I complete my mba in marketing now I want to do phd but little bit confused about the subject

How to get the right information, please help me out

by Bhanu
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RE: I complete my mba in marketing now I want to do phd but little bit confused about the subject

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Since you wish to pursue PHd program, I am sure you are aware that it is more of a research field than just theoretical.

It means conducting research on existing data and finding a new product or analysis.

P.HD can be done in any topic of your choice right from marketing to HR to management to humans to health etc.

The only thing you need here is data.

For that very important is your knowledge about the subject matter.

Lets take an example Since you are an MBA marketing graduate. I am sure you are very well aware of the nitty gritty of marketing, its various strategies and its applications.

Since marketing is a generic concept, it includes applicability to all industry and organizations.

So you could consider a study on different Marketing strategy but make one of them your base study and take it further by doing a complete study.

Eg. we all know the help of web and internet in terms of promoting a product. Online marketing.So you could conduct a survey on it, and see what attracts customers based on your research and come up with new ideas and innovations to improve productivity through online marketing.

We all know online marketing helps because they are the

fastest means of communication

Saves times

targets more customers

Think what else can help in increasing the productivity.

May be something like using a video conferencing to help customers directly talk to the product manufacturers to get a product details, so that they can be sure of the product they buy.

This was just a layman eg. Being in this field,you could do a better job than this. But best would be to search a topic in your specialized zone.

Meet professionals from your area of specialization and keep reading, automatically ideas would be generated.

Wish you good luck......

RE: I complete my mba in marketing now I want to do phd but little bit confused about the subject

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur
Doing a PhD itself explains you are taking up a curve from reading theoretical subject to going practical in research. I am a PhD in Management and I hope my perspectives will help you with your inquiry. There are many candidates approaching me to understand what it is like doing a PhD and how to research, select topics for their PhD, how to write research proposal, how to collect data and so on. Here I will brief you on these aspects of doing the PhD.

You have mentioned your desire to studying PhD in [Marketing management][1]. So in this case I believe you should be eligible to apply for the PhD study in India as you hold a two year masters course, MBA. You need to apply for universities/ business schools that offer PhD in Management and during your second year you will start working specifically on marketing management. Please note there is no direct degree on PhD in Marketing management and the only route you need to take is PhD Management and then being specialised in marketing.

Applying for PhD Management in India:
In India to be eligible for applying PhD in Management, one should have passed 10th, 12th, a bachelors, a masters degree. This masters should be compulsorily a two year degree and it could be either an MA/ MSc or even an MBA. Apart from this eligibility, the main criteria required to send a PhD application is passing/ qualifying an eligibility test. There is a National eligibility test popularly known as the NET exam, which runs two times a year in June and Dec. You should appear for this exam and pass it, which says you are qualified to apply for the PhD in India.

As you desired subject is marketing, you should target to study at business schools in India. The critera for applying to these schools are given below:

All IIM's:CAT exam is a mandatory requirement to apply for PhD Management with marketing.

All IIT's:GATE/ UGC NET exam is mandatory for applying to any of the IIT institutions.

Any other universities:You should qualify NET plus the universities' entrance test to be eligible to apply for the PhD.

PhD course structure:
The PhD is run for a minimum of three to a maximum of four/ five years. It is conducted either full time or part time though a full time PhD is always advisable.

Year 1:In the first year of your PhD, you will do course works and research training. As I said, you will study a PhD in Management, and therefore in the first year you will do courseworks like your MBA degree. You will study in depth on all areas of management like Accounts, finance, marketing, HR, Operations and so on. Studying these courseworks is made compulsory across all institutions in India. Along with these basic mandatory course works, you will undergo a course known as "research methodology". This course is again compulsory for all PhD students. So in your year 1 you wont really start your research but only study the basic courseworks and research methodology.

At the end of year 1, your uni will conduct an exam in all courseworks and research methodology. You need to get a pass mark of above 60% in each subject and all together and only then you will continue with your PhD status. Students getting below 60% are often chucked out.

Year 2:In your sceond year, you will be asked to choose your specialisation. Now you should say you want to specialise in marketing. In the first month of your second year, you will be allocated a guide/ supervisor who is an expert in marketing management. You will sit with your guide to discuss on the topic you are interested to research about. Your guide will recommend you will some books, articles, journals and research papers in your topic. You should start reading them in the first three months and develop a research plan/ research proposal by the end of three months.After you draft a research plan, your guide will check whether it is a standard plan. They will advice you with proper directions and changes in your research plan so you dont have to worry.

From the forth month you will start doing the literature review. This means you will read and write a summary on research that has been already done on your topic. And you will go to explain, what is not researched yet and why you are covering up that area. You would spend three months on the literature review.

From the sixth month of your second year, you will start collecting data. You will begin interviewing people or forwarding questionnaries or surveys depending on the type of research. Almost from mid second year to end of second year this process will go on.

Year 3:During the first three months of the third year, you will analyse and process your collected data. From the fourth to tenth month you will begin writing up your PhD thesis. By the 10th month you are done with your PhD. Now you submit your thesis to your guide and they will verify and recommend if there needs to be some minor changes. This process takes a month.

In the last month of your PhD, you will do the viva known as PhD defence and if you succesfully pass it, you are a Doctorate.

RE: I complete my mba in marketing now I want to do phd but little bit confused about the subject

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