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Career prospects in e-commerce and the ways to be in the profession!

by Pooja Mishra
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1 answer

RE: Career prospects in e-commerce and the ways to be in the profession!

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
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Have you ever thought to buy or sell a product through online shopping by clicking and viewing some pictures. Your order is right at your doorstep in a few days after doing an online transaction for the products in your shopping bag. All this process of buying and selling goods and services using the internet (an electronic medium), both by the recruiters and consumers, is known as electronic commerce or say e-commerce. E-commerce emerged in early 90’s and now its demand is increasing rapidly after demonetization. Due to rise in the demand of e-commerce and digital marketing, all big and small companies are seeking for the online presence. Actually, e-commerce has become a necessity for all types of businesses, whether it's food or clothing, entertainment or furniture, toys or books oflate.

A decade ago, people used to get shocked after seeing an invitation of a company or a website about which they were not aware of. Nowadays, everyone is getting notifications on their mobiles for discount offers on products from one website or the other. This is generally known as digital marketing strategy. The motive behind this is to make people aware of the various brands. Due to rise in the trend of online shopping, companies are using the platform of social media such as e- mail, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. for promotions and advertisements. In India, approx. 35 crore people are using the internet on their smartphone. According to the report of the Internet and Mobile Association of India, in 2018, it is estimated that there will be up to 20 lacs new job opportunities in the internet sector.

Career prospects:

E-commerce has opened many doors for students and recruiters to have bright career choices with a handsome salary and successful future. In this era of digital marketing, e-commerce and the internet also provide facility to work from home and give having freedom and flexibility in jobs. One should have a computer, problem-solving and communication skills to interact with people via email, telephones, and smartphones. Widely e-commerce can be divided into six major sectors:

  • Travelling and ticketing: Travelling have the widest scope in e-commerce. Customers can take benefits of online reservation for railway or airways. They need not stand in a queue for long waiting for their turn. They can easily access the websites related to railway, airways, tours and travel online. These businesses hire people for their website designing and promotions and offer good pay scale to them.
  • Retail and marketing: Retailing is rising rapidly in the e-commerce industry. Lots of retailers and marketers are attached with the online websites for buying and selling products and offer heavy discounts time to time to their customers for increasing their sale rate. Such websites offer various posts to the experienced as well as freshers which can prove a kick-start for the career.
  • Online deals: Such websites offer their customers easy transactions following just a few steps and boost no cash policy. Users can easily pay through these online wallets anytime and anywhere. Such companies also provide good job offers to students on a large scale.
  • Online Education: In today’s era, along with bookish knowledge, there comes a rise in online educational websites as well. Students can do various online courses through these websites. Teachers and parents can also get help from such educational websites for their kids to gain extra knowledge according to their grades. Such websites provide online tutors, career counselors and a community to discuss all related to one’s academic problems and solutions.
  • Classified portals: Various classified portals help their customers in getting a job and online portals for those who are seeking life partners. One just has to update his profile online and can apply for a job as per their own choice. The employers will call by themselves to the profile person which seems interested in them.
  • Hyperlocals: Hyperlocals is like an upcoming frontier for the e-commerce industry. It is a combined use of mobile apps and GPS technology. Students may get various job opportunities in this field in future.

The students who are thinking to choose e-commerce can go with four career paths:

Artistic skills: One who have creative and marketing skills to attract employers and recruiters for buying and selling products can go with this field. This field includes companies based on marketing, branding and customer needs.

Management Skills: One who has good managerial skills and can hold various responsibilities in the company may choose fields related to category management, logistic companies, warehouse, supply chain and inventory products.

Financial Skills: This field requires financial skills and one may pursue their career in fields such as legal, accounts, HR and financial prospects of a business.

Technical Skills: One should have technical skills to pursue the fields such as IT consultant, web developer, technical support as a front end and back end executives.


There is a bright scope in various fields for youngsters, there will be many opportunities in digital marketing sectors such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, content marketing, search engine optimization SEO, web designing, display advertising, data analysis, SEM and consumer relationship management CRM. Various large scale companies are also making their own digital marketing team for improvement of online marketing. This makes e-commerce employees on a high demand.

For getting an exposure in the e-commerce industry, one can get various job designations based on the skills. One can get the job as an Internet Developer, a Software Engineer, Web Designer, IT or Technical Support, and Operation Manager. All these jobs can be done using various social networking tools through the internet.

Academic Requirements:

E-commerce has such a wide scope that every field has its own academic requirements as per the job profile. The minimum eligibility criteria are 12th pass in any stream for getting admission to e-commerce related courses. Various institutes provide several courses in the fields related to one’s interests and skills.




Basic skills

Popular colleges

Popular streams /Courses


Bachelor or a Master degree in designing or fine arts

UI/UX front and creative designing skills

NID(National Institute of Designing), NIFT, IDC

Animation design, Graphic design, Textile design


B.Tech, B.design, MBA,

Bachelor in Mass Communication

Management skills for a product manager, Writing skills for a content manager

Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Amity School Of Communication

Product management, content management


B.Com with finance, CA, MBA

Knowledge of all finance sectors to interact with stakeholders, marketing, logistics

Indian Institute of Finance, Indian School of Business & Finance

E-commerce business operations


B. Tech, MBA

Computer skills, Technical skills

Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology

Cyber law and accounting


Graduate in marketing,


Experience in various marketing strategies

Institute of Marketing and Management, Indian Institute of Management

Digital marketing, SEO expert, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing


Indian Institute of E-Commerce (IIEC) offers a post-graduate online program for e-commerce business management. This course is equivalent to MBA. It provides an online programming course for 3 months with guaranteed job placements in e-commerce industry.

Salary package:

E-commerce is an industry which requires various creative, operational, adaptive, auxiliary and quantitative skills to get a high pay scale. All the fields have a pay scale based on the role of the students in the vast ocean. The incentives and fat purse pay scale will be based on skills and designation as per job requirements. Here is the list of annual salary packages as per job profiles:

  • Product manager, salary package at entry level is 7lacs till 20lacs at the experienced level.
  • Software engineer and software developer has a salary package from 2.5-15lacs as per his experience level.
  • The operational manager has an initial salary of approx 9lacs salary package.
  • For PHP developer, web developer, web designer, salary package is about 3lacs
  • For a project manager, there is minimum salary package up to 10lacs in most of the companies.
  • For software testers and IT consultants, a salary package is around about 2-8lacs. One with higher experience and creative skills will get a high pay scale.

On the whole, e-commerce is becoming a shining star for all the job seekers with a bright future scope and job seekers can carve a niche in this field with job flexibility. E-commerce offers a big opportunity to the aspirants for getting success.

Take The Ideal Career test Here

Ideal Career Test Inlcudes:

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RE: Career prospects in e-commerce and the ways to be in the profession!

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