Manjusha Malapaka

Hi am Manjusha, I have graduated in mechanical engineering in 2009 and now planning to start my career with your guidance and support

I am looking forward to enter the work field and do not know where to start and how to start.I live in Australia and need your assistance in providing me a better idea into how can I groom myself to face this competitive world and rescue a job. I am interested in pursuing my career in the below field 1. Mechanical 2. Human Resources 3. IT

by Manjusha Malapaka
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3 answers

RE: Hi am Manjusha, I have graduated in mechanical engineering in 2009 and now planning to start my career with your guidance and support

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello My Dear Manjusha...

I am very gald that you inspite of being located in Australia decided to approach, India for seeking guidance and support in your career query. I am very happy with your attitude to do good career and seek guidance at the very right time and wish to groom yourself to be able to face the competition.

I would love to advice you Dear...

  1. You being a Mechanical Engineer stand a good chance to make you career in mechanical and operations. Frankly speaking for being able to work in human resource department, you will need to do an MBA HR. For working in IT, you need to build up some of the tecnical skills like IT langauges, applications, etc. to enter into IT field.
    Human Resource and IT fields are very good. IT is relatively closer to your background where as Humanr Resource is not. Mechanical field today including in the construction industry is always top.

  2. Since you have graduated way back in 2009 which today in 2014 makes the gap of almost five years, you firstly need to show to the industry / prospective employer that you are updated with the current industry scenario, technological advancement and personal level competencies like computer skills, inter personal skills, communication, flexibility, etc.
    Always remember that for the employer to decided whether to take you or not for the job, you have to SELL yourself.. Sell yourself means convince the employer about your capabilities, abilities, strengths, interests, attitude, etc.

  3. In regard to grooming yourself, I would like to suggest you to do a course in Project Management. Project Management is a universal concept and Project Management Institute, USA is the recognised body to accreditate project management professionals. You can undergo the CAPM Certification which is an entry level qualification in Projet Management area. Project Management is a fantastic field and in a coutnry like Australi which is advanced, companies will love to hire engineering people knowing Project Management.

My Dear, I would like you to search for Project Management importance which you will get on Google search.

Project Management certification and therefore learning it will make you at par with the current times and industry trend. Your employability will get a big boost through this.

Best Luck My Dear...

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RE: Hi am Manjusha, I have graduated in mechanical engineering in 2009 and now planning to start my career with your guidance and support

Thiruvikraman Ramadoss
Thiruvikraman Ramadoss
Verified Career Expert
Freelance Trainer and Training Partner, ProMetis Learning
  • Muthampalayam

Hi Manjusha,

I appreciate you for your sustaining the interest in building a career for five years since your graduation. I suppose you hold a BE degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by academics, IT Engineer by my first profession and a post graduate in HR and now an educationalist creating learning solutions for Engineering and MBA students. Interestingly you have also stated all the 3 fields I have been in.

Mechanical Engineering Career:

Mechanical Engineering related career options would be a tough call for you now since you have lost touch with the subjects. Its 5 years now since you graduated. But I have learnt from my peer group that compared to India, Australia has more employability in Manufacturing sector.

  1. Easiest way for you to enter into Mechanical sector employment is to enhance you design skills like CAD design, Pro-E or Solid Edge. If you have expertise in such design software and Certified then it will be easy to balance your 5 years gap.

  2. Another way is to enhance you CAM programming knowledge and trying in automation side.

  3. Also you may try to do a short term course in quality like Six Sigma certification and enter business excellence and development side of manufacturing sector.

Mean while you may forward your resume to nearer mechanical companies and try to get the feel of the industry expectation. Only if you attend couple of interviews you would be able to understand what is expected out of you and what kind of questions you will face.

HR Career:
If you have interest in HR then it is worth trying. HR has major segments like Recruitment, Compensation Management, Performance management, Training, Development and Industrial Relations.

I advice you not to try HR job in Mechanical Companies, if you have it in mind. Because as a begginer your chances are almost nil to enter into HR, Manufacturing companies.

But if you try to enter into HR Consultancies you might stand a chance. Out of all the fields in HR I mentioned above, Recruitment would be the entry level HR job. If you try in some recruitment companies you stand a fair chance. You would be posted into sourcing first. So you should, read about recruitment, sourcing, selection proces and verification. But you should try to adapt to the job since you are from Engineering background you might find such HR begginers job less significant.

Another good area for you in HR to enter is Training. Read about training Companies and methods.

IT Career:
IT industry provides an opportunity to anybody who is willing to think Logical, Conceptualize Business and Learn IT languages.

Being a fresher and new to IT field you may consider Web Designing and Development as a good option. You will have to Learn HTML, PHP and JavaScript. I took only three days to learn HTML 5. I learnt to design a basic web page in three days. Its that simple. To develop the dynamics of your web page you will have to learn PHP and JavaScript.

Android application development is a major division in IT Industry today with lot of employment opportunities. android also requires Java and JavaScript knowledge.

Learn through sites like ans W3school.

Also take some course in java and in Oracle database. That will help you a great deal. Oracle certification for DB will enhance your employ-ability. Never forget to enhance your expertise in the database while preparing for certification.

What ever you do, either mechanical or HR or IT keep in mind you have to face atleast two interviews to understand what is expected and how you will be perceived. Prepare and try then there is no way to fail. Never Give up. All the best

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RE: Hi am Manjusha, I have graduated in mechanical engineering in 2009 and now planning to start my career with your guidance and support

Krunal Brahmbhatt
Krunal Brahmbhatt
Verified Career Expert
Subject matter expert Sales/marketing, Mechanical Engg.
  • Baroda

Hi Manjusha, Need more details about you like what you did during last five years, from where you did your Engineering, what are your core strenghts and choices.

If possible, please give above details so that we can suggest proper career option to you.
Have a Great Day

RE: Hi am Manjusha, I have graduated in mechanical engineering in 2009 and now planning to start my career with your guidance and support

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