yaa.. you can easily find jobs in medical labs, research organization and laboratories, Food and drink industries etc. You may get campus placements in leading companies if you are pursuing your degree in best places like SRM, LPU, VIT etc.

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Rajiv good to know we were help to you. I would go by Deepthi's suggestion - you should look for work experience. and continue with your Phd. No amount of theroy can equate to work experience you will gain. Biochemistry would be helpful in pathology labs/ pharma labs/ clinical research labs/ Pharma companies/ chemical companies/ Diagnostics labs or most popular one - Teaching and Research Associates. Wishin you good luck.

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Candidates interested in research field are keen to take admission in such subjects. There are various opportunities i  have discussed here that you can take idea about you future scope. At first, you need to decide whether you want to get a job or want to continue the higher studies or research. However, you may get various opportunities to make a career as follows: Job profiles in the field of Biochemistry: Assistant professor in colleges or institute Research Associates Bio-technologist Research Scientist Clinical Scientist Chemist Pharmacologist Microbiologist Laboratory Technician

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Hi Raihan, M.Sc. is a two year post graduate degree, eligibility for which is a UG degree in science stream. Medical Biochemistry is an area that studies biochemical exchanges within the human body in relation to their application in the medicine field. For getting admission into MSc Medical Biochemistry a student must have a bachelor degree in the relevant subject from any recognise Institute/university. Job Prospects after doing MSc Medical Biochemistry: The demand for a career in Medical Biochemistry is increasing day by day with the increase in research field. There are some fie

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