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Hi There, Thanks for approaching consellors at [!!!][1] As both the counselors above have mentioned, I am not repeating their words again. The advantage of taking Math as a subject apart from being in [the Financial sector][2], you can also for Computer, i.e, a [BCA program][3], where the eligibility is 12th Math as one of the subjects. So if [you are interested in Software applicatio][4]n or programming [then 12th commerce][5] with Math would be helpful. Wish you good luck........ **[Is Commerce Sector your Ideal Career -- Take "what to do after 10th " Career Test to

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Hello My Dear Software Engineering Aspirant, You have asked a very valid and good question. Generally non-science students cannot do a computer technical or software course is the preception in the minds of the students and parents. I am an Educationist and have been in this field for more than seven years now and have counselled many students from diverse [fields of commerce][1] / engineering / finance / [law][2] / management, etc. I am glad that you approached [CareerGuide][3] for seeking guidance to your good query. I am happy and would like to compliment you for thinking about your futu

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