious choreography of applications and selections unfolds, each note resonating with impartiality, thus endowing pupils with the impetus to tread upon the trajectory of their aspirations, while nurturing a tapestry of learning wherein diversity thrives. These initiatives, akin to dynamic chisels, shatter the barriers that hem possibilities, thus fashioning a landscape wherein success and personal evolution find fertile soil.

Campus Safety and Facilities

When it comes to education, providing a safe and secure environment is of utmost importance. Shri Shikayatan College recognizes the significance of campus safety and has implemented comprehensive measures to ensure the well-being of its students, faculty, and staff. The college goes above and beyond to create a nurturing atmosphere that fosters learning and personal growth without compromising on security.

Security Measures:

The campus stands adorned with a formidable matrix of security infrastructure, a sentinel system curated to oversee the guardianship of its populace. Sentinels, adeptly trained, stand sentinel at pivotal junctures, their watchful gaze an embodiment of constant vigilance, poised to deftly respond to even the faintest echoes of concern. A tapestry of surveillance unfurls, interwoven with strategically positioned CCTV eyes that keep watch over thresholds, passageways, communal areas, and parking domains, thus knitting an aura of real-time oversight.

Emergency Response Protocol:

Access, a realm of restricted privilege, unfurls through the prism of stringent protocols. Entry is reserved for the chosen, a choreography orchestrated through access control systems, gatekeepers of the permissible. These systems are sentinels at sensitive domains, the bearers of an edict that only those vested with authorization may traverse their corridors. Thus, unauthorized ingress remains quelled, rendering the tapestry of sanctity unblemished.

Hostel Accommodation:

A resounding ode to preparedness, Shri Shikayatan College unveils an opus of emergency response. A meticulously choreographed protocol, hewn from the crucible of experience, stands vigilant, poised to orchestrate mastery over myriad contingencies. The acumen of readiness finds reverberation in drills and training sessions, acquainting the college’s denizens with evacuation canons, rudiments of first aid, and the art of crisis choreography.

Fire Safety Precautions:

For those traversing miles to seek erudition, the hostel becomes not just a dwelling, but a sanctuary. Within its hallowed precincts, wardens assume the mantle of guidance, vigilantly nurturing an atmosphere of security for residents. Security personnel, sentinels of the night, craft a tapestry of guardianship that spans every tick of the clock. The rhythms of ingress and egress are inscribed with meticulous precision, preserving the integrity of the haven.

Transportation Safety:

The menace of fire finds itself quelled by the college’s unswerving commitment to fire safety. Regulations serve as beacons, guiding the college’s meticulous assessments and vigilant inspections. Fire extinguishers and alarms are placed as sentinels throughout, each standing as a sentinel poised to respond. The doctrine of fire safety is not merely preached but practiced, a rhythmic dance of awareness and responsiveness.

Health and Wellness Services:

A healthy body and mind are essential for effective learning. Shri Shikayatan College promotes the overall well-being of its students by offering health and wellness services. The college has tie-ups with medical professionals and health centers to cater to students’ health needs. Counseling services are also available to address any emotional or psychological challenges that students may face, providing them with a supportive environment.

Security Measures:

The college campus is equipped with a well-established security system to monitor and manage the safety of its occupants. Trained security personnel are stationed at key points throughout the campus to maintain vigilance and respond promptly to any potential issues. CCTV cameras are strategically placed to cover various areas, including entry and exit points, corridors, common areas, and parking lots, aiding in real-time surveillance.

Access control systems are implemented to restrict unauthorized entry into sensitive areas, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to specific buildings and facilities. This helps in curbing the possibility of trespassing and maintaining a secure environment for all.

Emergency Response Protocol:

Shri Shikayatan College places a strong emphasis on emergency preparedness. The college has a well-defined emergency response protocol in place to handle various unforeseen situations effectively. Regular drills and training sessions are conducted to familiarize students and staff with evacuation procedures, first aid, and crisis management techniques.

In case of medical emergencies, the college has tie-ups with nearby hospitals and medical facilities to ensure immediate medical attention. First-aid kits are readily available in prominent locations across the campus, and designated staff members are trained to administer basic medical assistance when required.

Hostel Accommodation:

For outstation students, Shri Shikayatan College offers hostel accommodation within the campus premises. The hostels are supervised by wardens and have separate arrangements for male and female students. Security personnel are present round-the-clock to ensure the safety of the hostel residents. Additionally, the college maintains strict entry and exit protocols for visitors to the hostels, ensuring a secure living environment.

Fire Safety Precautions:

Fire safety is a top priority at Shri Shikayatan College. The college complies with all fire safety regulations and conducts regular inspections to assess and mitigate fire hazards. Fire extinguishers and fire alarms are strategically placed throughout the campus to facilitate quick response in case of a fire emergency. Staff and students are educated on fire safety procedures to ensure a prompt and orderly evacuation in the event of a fire.

Transportation Safety:

The college also takes transportation safety seriously. For students using college-provided transportation services, the vehicles are regularly maintained and equipped with safety features. Drivers undergo rigorous screening and training to ensure the safety of the students during their commute to and from the college.

Health and Wellness Services:

Wellness, a temple that nurtures minds and bodies, stands as a cornerstone of the college’s ethos. Medical partnerships unfurl as bastions of health, each medical professional poised to cater to the tapestry of students’ well-being. A coterie of counselors stands sentinel, weaving a web of support for emotional and psychological needs, thus fashioning a symphony of holistic sustenance.


Shri Shikayatan College radiates as a luminary pillar of scholastic excellence, nurturing brilliant minds while ingraining virtues that surpass mere academics. Adorned with contemporary infrastructure, a bouquet of diverse courses, and a global outlook, the college empowers students to embrace their roles as conscientious global citizens. Alumni successes stand as testament to the institution’s profound influence. Shri Shikayatan College beckons aspiring students as a profound choice, offering holistic education to unlock their potential and kindle their futures.

Shri Shikayatan College:



The fee structure at Shri Shikayatan College may vary depending on the course and academic program you are interested in. It’s recommended to visit the college’s official website or contact the admission office directly to get accurate and up-to-date information about the fee structure for your desired course.

Many colleges, including Shri Shikayatan College, often provide scholarships or financial aid options for eligible students. These scholarships could be merit-based, need-based, or specific to certain categories. It’s advisable to inquire with the college’s administration about the availability of scholarships and the application process.

Shri Shikayatan College typically offers a range of modern and well-maintained facilities for its students. These might include well-equipped classrooms, laboratories for various subjects, a library with a diverse collection of books and research materials, computer labs, sports facilities, and possibly a cafeteria. You can visit the college’s official website, attend open house events, or contact the college directly to learn more about its infrastructure.

Many colleges provide hostel facilities for outstation students who require accommodation. Shri Shikayatan College may also offer such facilities, but it’s essential to check directly with the college administration to confirm whether they have hostels, what the amenities are, and the cost involved.

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