Dear FriendThank you for contacting for your valuable career options in food sciences, horticulture or daiy technology. You have striked the ball with the mid of bat which signifies your inner academic and technical potential to read the futue goal. I am happy with your question. As far as the listing of institutions and colleges are concerned kindly refer to the list given by my fellow colleague-Dr. Vivek Kumar. Just visit the hoempage of each and every college and then follow my instructions which could be important inputs to reach the conclusion at placement level.1. Academi

Dear FriendBeing forest officer is one of the challanging services in society which deals with forest ecosystem, living beings inhabited in forest and their security related issues, at the same time protection of wild life from human being as well as protection of human being from wild type animals are the day to day happenings in their job. Forest service are having different level of entrance test like state level of forest service which offers you ranger job, forest officer and adminsitrator job at divisional level. Similarly union public service comission cinducts Indian Forest Service whi

Dear aspirant Nice to see your interest to become a dietician. But i see you are currently a commerce student right? With this commerce background what influenced your mind to study dietician? Dietician is actually a science subject where as commerce is an arts subject. I am just wondering how you will cope up studying in two different streams and also i am wondering if colleges will admit you to study a dietician course with a commerce background at post graduate level. Let me explain you why you wont be suitable for a [dietician course][1]. To [become a dietician in future][2], students

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Dear friend, many thanks for your question, here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing ate present. In fact the job of a [zoologist][1] do very interesting job, and the subject has huge job opportunities. The zoologist is a person or scientist, who study the behavior of animals. If anyone is good at science, wants to know about the animals and their environment then this the good subject. [The nature of job of a zoologist is][2]: developing and testing new drugs improving [agricultural][3] crops for the livestock disease and pest control of animals

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Hello Thank you for choosing [CareerGuide][1] and writing to us. A [Dietitian][2] is a highly recognizable career than the previous years. To become a Dietitian, one needs to have relevant qualification. 1. Should have studied Biology and Chemistry at the high school level. For this choosing PCM/ PCMB route will help. 2. Study a BSc Food nutrition and dietics degree and have obtained a minimum first class pass. Students who have not studied Biology and Chemistry at school level cannot be able to study further degrees related to Dietics at college level but may wish to consider post graduate

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Hello friend, The food technologist involved in food processing of food stuffs. The person is known as food technologist after passing four year degree program in Food Science and Technology. There are many universities and institutions which offer this course as Bachelor in Food Technology, Bachelor in Food Science and Technology and Bachelor in Food and Nutrition (three year degree program). The basic qualification to get admission in B.Tch Food Technology or B.Tech in Food Science and Technology is 12 class with science subjects PCB / PCM. The minimum requirement of general category i

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Hi,   The field of agriculture business management is considered to be one of the major sectors to maintain the economy, as the production from most of the food, dairy and textiles sectors depends on the outcome of this sector. In that position, a false management to any of this will lead to a direct effect of the economy and GDP of India. So in order to provide more skilled professionals to this field, so many institutes participate in providing the quality education of agriculture management or agri-business management depending on the course type, to be selected as well as on the insti

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Hi, Agriculture is considered to be one of the core fields of India. Agricultural practices are there since the birth of India, which makes India as one of the giants in the agricultural practices and hence making this field as one of the most important sectors of Indian economy. The sector of agriculture is considered to be an opportunity to work and improve and during that phase, management and administration of agricultural resources look like a sector to look forward too. As the idea of this sector is to provide all the raw materials and basic utilities, and due to production rate in this

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Career Opportunities In Food Science And Technology Choosing a correct career is becoming difficult but seeing your interest and following it can lead you to choose the best career. A person finding food a fascinating topic can start his career in food science. Food science and technology is a vast field and a person can start his career in food science. What is food science? Food science is the combination of various sciences like biochemistry, physical science, and chemical engineering. In simple, food science is the process of manufacturing, processing, and distribution of the food. The ma

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Dear Sampath; it is great that your mind is set on doing agriculture. That too after completing your B.Tech. But, one simple question is; why? What motivates you? Does your family have any farm land? Then try your hand for around 6 months. See how it goes; then if you like it you can continue. It'll be an OJT (On the Job Training) for you. But, after 6 months; suppose you don't farming any more, then you can get back and probably do a M.Tech or search for a job. Questions like this are not easy to answer; unless I know your family background; what motivates and such other aspects.   If yo

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Dear Tanvi,   To decide which has more scope is a little tricky question. I would potrait an overview of the three from which you should be able to infer and decide for yourself. Forestry can be done on both in undergraduate and post graduate level and secure a job in state as well as central government sector. Pay and perks would be according to the pay band of 7th pay commission for central government employees and pay scale of the state government. The selection procedure for the job would be purely based on the recruitment process of the centre and the state  This is an area with

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Hello There,  A biochemist is someone who is a master of  biology and chemistry. Such graduates can find jobsacross all industry. You have an opportunity in the food industry to agriculture to pharma to medical to forensic etc. Your job is purely research oriented, so you could opt for clinical research field too. Similiarly in other industries, you would mainly be engaged with clinical trials before a product reaches the market. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck..

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Dear Aspirant, How did you develop a sudden interest in Food and Nutrition? It appears that you did not take guidance from anybody before choosing PCME combination for 12th.  Anyways, I would like to tell that unfortunately you wont be able to take degree in Food and Nutrition based on PCME since that degree required PCB combination at the 12th level. Technically you are not eligible. I would suggest that still there is time to know what you can do better for a good career ahead. PCME is a good stream with lot of opportunities ahead in career and jobs. Please take the Ideal Career Test fr

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Dear Aspirant, We could not get connected on the call. May I ask, what were you doing till October after your 12th exam? Were you enjoying your 12th result too much that you didnt bother to think about the further admissions? October is too late and colleges must have readied for their terminal / mid term examinations. How will you be able to cope up with the studies. University shall not allow admission now to a degree course like BSc.  I think it is better to visit the college in which you wish to have admitted and speak to the Principal. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, Once there is a gap, then getting into technical field is difficult.  You need to choose a good career for you based on your interests and then you make up the lost years. I would suggest that you take the Ideal Career Test from Its a psychometric test which will judge your aptitude levels, interests, innate abilities, skills, attitude and suggest you a suitable career based on your performance in the test. It is online and MCQ based test. Best wishes

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Diet plays a key role in the promotion of health and happiness of a person. A good and well-balanced diet improves the quality of life while a bad diet could lead to illness and diseases. Dietetics and nutritionists are experts in this field of study - while dietetics is associated with food administration, nutrition is related to the interaction of nutrients in the food. Dietitians are experts at understanding and putting into practice the scientific and medical research associated with food and health. They design various food and nutritional programs to support the promotion of health and c

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