10 tips for a successful Viva

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The Viva Voce Examination is an examination that tests the student based on his clarity of basic concepts. This examination is an oral examination that has an examination taken on the Verbal Basis awards marks as per the questions answered. Every student has countered this process once in his lifetime in the form of an Oral Exam, Practical Oral Examination, Viva, or other various forms of taking this examination.

The Viva Voce examination is an examination wherein an examiner asks you questions about the work you have performed, Project you worked on, the Practical you have performed, or any such other certain work. The questions may be asked in the group format or the individual format. Some people say that these exams can test you very well on the basics, practical knowledge, formulas, deep theoretical knowledge, and some new innovative ideas in your mind. The Practical Exams are very tough sometimes and are very easy ways sometimes. All of these depend on the nature of the examiner, his will to conduct the practical examination, the level of basic concepts known by you, your knowledge about the particular work done, and various other factors which affect the flow of the Viva Voce Examinations.

 Being said all these things the Viva Voce Examinations are yet achievable with a good set of marks and with proper grades. For this you need proper preparation, continuous learning, Capturing capacity of the Brain, Creative Thinking, Knowledge of basic concepts, and various other useful tips and tricks. Besides these, you also need some effective tips and tricks to crack the Viva Voce Examination very easily with maximum marks and bonus grades. So here are 10 useful tips and tricks for a successful Viva Voce Examination which is given as follows:-

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  • Make sure you reach the location of the viva examination on time and at the correct place. This can affect the viva examiner and can benefit you with better grades.  
  • Make sure that you wish the examiner with “Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon” as per the time of the examination. This can benefit you with some behavioural grades increment from the examiner. 
  • If you have been provided with chairs at the location of the viva then sit on the chairs once you have been permitted to do so. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on the examiner about the behaviour you possess.
  • Wear neat and tidy clothes, keep the I-Card with you and also keep the submission given for the subject with you. This will ensure that you will have a smooth Viva Examination and will not create any fuss at the time of the Examination.
  • Make sure you complete the submissions required for the Viva Voce Examination with the proper requirements, clean Diagrams/Tables/Graphs, and a very Un-Ambiguous Handwriting which will have a bonus effect on the examiner.
  • Speak confidently with the appropriate volume, with the exact formulae, and the correct knowledge of the basic concepts which is the standard operating procedure of appearing of the Viva Exam.
  • Never do such things as Muttering, using Slang Language, Fumbling, and Fouling while giving the Viva Exam which will have an Increment in the Negative marks given by the examiner to you.
  • It so happens sometimes that speaking in a single language without any discrepancies affects your marks given by the examiner. To avoid speaking in multiple languages while giving answers in a Viva Examination.
  • Keep the Units and Dimensions in your mind of each activity you perform as it’s very obvious that the Examiner will ask the Units and Dimensions with some detail. Knowing both of them will ensure a good amount of marks in your pocket.
  • Make sure you follow the standard operating procedure while performing any experiment which will keep away any faults, mishaps, and accidents. Also, the examiner notes your performance when you perform the experiment and can award you more marks if you follow standard operating procedures.

Hope this review helps you for a successful Viva Voce Examination. Good Luck!!

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