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What steps should I take to become a well-established doctor?

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RE: What steps should I take to become a well-established doctor?

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To begin with what exactly defines a good, well-placed doctor? In order to climb up the ladder of success, one needs to blend a dedicated work ethic and talent in the medical field with a well-known public image. This article attempts to enumerate the various qualities required and many important pro tips that can help aspiring doctors go a long way.

One should remember that simply being a popular physician who attends high profile seminars and has many book deals may cement one’s reputation but it isn’t a guarantee of excellent treatment as such doctors’ services can be a let-down. But on the other hand, an expertise in a specific branch of medicine increases a doctor’s demand and makes him the most sought after professional in his field. The following points are of great significance:

  • Strive for a noteworthy role in medical communities
  • Become an active contributor to scientific journals to gain greater recognition.
  • Practice research and become proficient in a particular domain.
  • Become inventive and develop a new procedure or a break through.
  • Participate in clinical trials and medical conventions.
  • Conduct public talks on fitness issues.
  • Construct a universal portrait of oneself through the medium of TV, the Internet, Print Media
  • To gain a good repertoire, doctors should place the patients’ well-being before anything else.
  • Respect begets respect, be polite and courteous.
  • Ill-mannered behavior brings bad press to the practice.

Accomplished physicians of great medical prowess often may not have a large number of patients to attend to as they are new to an area or may have started their own clinic after devoting years to a practice or a hospital.

Essential Qualities of a Good Doctor

Knowledge and Professionalism

A good doctor needs to know how your whole body functions as a unit and what you should do to maintain your overall health. They should stay informed of all the latest breakthroughs in the field and communicate their knowledge in a way that makes it easy to understand. Offering a wide range of information and clearly stating why they believe a certain type of medical care is beneficial will make it easier for patients to follow this advice correctly and trust their doctor if there is a problem. Simply slipping on a white coat won’t command respect from your patients; it must be earned. As with all encounters, first impressions are paramount. 

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 If you are inattentive, impatient, or unkempt, your patient will feel unsatisfied and neglected and will most likely seek the care of another physician. Unlike other Caribbean medical schools, AUA has an Education Enhancement Department (EED) that fosters your professional skills and decorum. Physicians need to have encyclopedic medical knowledge that can be recalled at a moment’s notice. They also have to stay on top of the latest medical news and trends, which could contradict something that was learned way back in medical school.  In other words, as advancements are made in the field, you’ll have to learn new information that enhances or counters what you’ve already committed to memory.  At AUA, EED is available to help you develop methods to retain that knowledge and apply relevant information quickly.

Good Reputation

Doctors are often chosen by word of mouth, but it is important to consider your sources when finding a new doctor. Ask a variety of people and see which name continuously pops up. Asking your primary care doctor about specialists or others in the area can also help you find good advice. Today, many go online to seek out reviews for new doctors but this can be biased. Look for consistency in the comments, both positive and negative, to get a clearer picture of what a doctor is like.

Strong Credentials

A diploma from a good school or other credentials does not necessarily mean a doctor provides quality care, but this can be a great place to start. If your doctor does not have the credentials or strong affiliations in the field this should be a warning sign. Check to ensure your doctor has met all licensing requirements and is board certified. Knowing what hospital they are affiliated with or the credentials others in their practice hold can help you get a feel for the level of care you will receive when you require additional treatment.

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Sincere and Empathetic

Your doctor’s bedside manner will make you feel more comfortable during appointments. You want to feel as though your doctor genuinely cares so that you and your family can share questions or concerns openly. If you are not connecting with a doctor on an emotional level there is no harm in finding someone new. Look for someone that is warm and attentive, encouraging their patients to speak openly.

Your doctor should also explain what they are doing and why to put you at ease and make it easier to follow treatments properly. Physicians aren’t robots. They’re not just there to insensitively deliver prognoses or mechanically perform complex surgeries. They need heart. Patients respond better to a physician who is empathetic to their needs, so focus on exercising courtesy and compassion with your patients. At AUA, we instill compassion in our students with early hands-on training, which gives them experience interacting with patients. By developing these skills early, our students are better prepared to meet the demands of practicing medicine and master the essentials of patient care.


