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Dear Aspirant, apart from academics, a zoologist has to learn few basic things which will be definitely help you in your profession and personal life. For your profession, you have to update yourself regularly by reading the new developments in your subject or field. The reason being is that whatever we have studied in our masters or doctoral degree program, after some time the things become obsolete (not all but some topics). Although the basics remains the same. Still you have to update yourself by reading latest books, latest research articles related to your subject and also by discuss

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Hi,Earning as a [Zoologist][1] depends on the type of job you are doing and the place where you are working. You have not mentioned whether you [want to work in India or abroad][2]. You must be aware for any field in India the remuneration is not what is paid abroad. So same is here also, zoologists abroad are paid much better than they are paid in India . In India during the initial stages zoologists are paid Rs 8000 to 13000 per month, after 5-7 years they are paid Rs 25000 to 27000 per month. From 10 -15 years Rs 27000 to 30,000 per month.Abroad they are paid during initial stages $ 30,00

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Hi,The role of a [Zoologist][1] has changed drastically over the years. Since people have started taking interest in the animals now a days [role of a zoologist][2] has increased manifold. A Zoologist is the person who studies about animals from A- Z, i mean every thing about them. More and more people are turning towards this vast subject. There are so many [job opportunities in India as well as abroad][3]. Demand is just rising in this sector.So many research programs are going on all over the world, where zoologists are always needed. So many wild parks are there which require their servi

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Hi,[Zoology][1] is a branch of science which deals with the study of animals. Biology is divided into two branches i.e. Botany and Zoology. Botany deals with study of plants. To [become a zoologist][2] you need to go for B.Sc. after 10+2 with zoology as one of the subjects. B.Sc. with zoology as one of the subjects is compulsory. After doing B.Sc. with zoology as one of the subjects , you need to do M.Sc.in Zoology as the main subject. Now here again you have to choose between [Microbiology][3] and Fisheries to do the specialization.After doing M.Sc. in zoology you can go for research to get

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Most zoologists work for museums, zoos or research laboratories. A typical day for a zoologist consists of ensuring the well being and safety of the animals that they are taking care of. They also assist other team members in maintaining proper shelter and providing right food. The important partof any zoologist's work is to do the research on animals, which includes collecting, dissecting and examining the specimens from various animals along with preparing slides to examine the various specimens for diseased tissue. A zoologist also spends a lot of time in observing the animals behavior

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