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Dear Aspirant, You do not wish to do MA in Economics and do not wish to be in the teaching profession too, but who told you that doing MA Economics only gets you into teaching profession? There are plenty of jobs available on the basis of MA Economics in corporate industry. Don't you know this? I am sad that somebody has mis guided you or you have made some wrong apprehensions about you and careers. If you wish to get into the corporate jobs, MA Economics can be a very good qualification. If you can do MA Economics from top economics institutes like Gokhale Institute, Pune, Symbiosis School Pu

Dear Aspirant, If you are qualified in education like Graduation plus B.Ed. or NET/SET qualification, then you can get jobs in teaching industry only. You may teach in colleges, private coaching institutes or take private tuitions. These days there are also online tutoring possibilities where you can teach online through internet/video conferencing.  Apart from teaching, with qualification related to education field only, you wont be able to get corporate jobs. However, as a fresher with no education related qualification, you can get corporate industry jobs. Apart from teaching, you coul

Dear Aspirant, By your query and the category you have selected, it appears that you are interested in becoming a school teacher. For becoming a school teacher, you must be a graduate as a minimum qualification. Then you will have to get the Bachelors of Education (B.Ed) qualification. You will have to also pass the Teacher Eligibility Test in order to become eligible to teach in schools. After this, you can apply for vacancies with schools (central and international schools are also applicable to you). Best wishes

Hello Abhijeet, The thing I liked most about you is your self evaluation. Please note, certain jobs like Media specifically requires a bold personality, but any kind of a back end job or desk job would require a pleasing personality to succeed. Never the less, I would suggest, go in for a personality development course, a short term and get over certain traits. Because, any industry you join, to move up the career ladder, you need to be an extrovert and interaction is a must. So do not choose  a career based on your personality trait as of now.  Choose a career, and please understand

Hello Hardik You haven’t specified your current educational qualification. If you are in tenth or eleventh standard then you have sufficient time to decide the course. The best way to select a career is to go for a psychometric test or aptitude test. Careerguide offers Ideal career test on the website. Another way is list down your interests as well as soft skills on a page and think where you would like to see yourself in next few years. Now a day’s one can pusue career n fields like photography, fitness training, and adventure sports etc. based on the interests. Think about facto

Hello Swati I would like to talk about the financial concern first. You can earn well by joining reputed schools or private tuition institute or you can start your own home based tuitions. Also many websites provide opportunity to connect online with the students. However, if you are not interested in the teaching profile, you can learn skills relevant to your graduation eg. If you are arts students with ‘history’ as a major, you can learn more about ‘museology’ or a foreign language. Think about your soft skills and hobbies and you can explore new career accordingly. N

Dear Aspirant, If you want to teach in school, then the minimum eligibility is Graduation and B.Ed course. If you want to teach in a government school, then you have to separately apply for the vacancy announcement from the Education department of the Government concerned. BSc from IGNOU is recognised degree and there will no problem as far as eligibility is concerned for teaching jobs. I would strongly recommend a Masters degree if you can do and then go for a job. Doing Masters will be of long term benefit for you. Have you decided that you only want to teach in government school? If this is

Dear Home Maker, I think taking tuitions or joining a coaching class is suitable to you. This will give you freedom, space and time for yourself and family too as well keep you engaged in some work for a good cause. Your MEd qualification can be put to best use. If possible you can pursue a PhD in your chosen subject since you have time with you. A PhD if completed in 3 years, can work good for you in the society and you may also get attached to an NGO. Best wishes

Dear Neetu, The process to being a teacher whether in private or government school remains the same. After Graduation any stream, you need to clear B.Ed a 3 years course, mainly a full time course is preferred. After that you could apply in various schools for the post of Assistant teacher and then with experience apply for a Main teacher. As a word of caution, I would suggest, apply to private and international schools. The advantage of international schools is that, they have their own curriculum and train teachers according to their needs and one is promoted as main teacher within few years