Dear aspirant Nice to see your interest to become a dietician. But i see you are currently a commerce student right? With this commerce background what influenced your mind to study dietician? Dietician is actually a science subject where as commerce is an arts subject. I am just wondering how you will cope up studying in two different streams and also i am wondering if colleges will admit you to study a dietician course with a commerce background at post graduate level. Let me explain you why you wont be suitable for a [dietician course][1]. To [become a dietician in future][2], students

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Dear FriendBeing forest officer is one of the challanging services in society which deals with forest ecosystem, living beings inhabited in forest and their security related issues, at the same time protection of wild life from human being as well as protection of human being from wild type animals are the day to day happenings in their job. Forest service are having different level of entrance test like state level of forest service which offers you ranger job, forest officer and adminsitrator job at divisional level. Similarly union public service comission cinducts Indian Forest Service whi

Dear FriendThank you for contacting for your valuable career options in food sciences, horticulture or daiy technology. You have striked the ball with the mid of bat which signifies your inner academic and technical potential to read the futue goal. I am happy with your question. As far as the listing of institutions and colleges are concerned kindly refer to the list given by my fellow colleague-Dr. Vivek Kumar. Just visit the hoempage of each and every college and then follow my instructions which could be important inputs to reach the conclusion at placement level.1. Academi

Hi there. I am not repeating what the earlier counselor anandwadadekar wrote. It would all be a repetition. But only a word of caution here is that the field of zoology is a tough one. Though it sounds, every industry has scope, but mind you getting a job is not easy as they require just one or two people and they already exists. At the same time since this is a Research field it requires a lot of patience and one can get a job only as a Research co-coordinator. I am writing this on the basis of personal experience which my niece is facing. She ultimately went ahead and pursued an MBA in

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  Dear friend, many thanks for your question, and I am happy to answer it through Meracareerguide. Here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. The zoologist is a person who study the animals, their behavior, classification, distribution and physiology in their natural habitat and also in captivity. Technically speaking the person holding a degree of post graduation in zoology is known as zoologist. But now a days the post graduate (MSc) in zoology get a job of school teacher, or Research associate, senior research fellow or technical office

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Dear friend, many thanks for your question, here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing ate present. In fact the job of a [zoologist][1] do very interesting job, and the subject has huge job opportunities. The zoologist is a person or scientist, who study the behavior of animals. If anyone is good at science, wants to know about the animals and their environment then this the good subject. [The nature of job of a zoologist is][2]: developing and testing new drugs improving [agricultural][3] crops for the livestock disease and pest control of animals

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Hello, If you aspire to make career in the Science Subject, you can prepare for the CSIR NET Exam.The NET Exam is the wonderful way to make career in the Research and in the Lectureship you can also become a scientist in the Science Field.Check out the CSIR NET Exam Date

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Hi Sai, You can go for CSIR NET Exam to make a career in Research/Scientist Positions/Lecturership. Lots of career opportunities waiting for you!    Check out the types of job opportunities offered by CSIR here - CSIR Recruitment 2017-18.

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