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Hi i am from india and i want to study marketing in university of Liverpool.please could you tell me what procedures and steps to follow as i am clueless about this

Hi i am from india and i want to study marketing in university of Liverpool.please could you tell me what procedures and steps to follow as i am clueless about this.

by Prafful Maheshwari
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2 answers

RE: Hi i am from india and i want to study marketing in university of Liverpool.please could you tell me what procedures and steps to follow as i am clueless about this

Deepti Sharma
Deepti Sharma
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Dear shruti

University of Liverpool offers MBA and MSc consumer marketing. Which course are you interest in.

Please look at the links for details on both the courses:

You can contact the British council of India , they will guide you to all formalities to be made to any UK university.

All the best

RE: Hi i am from india and i want to study marketing in university of Liverpool.please could you tell me what procedures and steps to follow as i am clueless about this

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
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Hello student,

I am happy to advice you on your query 'study abroad'. For your information, I myself had my education in the UK and I believe my advice would offer you little insight into applying to the UK universities.

By the way, you have only mentioned that you wanted to study marketing at the University of Liverpool but not have mentioned about what level of degree you wanted to study in marketing. Marketing management is offered at both MSc and MBA level. You can choose to do MSc Marketing if you have no work experience or less than a year or two work experience. If you would like to study the MBA in Marketing, then you should have had a minimum of three year work experience.

MSc: You should write the IELTS exam compulsorily and pass it with a minimum of overall 7.0 out of 9.0. IELTS exam has four sections/ bands in it known as listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each band is scored out of 9.0 marks. You need to make sure no individual band score is less than 6.5 out of 9.0 Sometimes the university will ask you to retake IELTS if you have fallen short in one or two bands, so please prepare well and then sit for the IELTS.

MBA: You should submit both GMAT and IELTS score card. GMAT can be registered on and ensure you score well in your GMAT.

Online application:Once these tests score card are ready in your hands, you can go ahead with making your study application online. You should first click on the university page, and go to post graduate study. there, choose if you want to do the MSc or the MBA. Under the course information page, you will have the 'apply' button. Click on it and you will be redirected to the admissions portal where you need to create an username and password using your personal email address. Once the account is created, you are in the portal to upload your required documents and then submit the application.

Documents required:
You will require the following documents to be submitted on the application portal.
1. SOP - Statement of purpose/ Personal statement letter:
This is a letter typed by you on MS Word not exceeding two pages, explaining who you are, your background, why you want to study this course and what are your plans after compelting the course.

2. LOR - Letters of recommendation:
MSc: You should submit two letters of recommendation as part of the application. These recommendation letters should be written only by your academic lecturer or professor from your previous college and no other person are eligible to write them. Their letter should contain, why they recommend you as a good candidate to study at the University of Liverpool.
MBA:If you are applying for the MBA, you should compulsorily get one letter from your manager under whom you have worked with, and the second letter should be from your previous college.

3. 10th certificate scan copy
4. 12th certificate scan copy
5. Undergradute degree certificate and mark sheets scanned copies - please submit the mark sheets semester wise and usually consolidated mark sheets are not accepted.
4. Postgraduate certificate and marksheets (only if you have a PG degree)
5. Work experience certificate if any. (Only MBA's need to submit this).

You should upload all the above documents in PDF format on their online application system. And once everything has been uploaded, click on submit. You will receive an acknowledgement email as your application has been received by the university. The university will decide whether or not you should be given an offer based on the marks and recommendation letters you have submitted. If they are happy with your application, they will make you an offer. If theer are no pending documents from your end, they will make you an unconditional offer which means, all process is 100% over and there is nothing pending. If they make you a conditional offer, it means there is some pending document to be uploaded from your end. Often students receive conditional offer if they have not submitted their IELTS score during online application. So for this you need to sit for IELTS, pass it and send the copy of score card by email to the university. Once they receive it, they will change your offer from conditional to unconditional.

Please note: To progress to the visa stage, you need to have an unconditional offer in hand and not conditional offer. Once your offer is unconditional you are free to move to the visa process.

Visa process:
To obtain a visa to study in the UK, there are few regulations that you need to follow up. You need to get a total of 40 points to be eligible to apply for a study visa application, also known as TIER 4 General student visa application.

1. CAS number:Once your offer is unconditional, the university will send you a Confirmation of acceptance of studies number also known as the CAS number. You need to type this CAS number and other particulars on your online visa application. You get 30 points for having a CAS number for you.

2. Funding:You get 10 points for having enough funding to contribute to your course fee and living expenses. If you are taking up an education loan, the bank has to provide a letter on their official headed paper mentioning your full name, residential address, passport number, date of birth, nationality, course and the university name. You can submit this letter as part of your visa application.

If you are not taking up loan but your parents are paying it for you, then you need to keep the required money in your bank account for 28 days. Ensure the money is not disturbed as it is necessary to maintain it for exact 28 days. If the money is on your parents account, you should show proof on how you and your parent are related by providing a passport copy of your parents. Even for them, the money has to be there for 28 working days in their account, left undisturbed.
So once you have enough funding you get 10 points and this totals 40 points, mentioning you are eligible to send your visa application to the embassy.

3. Tb screening:A chest X-ray is necessary only from approved hospitalsto declare that you are free from Tb disease.

4. Submit documents:You should submit all the original documentsalong with your visa application and they ar e the 10th, 12th, university certificate and mark sheets, IELTS score report, work exp certificate and GMAT score report.

5. Passport size photos:You should stick one passport size photo on your printed copy of online application and submit the other photo along with your documents.

6. Passport:Please ensure you have a valid passport which is not expiring in the next six months time. You should sumit this passport along with your visa application.

7. Visa fee:You should pay the visa fee online which is about 32550 INR.

You should book appointment with the VFS Global UK in your city for submitting your visa application and all the required documents. Once you submit the visa application you should receive your visa within 15 working days.

Hope this helps. My best wishes for your education in the UK, and yes, Liverpool is a nice city too.

RE: Hi i am from india and i want to study marketing in university of Liverpool.please could you tell me what procedures and steps to follow as i am clueless about this

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