This is one of the most important qualities of a good doctor. Some doctors focus on seeing as many patients as possible during the day which means they will rush appointments and caregiving decisions. If you notice a long line in the waiting room or your doctor scheduling a lot of patients in a day it may not be the best circumstance for your health. You want to focus on finding a doctor that is patient and willing to answer questions and provide quality time for their patients. If a diagnosis is rushed, it could lead to a patient getting incorrect care for their symptoms.

Open and Responsive

A good doctor should listen to what you have to say and respond to you carefully. It is not simply a matter of making an accurate diagnosis but letting the patient know that the doctor has listened to their concerns and is offering a response that is most appropriate for your unique situation. If you have strong opinions on medical issues such as vaccines, sleep schedules or similar activities your doctor should take your concerns into account. However, if there is the strong medical knowledge that indicates your views are unsafe they should inform you of these concerns.





Strong Communication Skills

Communication is key for any physician, which includes both listening to the patient and providing information in a way that it can clearly be understood. Patients that are able to understand their doctors will be more likely to manage their treatment properly and reveal additional health problems they may be experiencing. This will help doctors understand unhealthy patterns the patient may be experiencing and intercept them to ensure that treatments will be effective.

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 Easy to Reach

This is another important quality of a good doctor. You should be aware of your doctor’s office hours and how you can contact them in the event of an emergency. All phone calls should be returned promptly and it should be easy to make appointments or cancellations as they are necessary. Check to see if your doctor keeps appointments open for emergencies and how they handle their on-call policy in the event of an emergency. Also, check to see if your doctor’s staff is known for being on time and performing their tasks with the same efficiency.

 Respect for Your Schedule

When you make an appointment you should not have to wait for a long period of time before you are seen. There will always be some wait and there will be circumstances where a doctor has to handle an emergency which cannot be accounted for, but if your doctor is consistently late or rushing through appointments this can result in inadequate care. A good doctor’s office will be able to inform you the approximate wait time for your appointment when you arrive.


A mistake in the medical field can have disastrous results. It is important to know that your doctor has not overlooked a part of your care which could lead to an inaccurate diagnosis. A good doctor needs to pay careful attention to their patients, schedules appropriate follow-ups and take the time to administer whatever care is most appropriate. Taking the extra time to perform these steps can prevent additional discomfort or ailments which could necessitate additional visits.

Strong Work Ethic         

Having a strong work ethic means you dedicate 100% of yourself to your work every day, regardless of how tired you are or what is going on in your personal life.  While this quality will help you succeed in any field, it is especially essential to the practice of medicine. Every day brings a new challenge. Even if you don’t know what those challenges will be, you’ll have to be ready to face them. Preparation is time-consuming, but you must put in the effort if you want to succeed.


Because a successful physician is highly knowledgeable, he or she must reinforce that with confidence. Patients want to trust their physicians as caregivers, but the lack of self-assurance communicates uncertainty.  A physician with strong, healthy confidence will be listened to and respected by patients and colleagues alike. Even if you feel unsure about something, don’t let your patient see it. Instead, consult other resources, specialists, case studies, etc. in order to provide your patient with the most informed treatment. If you want to strengthen your confidence by improving your leadership skills, Urbana University offers an online MBA program designed specifically for aspiring physicians.

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Humility and confidence work as a complementary pair. With your patients and colleagues, you must be approachable and available. This means that despite time limitations and over-scheduling, your patient never feels rushed. Hear everything he or she has to say without preemptively voicing your diagnosis. You must also be willing to admit when you’re unsure about something and especially willing to ask questions.  A physician is a lifelong learner and these situations should strengthen your resolve.


Promising medical school applicants don’t want to become physicians because of the salary. They apply because they have a passion for the study and practice of medicine. Their passion makes them disciplined and willing to sacrifice other opportunities to better their career. If you are dedicated to improving the lives of others and can spend long nights hovering over patient charts, then you’ve applied to the right profession.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What steps should I take to become a well-established doctor?

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